Service and Creative Practice

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

Routinely, I ask myself what I can do to help raise awareness and motivate people to create a positive future. I strive to do as much as possible, and like I’ve said before, I want to know that I did my best here on earth whether or not I gain the fame or notoriety some people seek.

I’m here to offer myself to humanity’s evolution with work that’s intended to inspire and uplift. With a mind I’m still in the process of training, I’ve given myself to spirit in the hopes that the resulting material uplifts all of you out there who are beginning to rediscover the things I have.

Like a lot of you, I’ve become aware of the spiritual nature of our existence and the fact that we’re one creator consciousness experiencing individualized facets of itself, and learning this has driven me to pursue the lighted path and serve others along the way.

This path entails devotion to love and service to humanity, and even though it can be difficult, the rewards will be endless. As long as we do our best to serve spirit and help others become aware of the heavenly realms beyond, we’ll experience pure bliss when our time comes to reenter them.

The more we serve others, the more bliss we’ll experience in the higher dimensions.

Especially in this time of widespread social and spiritual transformation, working sincerely for humanity’s evolution is among the best things we can do if we want our afterlife to be positive. Here on earth, serving others provides a sense of wholeness that drives us to want to work harder.

It feels good to help others, and when we do, we make significant progress in changing the world. Every positive action creates a ripple effect that spreads around the collective consciousness, and even a simple good deed will affect the planet enormously.

I don’t need to tell you that duality is extremely turned up here on earth. We can experience this planet’s greatest and most beautiful features or its worst and ugliest, and when we enable another to be in a positive place, we drastically increase the amount of light we’re able to feel.

We’re able to fill ourselves with a good vibration when we help others, and this is why I seek to do as much as I can while I’m here. The intent to serve is probably more important than the service itself, because it’s derived from love and compassion.

As we go about our work, I think we need to be careful not to fall into the mental comfort zone that can induce a creative block. I’m starting to understand that so-called creative blocks are caused by the frustration one feels if their creative flow or ability seems to be absent, and from my experience so far, they can be transcended by:

  1. Subduing the mind’s influence and letting the heart work through it
  2. Making it a point to step outside of one’s comfort zone before/while being creative
  3. Walking away for a minute if the flow just doesn’t seem to be there

Sometimes, we aren’t going to feel the creative flow, and writing from our comfort zones will impede it and the quality of the things we create. I can say from experience that we have to be willing to step outside of ourselves to produce anything significant.

We have to be willing to blank our perception of any mental hindrances or ego-driven desires that intend to lead us away from the flow. We also have to be willing to embrace a creative block, because sometimes, it’s a catalyst that helps us step outside of our mental boxes and create from an expanded place.

We can bring through beautiful works of art when we move beyond the gripping influence of the ego, and from a heart-centered space, we can transcend human limitation and excel in the face of challenges we would’ve never expected to touch before.

We really are capable of anything, but this doesn’t mean we can snap our fingers and receive the creative gifts of the divine. If we want to reach a heightened creative place, we have to be willing to continuously hone our craft until we’re really good at it. I don’t think there’s any other way.

We have to be willing to meet brick walls and walk right through them, and if we need to, we can stand blankly in front of them for a while before we do. No ability is mastered overnight, and we can take as much time as we need to practice our craft.

The old phrase “Rome wasn’t built in a day” makes a lot of sense to the patient seeker who’s willing to work for their divine gifts. This existence wouldn’t be any fun if we automatically attained the gifts and talents we want to have, and if we feel drawn to do something, we should never give up on it – even if it doesn’t initially work out.

If we’re really passionate about a certain talent, we have to be willing to persevere when it seems unattainable. Nothing is out of our reach, but if we trap ourselves in complacent laziness, we won’t strive to achieve anything because we’ll have everything we want on a material level.

It’s easy to fall into disappointment or indifference if we try something and fail, but great things are meant to be challenging. We have to be willing to embrace temporary failure if we want to achieve greatness, and in doing so, we’ll understand that there’s no such thing as ‘failure’ as we define it.

