Spiritual Guidance: Liberation from the Self-Imposed Illusion

Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

If you could only fathom a portion of your indescribable beauty, you’d see that you’re glimmering souls of light who deserve to enjoy the rich and fulfilling experiences you seek.

Learning about the higher dimensions and your evolution back into them enables many of you to feel a greater sense of wholeness and freedom that the limitation of the earth just doesn’t offer, and we’re happy to provide a link to the other side by telling you all about the blissful realms you’re growing back into.

Humanity’s just beginning to rediscover spirit and the fact that there are numerous, brimming realms and planets beyond your conscious understanding that host intelligent life, and in speaking with you, we hope to get this knowledge out there and spread it as far as we can.

We seek to help humanity become aware by way of direct communication through people on earth known as mediums and channelers, and despite the varying purity with which we speak through various scribes, we’re actively communicating from the other side because we have a lot to tell you.

We have a lot to help you remember, and we seek to do everything we can to bring knowledge of these wonderful higher dimensions back to the people of earth so you can use your newfound understanding to eventually reenter them yourselves.

Creative Influence

We work very hard to influence the minds of brilliant thinkers who have the opportunity to do and create immensely important things that’ll accelerate humanity’s evolution, and we also work with many musicians on your planet to help them produce beautiful, conscious music.

Art is very much a part of our existence here in the higher spheres, and you’ll find that this is so in every plane of existence you traverse. Even the lower fourth-dimensional planes harbor artists and people who create, sometimes passionately, but their creations match the lower vibration they’re on.

There’s plenty of art on your planet that could easily be classified as lower-vibrational, and if one transitions to the lower fourth-dimensional realms after death, they, just like the soul who transitions to the higher planes, are able and willing to produce similar art to what they produced on earth.

Creativity is an aspect of existence in every plane of reality, and even if one’s trapped in a lower state of consciousness, their creations can still manifest but will do so in the realms they’re anchored in.

We encourage creativity, because being creative opens the channels of your mind and heart and enables you to subject yourselves to spiritual influence. By this we don’t necessarily mean the influence of certain guides or entities, but of the energy you’re being given in increasing purity.

When you open yourselves to the influence of spirit, you tap into the greatest connection that can be found. Tapping into spirit enables you to access your greatest creative gifts and talents, and likewise, embracing your creative side enables you to open your higher senses to the energy you’re being given.

More than anything, we wholeheartedly encourage you to enjoy yourselves and everything you do on the earth. You’re going to enjoy your higher-dimensional experiences without a doubt, but your stay on the earth is temporary and when you evolve, you might look back on your experience with the wish that you’d done more things you enjoyed.

In enjoying yourselves and everything you do, you’re anchoring the freedom and liberation that’s been missing from your planet, which your people have dreadfully missed and tried to fill with physical things that ultimately bring unhappiness.

Seeking Joy

The void most of humanity feeds into is caused by a lack of the freedom and liberation you seek and deserve to have, and if every seeker can inspire themselves with projects and activities they enjoy and are passionate about, the void that’s been in place for so long will subtly give way to full-on, collective liberation.

Liberation doesn’t just mean claiming independence from the unjust and tyrannical rule of corporate-owned governments – it also means enjoying your lives and seeking only to do that which brings you the highest level of joy.

A lot can and will be said about the corporate ownership of most of your planet, but for this communication, we’ll focus more on encouraging you to liberate yourselves from the physical matrix by seeing beyond the spiritual void that keeps it in place.

If you enjoy dancing, dance your heart out. If you enjoy nature and find the manner in which it cleanses the soul and opens the senses to be enjoyable, seek solace in Gaia’s beautiful forests as much as you can. If you find that music uplifts you, pursue the sound of the soul with passion and invigoration.

This, dear seekers, is the key to happiness: self-liberation from oppression and unhappiness. It’s very simple, and its simplicity has made it very hard for even many seekers to grasp.

Some of you, especially those who consciously know you’re on a mission to help awaken humanity, feel an immense sense of obligation to ‘work away’ as our scribe would say and produce things that are intended to benefit the conscious people around you. We certainly encourage working away, but only if you’re doing something you truly enjoy.

