The Spirit World Chronicles: Unique Reports of the Experience of Death – Part 4/4

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Concluded from Part 3

Now, we’re going to examine the accounts of two people who were able to experience a degree of enlightenment after their deaths. These experiences are apparently rare, which makes them all the more interesting, and the idea that some people actually find enlightenment from the process of death casts it in an even more benevolent light.

I can only imagine what it’s like to go from plain old earthly existence to a brimming higher-dimensional perception in a single moment, but thanks to the accounts we’re going to examine, we can get a glimpse of this interesting phenomenon.

We’ll start with the account of one ‘Father Andrew Glazewski’ who tells us that for him, death was a mostly blissful and ecstatic process.

“The ecstacy of dying is something I can never express. It is suddenly like becoming light itself. It is so wonderful. It is heat and coolness. It is warmth in the mind. It is clarity of vision and understanding.

“It is like a clap of divine thunder and, hey presto! There I am, out of my old tiresome old body, leaping about in the glorious ether; and you’ve no conception of what dying is like…. It is a Communion, a Sacrament of living on a higher level – this is the most transforming experience that any mortal can attain. I am overcome with joy, pure joy.” (1)

Father Glazewski experienced the sacred higher-dimensional joy that a plethora of seekers are just starting to rediscover here on earth, and the result was a very enlightening experience of death. As we’ll learn below, his experience started off painful, but the pain quickly gave way to the ecstatic bliss he’s referencing.

He continues: “The pain grew suddenly so bad that it seemed to burst or break something inside me – and I was suddenly free – free in the strangest sense. I felt for a moment inert and without power, as in a walking trance. I was above my body but still attached to it.

“I was sorry for it, it looked so helpless, almost like a child, and Gordon tried so hard to reawaken life in me again.” (2)

Of course, ‘Gordon’ would’ve been completely unable to help Glazewski at that point, because he was already outside of his inanimate body, watching the scene play out. However painful or disconcerting his initial experience was, he was able to become conscious outside of his body and watch his friend attempt to revive him.

As soon as he was able to understand and accept that he’d died, Father Glazewski’s incredible enlightenment experience started.

“Then I saw in [Gordon’s] face that I had finished and, as you say, ‘dropped in my tracks.’ Well, fair enough. I had tried to finish the course but no matter. So I accepted death and, as I did so, the whole world changed. The room blazed with light. The books on the table, the chairs, even the carpet and the curtains, everything in the room was alive with love power.” (3)

As soon as he was able to accept his transition, the world around him lit up with spiritual power and vibrancy. This is pretty different from some of the other accounts we’ve examined, and Father Glazewski’s experience was clearly oriented more toward the light than others’.

Everyone who lives a basically good life is offered the chance to embrace the light when the time comes, but most people’s surroundings aren’t literally lit up with divine energy. The very idea fascinates me.

We’re then told more about this unique experience.

“I stayed quite still, quite close to my body, but I couldn’t see it any longer; perhaps they had taken it away. It did not seem to matter to me any more.

“I was at this time alone with God … I had often tried to feel this at-oneness with the Divine, but never succeeded to this overwhelming extent. I felt like a piece of blotting paper that was being saturated with light. I waited in an ecstacy – every moment was beyond words.” (4)

I can only imagine how blissful this experience must’ve been. It’s similar to Dr. Eben Alexander’s account, which I referenced earlier in this report, because Father Glazewski was able to travel into the Source and ‘merge’ with it in a sense.

The bliss of merging with Source is indescribable with human words and practically impossible to feel from a limited human body, but outside of the body, an experienced soul has the potential to remember and merge with Source in a big way.

We’re then told about Glazewski’s enhanced discarnate ability to feel a heightened level of Christ consciousness, as well as his eventual descent back to the third dimension in spirit form.

“Had I been able to hold [the bliss] in my body, I could only have done so for a moment, but now I seemed to have gained a certain resilience. I became tireless in my power to receive. How long it lasted I have no idea. But when I touched down again, as you would say, I found all quiet and everyone in bed.” (5)

After tirelessly receiving Source’s infinite, divine energy, Glazewski calmly descended to find his kin on earth sleeping. If it were me, I might’ve seriously considered trying to re-reach the blissful state of consciousness I was just in.

The contrast between a blissed-out state of consciousness and the familiar, lower realms of the earth must be immense. I might hunger too much for the uninhibited experience to want to toil in the finite density of the earth and the immediate realms beyond!

In his final quote, Father Glazewski describes his incarnate loved ones’ thankfulness for his peaceful transition, as well as his heightened ability to bless them.