Failure is only temporary, and if we keep practicing; keep trying; keep striving (without putting too much pressure on ourselves), then we will achieve our goal. Nothing, beyond the mental comfort zone and the ego that drives it, will stop us from pursuing and attaining our dreams.

I choose to serve humanity by honing the craft I enjoy practicing the most, which I call “divine writing”. Divine writing is the act of opening the mind and heart to spirit during a writing session and translating the resulting energetic impressions into words that accompany the material.

The only difference between divine writing and automatic writing is that the writer is the primary person speaking, and instead of solely letting spirit write, I open up to its influence as I write. You aren’t hearing from the Ascended Masters or my higher self when you read an article of mine, but from me, with inspiration from them.

We can express beautiful and intricate things in this format, but it, like everything else, needs to be respected and practiced dutifully if we want to master it. I’ve just started writing in this format and there have been some bumps along the way, but overall, I can say that it’s a wonderful and rewarding way to write.

In my opinion, a lot of people who write about spirituality are already using ‘divine writing’ but don’t realize it, and it can be discerned by the distinctive way in which their words seem to effortlessly flow. Sound familiar, fellow spiritual writers?

We’re all encouraged to find something we feel passionate about and practice it rigorously, and eventually, we’ll reap the fruit of our labor. If we practice our abilities as much as we can, we’ll eventually become so good at them that any difficulty we might’ve once experienced will be a thing of the past.

The ego will do everything it can to discourage our development and put us back in a complacent mindset, but with the loving strength the heart space provides, we can effortlessly move beyond it and embrace every creative challenge we face. Challenge is meant to help us refine our abilities, and it can enable us to take our service to the next level.

Wes Annac – Sharing the things I’ve learned so far.

I’m a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.

I can also be found at Conscious Oneness, The Golden Age of Gaia,, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Aquarius Paradigm), and Twitter.

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6 thoughts on “Service and Creative Practice

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  4. Wes. This transition proves to certainly be challenging. I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate your daily inspiration. Much love to you.


