We Passed! New Personal Update, April 1, 2014

002blackNo, this isn’t an April fool’s joke!

I’m very happy to report that we’ve passed our inspection and can move into our new home, with a stipulation. There were a few things the inspector noticed that need done, and he’s giving us a two week occupancy permit to get some of them fixed and a six week permit to fix the others.

They’re relatively small things, but if we don’t get them done, we’ll be unapproved again.

I want you all to know that I’m going to be very busy the next couple of weeks. Not only are we packing, moving our stuff, and unpacking, we’re also focusing on the things that need done so we aren’t unapproved. We did a lot of moving and other work today, and I plan to continue writing/channeling as many days as possible, however tired I may be at the end of each day.

This is what it’s all about – working hard and enjoying yourself along the way!

I’m going to write an appeal for new subscriptions to The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter very soon, because I’m worried that our current income won’t be enough to sustain the bills, etc. we’ll have to pay. Anyone who has some extra income and doesn’t mind supporting the work I do are welcomed to consider an $11.11 a month subscription to the newsletter, which features 4 written discussions and an answer to a reader’s question each week.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it – we need as many subscribers as we can get. The goal is to be able to continue doing my work as normal, and it could be much harder if our number of subscribers doesn’t increase.

Thank you all so much for your love and support. We’ll continue to give updates, and when we’re settled in, we’ll provide plenty of pictures of us in our new home! We’re very excited, very rushed, and very tired, and we look forward to completing our move, completing the repairs, and hopefully, living comfortably off of the income from the newsletter. We can’t do this without you, though!

Much Love,

Wes and Family 🙂

4 thoughts on “We Passed! New Personal Update, April 1, 2014

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! And it is done!! Sign me up Wes for the subscription. Although I am in the same boat as you are (single mom, two kids, work for
    Pennies and barely make the bills) I want to support your work in good faith that all will be rewarded!! It is coming! I can feel it. And don’t out too much pressure on yourself to keep up with all of the writing. It’s good to set an example of taking the time you need to care for yourself and your family. Happy day to you all!
    Rebecca Wuenschel


    • I certainly understand the money struggles, Rebecca. There’s no obligation to subscribe, of course, especially if you’re in the same boat as me!

      The page to subscribe to the newsletter can be found here, and if you have any questions or any trouble signing up, feel free to let me know (wesremal@yahoo.com).

      Much Love! 🙂


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