“Some were praying for me or thanking [God] for my release. They made me feel very humble as I passed from room to room blessing them all in turn, not as I used to, but with a power quite outside my knowledge and experience.” (6)

Especially after his amazing ordeal, Glazewski was easily able to bless his thankful family with the light of Source, which he’d just started remembering in a purer way.

Anyone who experiences a degree of enlightenment after death is probably able to return to a lower state of consciousness with heightened abilities, and they can use such abilities to hone their crafts and help their loved ones on earth in the process.

Now, we’re going to examine the experience of a woman named Barbara, who strongly feared death all her life before dying of a long illness. We’ve examined material from Barbara in previous Spirit World Chronicles installments, and here, we’re going to learn about her initially dark but eventually blissful death/enlightenment experience.

She starts by telling us about the unhappiness with which she first entered the spirit world.

“I came over unhappily, not as the old who die easily and fall like ripe seeds matured and ready for the soil of spirit life. I came through the dark valley – but, oh, nothing in all my lives can touch the beauty of awakening…. In misery I lost myself in unconsciousness, but I awoke to a glory beyond the morning sun….” (7)

Even though she was miserable at first, Barbara was eventually able to open up to the ecstasy that dying and remembering spirit can offer. She was able to embrace an experience of enlightenment after spending time in a lower space, proving that anyone who gets lost in fear or dread can re-reach the light.

She then tells us about the indescribable ecstasy she was able to feel when she started to merge with Source.

“I had forgotten ecstacy, but it was waiting for me with a fullness of perception that breaks through every fancy and escapes my pen – the feeling of absorption into the very Godhead itself is the only way I can describe it.” (8)

We can only theorize about what merging with Source feels like from the earth, but some people are able to experience such a merging in all of its intensely after they pass on. Like a lot of other things, our karma and the choices we make in life are the biggest determiners of what we experience after death.

Barbara, Father Glazewski, and a few others were able to merge with Source because of their deeds in life, and we can all experience this fate if our actions here on earth are oriented to spirit and service.

Merging with Source entails giving up our perception of our individuality, but we don’t feel this loss when we’re immersed in the fullness of unified Christ consciousness. This was Barbara’s experience, as we’re told below.

“This is what happens to [us] who suffer: Christ, in the fullness of his divine sympathy, embraces and endows us with a power to merge and literally to cease our individual consciousness so lovely, so profound, that I knew no loss of self, but I became just one more sentient part of the Christ consciousness, knowing and feeling only the greatness of love, and within that overwhelming ecstacy I hung poised between life and life, until the broken particles of the suffering me had [grown] together in this love solution.

“As the time grew near for me to become again just Barbara, I found myself not less but more, far more than I had ever imagined possible.” (9)

Temporarily merging with Source enabled Barbara to pick up the scattered pieces of her unhappy and incomplete self, and the harmony accompanying the experience made it easier for her to diminish the pain and fear that’d always held her back. Barbara’s experience was very liberating, and apparently, other lost souls can be given similar experiences.

In a beautiful quote, which happens to be our final quote for this report, Barbara tells us that she’s finally free.

“I should like one old friend to hear from me. … Tell her – oh, tell her – that I’m free – thought carries me on an ever beyonding reach.” (10)

The higher thought of the fourth and fifth dimensions will liberate and inspire us as we continue our journey back to a permanent state of Christ consciousness. Some people, like Barbara, will temporarily merge back with Source if their journeys are particularly difficult, and afterward, they’ll be able to emerge into the higher etheric realms with love and assurance.

As always, I’m happy to have presented and examined this material and I remain grateful to the discarnate sources who’ve worked so hard to bring it to us. We’ve still only begun to really dive into the subject of the afterlife, and next time, we’ll examine the occasionally sudden or violent nature of some people’s deaths.

When we do, I think we should keep in mind that death itself liberates us from mortal pain and fear. The intention of this ongoing project is to present death in a more favorable but still truthful light, and I look forward to continuing to wipe the grime away from our perception of it in future reports.

Wes Annac – Playing my part in raising awareness – about death and everything else humanity’s been stumped about.


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2 thoughts on “The Spirit World Chronicles: Unique Reports of the Experience of Death – Part 4/4

  1. Thank you Wes, for enhancing new confidence after near death experiences started getting old, after 40 of em, and as meditation enhances a sort of reclamation of so many enlightening glimpses like this one today…


    From here in the Spiritual Inner Realm, nothing can be separate, but here on this side opposite the ‘other side’, everything becomes a ‘play on guilt’ of separation from Love. From inside the Pineal Portal to all other inclusive multidimensional Realms of possibilities, even here outside in continual disappointing humiliation, we remain included, enfolded safely, within the Spiritual Inner Realm. Even though here on this side, we remain in the exclusion illusion from ONENESS Spirit Conscience, everything we do to humiliate, and ridicule each other becomes an effect in our One Akashic Karma on the other all inclusive side.