Working out of a sense of obligation will bog you down and make your work more tiresome, whereas flowing with something you enjoy is effortless. The drive to do something you enjoy is very different from the drive to do something you don’t, and if you don’t feel passionate about something, there’s no true sense in pursuing it.

Conscious or not, it’s easy to trap yourselves in the mental limitation and oppression you seek to escape from.

In fact, it’s far easier than you might realize, and many of you unknowingly and unwillingly do it every day. You’re consciously and subconsciously integrating the teachings we’re giving, and in doing so, you’re beginning to recognize the many ways in which you’ve held yourselves back from the greater liberation you’re destined to re-find.

Spiritual liberation entails lifting the stresses and burdens from one’s life and finding peace with one’s existence, and when you liberate yourselves from the lower-dimensional spell of illusion, you’ll discover a sense of freedom from an immense and seemingly unbearable weight that you’ll wonder how you were able to exist under in the first place.

Your existence on the earth is nothing if not miraculous, because you’re able to take on some of the heaviest weight it has to offer and actually transmute it as you uplift yourselves and the world around you.

Developing Your Spark

Your personal awakenings are enabling the awakenings of various people who don’t yet realize they’re being uplifted, and like we’ve said before, your collective awareness is poised to grow immensely as a result of the efforts of the conscious public.

You’re in a greater position to get your truth out there than you realize, and you each possess a spark of potential that you’re intended and encouraged to develop into a flame of passionate, inspired service for the evolution of humanity.

For some souls, figuring out what they want to do to help humanity is very easy, but others have to try a few different roles on for size before they can be absolutely assured. In the higher dimensions, our roles are assumed easily and with little reservation on our part, because we recognize what we’re good at and work from there to serve others.

We enjoy everything we do here, and this is partly why we encourage all of you to start enjoying yourselves too. We want you to be able to feel the things we’re able to feel, and even though no two higher-dimensional experiences are alike, we know you’ll each enjoy what these realms have to offer.

The higher dimensions offer a sense of uplifted liberation unlike anything we could begin to describe, and we very eagerly await your reentrance into these realms so you can feel the things we tell you so much about. We can only use so many words to describe the higher dimensions and your spiritual evolution, but we’ll use as many as we can to paint a picture of what you’ll experience.

Your experiences will be coordinated to match your personalities and the plan for your growth, and when you re-reach the higher realms, you’ll find plentiful guides who’ll happily converse with you about various deeper subjects. Service is one of our prime concerns here, because we want to reintroduce everyone to the sacred truths of their existence.

Humanity’s widespread blindness of the reality of spirit is very unfortunate from our perspective, and the hollow reality most souls are forced to squeeze into on your planet isn’t the type of existence Source intended for His/Her individualized creation.

We all wanted to split ourselves from the Source to experience individualized consciousness, and we were lovingly granted this experience because of the deep compassion our creator has for us. Therefore, we were allowed and welcomed to create lower, more distorted spheres of existence to traverse until we eventually tired of our travels and merged back with the Source – our true essence.

Source never intended for us to trap ourselves in the lower spheres and the limitation that can come with them, and our goal for many lower-dimensional civilizations who’ve trapped themselves is to help them see beyond the illusions they’ve created and immersed themselves in.

Earth’s evolution will be an important aspect of the evolution of the universe, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with a humble request for the most prudent meditators among our readership to focus on radiating their positive energy to the consciousness of myriad planets in your galaxy who are ready to embrace their evolution.

Some planetary civilizations in your galaxy won’t ascend until far after the people of the earth have, and some will ascend right along with you, without your initial conscious knowledge. Your energy and intent will, as always, speed up this process, and this is why we encourage you to act on your greater ability to be energy assimilators and healers.

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

I’m a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Conscious Oneness, The Golden Age of Gaia, Lightworkers.org, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Aquarius Paradigm), and Twitter.

Photo Credit: http://www.a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com/images/spiritual-experience-spiritual-guidance-21626881.jpg

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