  5. Marry Holy Spirit
    Both, and neither, Duality gender marriage to Holy Spirit of forgiveness and Universal Love has been preceded with a pretty long engagement of many life times, but we are welcoming mastery of the Self as an ascended master. Please all males forgive me for I am not betraying our feigned masculinity, but merely enjoying our male body more, without remaining wrong for macho males and contemptuous women. Please all females forgive me for I am not pretentious enough to arrogantly claim as a male body that I know how it feels to suffer the good, and bad, parts of female Duality, but merely letting go of denying my many life times as a female in Duality poignancy.
    Continual advanced forgiveness in prayer with Holy Spirit remains my focus, even though not even knowing where this discipline would lead has brought me to marry Holy Spirit today, finally. I’ll bet if marrying Holy Spirit had been my only focus, like everything else of ego, focusing on ‘whatever’ will always take us further away, back toward fear and control. Being meek to Spirit, no matter what we think matters more than forgiveness, has led me to surrender to inclusive gentle, kind, compassion, Sovereignty, welcoming gender free Spirit and plurality of infinite prosperity. I had a sense of something-less happening yesterday, but had no idea that what has come is the eternal Peace that comes from marrying Holy Spirit.
    Energy, so much divisive energy, poignantly takes us away from forgiveness and love, just pretending one generation gender spending linear time limits buying into such arrogance of form. Letting go of narcissism begins with letting go of favoring our own gender form, then more letting go to Holy Spirit comes when we realize that the more we ‘love’ someone of the other gender, the more we perform our own gender neediness continuing. Engendered Duality takes so much more energy, that some even claim divisive gender into the divine Inner Realms, that only speaks to their not willing to let go completely to Spirit by still holding onto their special parts of exclusive form. “We don’t get to take it with us”
    “I am immortal Spirit; this body is just an image; it has nothing to do with what I am”, and “You are Spirit; whole and innocent; all is forgiven and released”, both have a very special new deeper meaning for me today. “ When we make our bed, we have to LIE in it”, is another tempting nuance that I withheld understanding before today. I am adopting my engagement name as my marriage to Holy Spirit name today, as Jeffrey(Peace of God), Ellen(Bright Light), and Pinetree(Freedom from guilt); Jeffrey Ellen Pinetree. Since my child abuse has so confused my letting go of fear and guilt of separation about gender hate, self hate projections, and my inner civil war of divisive gender, today Holy Spirit unravels this tightened knot so we can forgive both gender today, in the Spirit, as neither. 
    I have held onto so much fear and so much Duality guilt separating gender that self hate and cynicism has been my constant companion from fear, not love and Peace. I liken today’s new freedom from fear and cynicism to when I found out, after cracking ethnic jokes before I knew that my real biological father was that very ethnicity, and now, so was I. As I renounce the World of fear illusion, so too do I renounce both my parents as neither gender need to limit my new devotion to our Heavenly gender free Creator. Everyone else will have to find a way to cope with my remaining married to Holy Spirit while still pretending to remain in a male body, and this aspect will be as difficult seeming for me too. To have a friend we have to first be a friend; to become forgiven, we have to first forgive others; so for me to love God, I cannot continue to hate women, or even myself as a man; love both as neither; and so would any other good friend that marries Holy Spirit of forgiveness.
    As an Avadhoot or Sanyasin during my long engagement to Holy Spirit, all I have done is to marry the idea of devotion to Holy Spirit of forgiveness, but I should have known something was up like this marriage thing when I began new intimacy welcoming Holy Spirit in prayer as Sweet Beloved. I see diagrams of a fully conscious being as an ascended master like this gender free marriage to Holy Spirit, and even though it doesn’t seem like I can be in two places at once, or transfigure at will and become conscious of this special enlightened state, I surrender to enough humility that in this body, I cannot deny that experiences of Peace were not already being shared with others inside the ethereal. 
    All I know is that my meditation time has doubled and now tripled when I ask for our experience of Peace to be shared everywhere with everyone deep inside longer and longer meditations with Sweet Beloved. I also must admit that all my continual writing after meditations seem so guided for my own realizations that I was only dropping bread crumbs along this forgiveness path, just in case, I one day seemed to become lost from going too far, and becoming so Spiritual that I had become no Earthly good any more. Most writers put more value on publishing than on the experience of guided writing, but my focus, or value of writing, has been from total gratitude for doing something that I just love doing while remaining more connected to Holy Spirit this creative way.
    Does someone have a ring? A golden horizon portal ring appears when looking back through to Duality from within the Pineal Gland experience of enlightening forgiveness meditation, and this is a God given marriage ring that comes with every marriage to Holy Spirit. Belly laughing uproarious laughter mixing in with continual delight is dancing colors and memories of other life time experiences of love within our one heart today; now does this sound totally like male energy, I ask you? Would that we be so kind not to diminish such a happiness with any more suffering need, pretending gender hurrah for any Duality low vibration energy right now. This is not the marriage of both gender into one human, this is beyond gender or Duality need for separation and fear, this is “I Am that that I am”, including both gender all the timeless time of neither.       
    The energy of inclusive intent like this is only more kindness and gentle compassion, so please help understand that I am not, but humbly role modeling that we all are included herein my experience of marrying Holy Spirit. I am in as much Wonder as any other may possibly be in Wonder, and we all would do well to Wonder what it is like to not have to be wrong for the other gender, and not to have to project our hiding our wrong from low self esteem hiding from inside our own Wonderful gender. Celebrating creation light and love from the single eye of Holy Spirit is not the least hint of exclusive energy drain, but the infinite energy of including all infinite possibilities for the sake of our immortal love for all eternity. So, “Rock on!!!”


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