    I can feel all wobbly, and nervous about living in exclusive fear and guilt of separation, and now I can enjoy feeling my truth, because I don’t have to pretend, that I’m NOT all messed up here, with everybody else all messed with me, disconnected from inside ONENESS Spirit Conscience. Here on this suffering side, outside the Pineal Portal to happiness on the other side, inside, the ones with the most hubris, play on other’s guilt the best in our continual Warring projection of exclusive-minded evil competition, to humiliate others, before others become the winners with the most hubristic loser domination.

    Here on this side winners become the real losers, and losers become addicted to a sick loyalty to follower foolery. Sex abuse here on this side dominates our social norms as a Universal normalcy bias, defined by, when another in authority exploits another sexually, along with hubristic ridicule, and humiliation to silence their victims. This set up becomes the worst abuse, and maybe even worse than the sex abuse, when constant statistics further manipulate social norm lies, that still claim 5% of females are abused, but very few males ever suffer this annihilation of the soul-travesty.

    I am feeling really wobbly here on this side now, from acting like the fish that wants to discuss water, while our whole fishy World fears discussing water from still totally depending on water to even breathe here on this side. Women are not only in authority here on this side, but now the Dark have further used women by programming all of us to worship Mothers, and the female form, dominating omniscient female ‘presenting’ in every media play on guilt. Girls humiliate-contempt, and ridicule onto boys, just like mothers do, who demand gender roles humiliating circumcised male children, while idolizing female children, to further set in constant violations of hubristic humiliation.

    Women, from little girl youths, use their unwritten rules of engagement as authority, while screaming about playing the illusory victim role at the same time. If, for no other reason, women remain in control, by just constantly living above all written, and unwritten laws, that give them the authority that sexual abusers demand, by definition. Women claim they only serve a partner well, when they can produce children for their man, just before they take ownership of every man’s child to further ridicule ex-fathers, that plays on the already raging male guilt of separation, more as second class citizens in this human race.

    The next step for hubristic females to claim sexual abuse, after satisfying their authority over males already, is when they exploit males sexually, along with the same authoritarian continuation of hubristic ridicule, and humiliation to silence their victims. After Mothers train male subservient roles by directly humiliating sons, in front of sisters, sons watch how their ex-fathers cower under continual female contempt, even after they become shunned from families, and still remain further ridiculed by not spending enough time with the children, just like when they worked for the Dark ‘man’, to just barely survive in total humiliating hubristic exploitation of their psychotic elite infrastructure.

    Since, even though here on this side excludes ONENESS Spirit Conscience, everything we do to humiliate, and ridicule each other becomes an effect in our One Akashic Karma on the other, all inclusive side, as we all ‘keep coming back’ in Wonder how politicians seem to match up for our most macho actors. Mothers come back as fathers, women come back as men, sons come back as daughters, and kids just keep coming back to try to remain kids. Since guilty couples form violent hate triangles with children, and since here on this side requires sexual abuse as a normalcy bias from fear and guilt of separation, then there isn’t one of us that hasn’t already played both parts of separate gender suffering, right?

    My last life-time Son came back here on this side again as my Mother this life time, while I was the sexual abuser Mother before, so I speak from experience, and assurance, that nothing I seem wobbly about comes from any lack of confidence, or lack of Spirit Conscience ONENESS energy. Love dominates within the Inner Spiritual Realm on the other side, inside the Pineal Portal, and separation fear dominates outside the Pineal Portal here on this side. This side is for us to experience One Akashic Karma Atonement, by living as best we can, in some illusive sort of free Sovereignty discipline, continually forgiving others to become forgiven ourselves.

    It really helps to renounce, not denounce, this harsh World of fear and guilt of separation illusion, and reversing social norms like omniscient sexual abuse, ridicule, hubristic humiliation, and the soul murder of continual emotional blackmail, are more good ideas to stop pretending suffering here is happiness. This side, outside, is for W A R(War Abuse Rape), obviously, so when we forgive all sexual predators, we really become more forgiven from the last life time when we were one. The other side, inside is for Peace, Heavenly Peace, inside the Inner Realm of ONENESS Spirit Conscience, not ever outside, where nothing is any more real than, even sex abuse, or gender bigotry, denied.


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