Discernment in a Spiritually Abundant Era – Part 2/3

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Continued from Part 1

Hilarion through Marlene Swetlishoff tells us that our growing spiritual awareness is leading us to root all of the negativity out of our lives.

“The process of the re-evaluation of your lives and what is important for your greater health, well being and happiness and the letting go of all that does not serve you has been uppermost in your hearts.

“Some decisions are difficult to make as it means a resetting and reformulating of your former priorities and goals. Asking yourselves some hard questions has been helping you to see with more clarity those areas and ways of being that hold you back from moving forward with enthusiasm and joy.” (1)

With the power of discernment, we’re able to make the changes that are necessary for our greater growth and development. There are plenty of things here on earth that could easily hold us back from a purer perception, and this is why our vigilance is important.

We really only need to ask ourselves what is and isn’t working for us, and we’ll find that the answers are pretty clear from a heart-centered space.

Hilarion continues, telling us that when it comes down to it, we should pursue things that fill us with the greatest level of joy.

“Just remember that the bottom line in each choice that you make is: does this make you feel good about yourself, does it bring more expansion and empowerment to you, do you feel inspired and uplifted, and do you feel a greater sense of freedom when you contemplate the value of a relationship, goal or desire in your everyday life.” (2)

All that really matters is that we enjoy the things we do. We could do plenty of things out of obligation, but what joy is to be found on the beaten path? We’ll do ourselves and the world around us an immense justice when we pursue endeavors that fill us with joyful bliss.

We’re then told that our rigid judgments and expectations will fade when we find our true passion and pursue it with faith.

“As you continue to do this with everything that comes up for review, it lifts away all expectations you may have been carrying within yourself about whether you are doing the right thing or are a part of a project that really does not resonate with your true being and your goal to continue to expand in all areas of your lives.” (3)

The ultimate goal is expansion and, for many of us, service, and no matter what we choose to do, our will and intent are important. If everything the conscious community believes in was somehow invalidated, I’d still respect the level of driven, motivated service it’s caused for the betterment of the planet.

Like I’ve said before, the intent to serve is more important than the service itself, and if our heart’s in the right place, we’ll reap the fruit of our efforts.

As we’re told below, sometimes, the rigidity we feel within isn’t our own.

“You are finding that sometimes you have been carrying the expectations and energies of others within your being which have created unhappiness within you and you are seeing that it is most important to be true to yourselves in every aspect of your lives.

“It is most important to give love to yourselves in these instances, to nurture and give yourselves the right to change your direction while honoring the other. In all things the barometer is the love that you feel for yourself.” (4)

As long as love and the intent to do something positive is there, our efforts are duly noted in the higher realms. Sometimes, we’ll harbor feelings and emotions that we’ve accumulated from others, and we can recognize these situations as necessary for our overall growth.

We still have a lot to learn, and sometimes, the recognition that our lower emotion doesn’t actually belong to us will give us a new perspective on it and the situation that caused it.

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman tells us that among the genuine channeled information out there, there’s distorted information that we should be aware of.

“…With the great variety of new information, much of which was/is in harmony with the concepts and teachings of the Hierarchy and Beings of Light, there was/is still information that is brought forth in thought forms that are filtered through the belief systems and reality of the messenger – information that is conflicting and confusing – some partially true, much shaded truth, and even some distorted fallacies picked up from the myths of mass consciousness.” (5)

It’s important to hone our discernment so we don’t fall for the distorted information out there, because it certainly exists and has casted genuine channels in a bad light. It isn’t very hard to discern between positive and negative channeled material, and if we can open our minds just a little bit, we’ll discover the amazing material genuine channels are offering.

It’s essential that we go out of our way not to fall for the inaccurate information out there, and luckily, we have a lot of genuine sources of information to choose from.

AAM then tells us about the importance of filtering everything we learn through the heart space.

“Long ago, we gave you a caveat: ‘Always process any new teachings through your Sacred Heart/Mind before you accept it as your truth.’ Discernment is an integral part of Self-mastery…” (6)

We shouldn’t just accept everything we’re given without questioning it in a deeper way, and our guides encourage us to question their messages and anything else that’s potentially beneficial to our growth. Just like we should be discerning with the things our governments tell us, we should make it a point not to take the spiritual material we absorb at face value.

