The Spirit World Chronicles: Unique Reports of the Experience of Death – Part 3/4

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Continued from Part 2

A spirit teacher through medium Betty Bethards tells us that following the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ is instinctual for many people who travel through it at death.

“Normally, as they leave the body at the very beginning, [people] will go through what appears like a dark tunnel or dark tube which has a very bright light at the end. Most entities are drawn to the light without anyone saying ‘go to the light.’ They somehow know this.

“It’s a past soul memory of having left the body many times that will project him into the God light.” (1)

We’ll naturally know to follow the light when we move on from the body. Whether we experience an instant transition into spirit, a brief sleep followed by an awakening, or a tunnel with a light at the end, instinct will show us where we’re meant to go.

The spirit teacher continues, telling us about the celebration that takes place with departed loved ones on the other side.

“At that time, this is where the loved ones are, in the light, there to meet him.

“There is a celebration, welcoming him home, giving him the love and the pat on the back, so to speak, of a job well done, to encourage him to let go of the past and not feel the pain of what he has left behind. He’s gently trained and brought into the higher concepts and understanding as he is interested.” (2)

Even the most unaware person probably hungers to know more when they pass on to a place where they’re infinitely guided by departed loved ones, and after doing something as incredible as traveling through an etheric tunnel to reach the fourth dimension, I’d imagine awareness is automatically heightened.

Can you imagine how immense the hunger to learn more must be in the afterlife?

We’re then told more about the light at the end of the tunnel.

“Look for the brightest light around you and walk towards that.” (3)

“The light is the higher astral levels which [one] has earned.” (4)

If we’ve reached a certain state of consciousness, we’re given the choice to enter the white light of the higher astral realms after traveling through the etheric tunnel that leads to it. These wonderful realms are apparently our reward for living basically good lives, but people who live for greed and vanity might not initially experience the bliss they have to offer.

In a Q&A, we’re told that understanding the process of traveling through the darkness and into the light will make it much easier.

“Q: Is there any fear either in this gray state or going through this tunnel?

“A: Many times there is. But if a person understands that he is to go through this, there would be no fear. He will see pathetic-looking souls in the darkness if he chooses to stop. But souls normally will just project right into the light without looking to either side.” (5)

Even the fear associated with traveling through the tunnel is more of a fear of the unknown, and it only exists because of our unevolved nature. Understanding the process will ready us to experience it when the time comes, and our potential to descend into fear during it is the only thing that makes it ‘frightening’.

The spirit teacher continues answering the question above.

“There is really nothing to fear. There’s no way one can be harmed. He will only be loved as he crosses over.

“The soul’s negative state will determine how free from fear he is. You have only to look at the people on your earth plane. These people are in the light and yet they have fears. Just because one leaves the body in death does not mean he’s going to lose those fears. The fears are within man.” (6)

If we have fear within at the time of death, we might have to confront it in a bolder way because it’ll be intensified by the unknown territory around us. Our choices in life will determine where we go after death, and even people who are basically good will have to confront their deeply held fears of not existing, especially if they choose to spend some time in ‘no man’s land’.

The more we confront our fears now, the easier death will be if it comes knocking on our door before we evolve. The ascension process is much easier when we uproot and work through our inner held fear, and doing so is obviously an essential part of our growth.

We can’t take our fear with us to the higher etheric realms, and as long as we harbor it, we’ll remain on its vibration.

We’re told below that as long as we work through all of our fear here on earth, we won’t be afraid during the transition of death.

“As man grows to the point where he no longer needs those fears, he is released from them. It is each soul’s job to police himself for if you have [fears] in the body, you’re going to have them out of the body. If there is no fear in the body, there will be no fear out of the body.” (7)

This is why it’s important to start doing our inner work now, in my opinion. The earth offers an immense opportunity for physical and spiritual growth, and if we strive to, we can work through every bit of inner held fear that’d keep us back from an enjoyable afterlife experience.

We’ll be much lighter when we work through and dissolve all of our fear, and it’ll make all of the wonderful things we have yet to experience much easier and more enjoyable.

Concluded in Part 4 tomorrow.


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2 thoughts on “The Spirit World Chronicles: Unique Reports of the Experience of Death – Part 3/4


    Oh, how we can communicate, Commune with Love and acceptance energy of delight, if only we would ask for help, humbly ask to activate the energy of delight? Pleasant energy of Please and Thank You Pleasant Prescience, activate the energy of light, within the Love of all Life in every cell of our Heavenly Unified Plural Conscience, Creative Spirit Delight, so responsive that infusion, Ascension, Spirit Humor, Joy, and Harmony continually flows within inclusive energy of delight?

    Gracious creative intelligence, energy ourselves, all within each, and each within all, bedazzling energy at every turn of our Graceful languid rhythmic kaleidoscope, deafen all sound so loud, enlighten all shadows from within. Splashing mud sculptor before dry creation emerges us together, fly on the wings of delight, wherein, cooperating harmony becomes our visitor, benignity. Enlightening liquefiable Love energy of delight, glimmer us, swimming all round, even Love right through us, into our forgiveness, compassion, and inclusive acceptance delight of us, wetting infusion mist creating energy Inspiring us.

    How helplessly we human communicate from what very little energy of delight seems left of us, comes out from our sorrow filled hearts in disappointing words, more like the ink of dark energy missing lyrics or melodies, our ‘tell’ that discourages us. These ribbons waving in spirited fresh breezes are singing all our praises, yet unsung, interconnecting telepathy from all our innocence within precious children ideas, flowing sweet tender Mercies. Play these notes in our One heart of hearts, to listen well without censure, to how we can Commune, when we let go of words that only humanize limits communicating.

    Hear our celebration processional flying flags above elephants, and listen to all the colors harmonize in prayers, without any more need for poignant human energy. So delight us with creativity, that only Love can enlighten us, and let go of melting shadows, frozen in time’s darker memories. Tick tock on the faces of all human clocks, say bye bye for now, for now is timeless this reverie, singing in chorus prayer songs of sweeter innocence. You Love us all cellularly, while we Love right back at ya, with disappearing magic from our miracle One heart of all that’s only mystical, musical that’s left of us.


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