Discernment in a Spiritually Abundant Era – Part 3/3

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Concluded from Part 2

As Archangel Michael (via Ronna Herman) tells us below, our ongoing evolution is partly responsible for some of the conflicting things we’re feeling.

“Some of you have been receiving disconnected and disturbing thoughts, and are dreaming vividly and in great detail. We tell you that you are beginning to access some of your parallel lives, some of your Higher Self, Sparks of Light who are experiencing other dimensions.

“Many of you who could be termed to be ‘on the fast track of Ascension’ are in the process of integrating more and more fragments of your Higher Self, and as a result, you may be experiencing much confusing or conflicting information.” (1)

In time, we’ll sort out all of the seemingly random and chaotic information and energy we’re being given. We need simply to start the process of integration into the higher vibration we’re entering to clear some of the confusion and access the truths of our existence in a realer way.

We won’t have to worry about conflicting information in the immediate future, and instead, we’ll be able to clearly and intelligently understand everything that would’ve been over our heads before.

We’re then told that we can pick and choose what works best for us in the sea of scattered information we’re being given.

“Sometimes, you may experience distorted information and thought forms that do not seem to belong to you, and other times, you may receive wondrous insights and profound new concepts. Allow these new concepts to slowly filter into your consciousness, and if they resonate as Truth within your Sacred Heart and Mind, it is appropriate to integrate and make use of the new knowledge.” (2)

If some of the things we learn don’t initially resonate with us, we can leave them for the time being and focus on things that do resonate and that fill us with passionate inspiration. Beyond attaining enlightenment, a lot of people seek an exciting outlet to awaken those around them in the purest and most genuine ways possible.

When we sort the concepts and ideas that work for us from the ones that don’t, we’ll empower ourselves to work away with the ideas that resonate in mind. Inspiration is a wonderful thing, but it can only be felt if we believe in the authenticity of what we’re doing.

I certainly couldn’t research and write about channeled messages if I hadn’t reached a level of personal assurance about the material I’m examining. I make it a point to use my highest level of discernment, and if something doesn’t resonate with me, I respectfully keep in mind that it could resonate with another.

Archangel Michael then encourages us to transmute the deceptive thought forms that seek to confuse.

“However, just as with the emotions and thoughts which well up from within your own Being that are based on fear or negativity of any sort, see the thought forms that are not love-based or joyful instantly transmuted into pure, Divine Light substance and release them.” (3)

We can release every negative and confusing thought form that comes our way if we keep in mind that the divine is constantly with us, and with the open and brimming heart space by our side, we can visualize every lower emotion dissolving before us.

After some of the hardest work is done, humanity will have fully transmuted and moved beyond every bit of negativity that’s held us back from our greater potential. When this time comes, we can look back on our work with appreciation for all of the genuine help we were given.

We’ll eventually find it in ourselves to forgive the forces who’ve ravaged the planet and deceived humanity for centuries, and we’ll recognize the role they played in feeding the very deceptive thought forms we’re encouraged to use our discernment against. All will be forgiven and transmuted in due time.

The Universal Mother Mary through Linda Dillon encourages us to use our heart-centered discernment with everything we’re given.

“When you read a piece of information, when you watch something on TV, when you listen to something on the radio, you think two things. One, according to the change in constancy, is this change contributing to the anchoring of myself, humanity and Gaia in the higher dimensional realms? Is it of love?

“We’re not talking about even doing an analysis because dear heart your societies tend to analyze things to death. We are talking about heart discernment. Does it feel like love? It is a very quick yes or no.” (4)

It’s very easy to tell whether or not something resonates in the open heart space. Everything lower-vibrational will be recognized as such from the fullness of this space, and from a higher perspective, the lower qualities that could very well interest the rest of society become uninteresting hindrances.

The heart is very easily able to recognize the things that are meant to keep us from a greater perception, and while the mind is content to endlessly analyze a situation, the heart needs only a simple feeling-based discernment.

In our final quote, Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman tells us that discernment and discipline will become easier as time goes on.

“Learning to live consciously will require much discipline in the beginning phase; however, as time passes, you will find that your mind-set has expanded into a more in-depth awareness of what is going on around you and within as well. Leaving the old world behind can be bitter sweet.