No matter what, the best and purest truths will always be found within. Our unique perspectives enable us each to empower different concepts, and as long as we use discernment, we’ll open up to a whole new realm of experience and insight.

Concluded in Part 3 tomorrow.


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2 thoughts on “Discernment in a Spiritually Abundant Era – Part 2/3

  1. Here is a little bit of fun for us while we are painfully unlearning fear, and replacing normalcy biases with new deeper compassion:

    “Inner Attitude Projection”

    Breeders for the Dark Cabal go at each other like Darker dragons in the fall, working for the ‘man’ who never shows, but lives within fear and guilt of separation difference, as if self-hate were our shared energy so intricate, complicated and oh, so profound. Continual traumas desecrate already denigrated innocent hearts, until what they set up for us to do, we continually do to ourselves again, and again, upon their commend. Ridiculously lousy self mockery from trauma based mind control continual preposterosities, terrify us more after double assassination shows any, what feelings control us, from our nuclear family energy, right up to the Darkest in command.

    How we hide our hate, and how we look, that determines similarly, what we always find, comes complete with others just like us, en masse. We really don’t treasure anything left of us inside, still co-creating more of us, like giving ourselves away to the darkest, selling our soul to live opposing herein,’opposite’. Our collective inner attitude shows up on our faces like feces withholding constipated Love, with the very shame that frowns, and always sneers with an angry collective face, without a Conscience dead giveaway.

    Human Compassion ends right inside our hearts, that suffer the most from the nuclear family fall out that dominates only seeing freinemies as enemies, while pretending lascivious doesn’t dominate all normal human usery. We have been had, and really had so badly, that no one seems left of us to recognize Love deeper down inside of us. Nosy remains the charging rhino demands for bibliography’s censure, that nothing innocent becomes a treasure from inside, that hasn’t already made it on the black list, charging way too much at communication watering holes.

    I wonder if our best human still thinks so little of ourself inside, that we all lack the Compassion for each other, as the very worst of bad attitudes to never trust what comes from inside of us? I wonder if when we can treasure whatever seems continually possible from inside, that we would all turn right around and treasure each other’s innocence, as if everyone were just another like us looking with Love, instead of the bad attitude from never looking back down deeper inside of us? Maybe when we can witness all the Love miracle changes in Dark imbedded foolery, we would stop abusing our sacred-trust children, acting out on them, what the Dark do to us, to desecrate our own innocence with more bad inner attitude projection.

    Deeper compassion comes from continually forgiving all other possible creation ‘pop’ery, and nothing like looking inside continually for Inner Spirit, improves our inner attitude like greeting light inside us, without ‘beguil’ery to welcome Love all around us, without ‘fool’ery? Imagine experiences so deep down inside that sweep us away, without one other thought, but the energy of Love that continually enlightens us? Further imagine how deeper this kind new compassion would become, presented right back at us, as if we were the Source of that same continual flow of new idea reflections?

    Surprise, even yourself, and imagine there is no ‘body’ left of us, so no one shows up as a shadow in similar time constraints, on the hands of clock faces, frowning in wait for any more miserable school tick tock? All my brighter ideas go foreverywhere, and, telepathically, come from similar brilliance from foreverywhere, so there isn’t any more time separating families from each other, nor any more need for decentralization, that already is replaced by such a positive inner attitude. When everything we experience seems to come from deeper inside us, then we never would be able to look at another, with any thing less than our own self Love, shining compassion reflections in fascination enlightenment. From within deeper compassion than ever looking for difference outside us, we enlightened glimmers realize we never were as real as Immortal Love reality, that we all just pretended, so we would never look inside ‘real’ery us.

    If we have learned to fear all our guilty projections imbedded inside by the dark anti-lovelies, then wouldn’t a blackhole just remain another Dark perception, already planted deep inside the Quasar brilliance in all of us? One thing-less thing that I am sure will help all of us, is to judge every good idea, that doesn’t come already approved by the Dark, and financed from all our money, that they similarly steal from us. What a great relief Quasar seems to become from inside me, in that, it comes with no other proven bibliography, so everyone else would have to look inside themselves, and no one would ever follow ‘fool’ery me.



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