“Remember, you are not coming to a dead end – you are stepping through a portal into a new beginning. You must decide what you wish to take with you into your new world, and you must discern lovingly, but firmly, what you must leave behind.” (5)

After we make the most difficult decisions about what we’ll leave behind, the path opens up for us and it becomes much easier to act on the discipline we’re starting to hone. Letting ourselves step fully into the concepts and ideas that empower us while respectfully rejecting the things that don’t will enable us to soar with the gifts and abilities we’re rediscovering.

Discernment is very important on the path of spiritual evolution, but despite its importance, it’s a very simple thing that only requires an ability to listen to what the heart has to say.

We’re growing into a purer perception of the reality around us, and from the heart space, we’ll be able to discern what does and doesn’t encourage our growth and expansion. The common seeker who’s opened their heart isn’t taken in by distorted or deceptive information or energy, and in time, all of humanity will understand spirit and the importance of severing their lower ties.

The pace with which we’re being inundated with information about spirit makes our heart-centered discipline essential, and we’re fortunate to be able to call upon the heart space when we aren’t sure if a thought form or the energy/information it carries has our best interest in mind.

Let discernment show the way, because we have a lot of genuine things to learn and a lot of spiritually inspired work to do.

Wes Annac – Encouraging the replacement of complacency with the drive to question everything we learn.


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The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

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2 thoughts on “Discernment in a Spiritually Abundant Era – Part 3/3

  1. 3 times a prize:

    “Inclusive Love Enlightening Infusion”

    To Welcome miracle alchemy perceptions of the Dark is to forgive with Wonder, when time stops forming energy coagulating into separate particle snob gobs, so Welcoming inclusive Love with compassionate infusion Wonder enlightening energy, sees what Love hears, and hears what delight sees.

    Look deeply into the eyes of our Dark imbedded perception demons; discern to repent what we see from our own self-hate projections; perceive the living shit out of what scares us the most, and welcome inclusive Love enlightening infusion Wonder, to perform alchemy swirling joy into Heavenly harmony favor.

    Portals are foreverywhere inside each atomic cellular molecularity, encapsulating time corpuscles, just waiting for a welcoming ride to inclusive infusion letting go wonderment, while freeing energy of delight. I Am that Portal that I Am; discerning Quasar so brightening brilliance at the center of forgiven each of us, welcomes compassion with Wonder, at even the darkest of the Dark of us.

    Gentle Soft within the most kind Subtle miracle light exchanging magical, so silently mystical, remains the Peace of Love within benevolent delight, that calls out to us to vaporize fear of us, indwelling in the Light of Love flowing so much energy flux. Love calls, and Brilliance appears blazing above such Quascarion inside…

    Delight in all form study, so serious, to time ourselves within transforming discipline so enlightening Spiritual, for every projection of time outside, simply becomes more fuel for the information infusion, so all inclusive, at our Love center, Divine…

    Hug a teddy bear to wake up our teddy bear inside, and fear the sting of a bee to smear our own contamination sting. Demonize another with all the malicious projection energy we can muster, and return inside to watch in fascination Wonder, while inside our Love center darkens to demons, while light loses all our own luster.

    What monster wouldn’t bite us first, before eating us up, and what monster inside wouldn’t enjoy projecting such public ridicule of another, just to disown the light of our own Love from inside? Is it kind to see the brightest light with projected hate from inside, and when we do, would we ever really welcome enlightening Wonder of all our Love at our own center?

    What is an astronomical Quasar eating linear time @ atomic nuclear shadows, if not the Dark’s handy dandy learned perception projection, to prevent us from welcoming inclusive Love enlightening infusion Wonder for a similar blazar, musing such exponential freedom attraction from imbedded Free Company Dark condottiere, still robbing us blind?

    Would you even want to approach such infinite Love energy at your inclusive infusion enlightening portal center, if Black is the rabbit hole learned perception, of one of the lowest links on ‘their’ food chain, ‘our’ projection? doesn’t Spirit become the transformative energy of form, gently disappearing into kind compassion, so all inclusive, that responsive is the nurturing, that replaces all clumsy arrogance of form?

    God remains our creator, even though half of us still want to take all the credit, but credit always retains the sorrow of debt, while owning the debt becomes the slave of all other trade mocking, mean spirited, engender rendering. Millions of cloaked space ship projections are all waiting inside us, hidden within our own personal portals very near, and dear to us. Even Heaven closer than we know remains all three perceptions of Quascario enlightening our clear blue sky view, welcoming Love’s ride on the same Spirit beam of Wonder, while the Dark conveniently beguiles their projected fear of us.



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