The Open-Hearted, Balanced Male on The Brilliance Within – March 3, 2014

show imageNote from Wes: I was fortunate to speak along with Graham Dewyea and Steve Beckow on Graham’s new radio show, The Brilliance Within. Those of you who’ve followed my work for a long time will know that Graham was the first person to interview me.  

Our roundtable discussion about the balanced male was very helpful to my own process of attaining balance, and we hope you enjoy the show tomorrow.

Join host Graham Dewyea (former host for Heavenly Blessings and Our Galactic Family) for The Brilliance Within, a new, weekly radio program airing every Monday at 7pm ET, where he discusses and explores with guests the unfoldment and realization of our greatest potential as humans.

This week we’ll have a multi-generational, roundtable discussion with Steve Beckow, and Wes Annac, to discuss the open-hearted, balanced male.

Airs Monday at 7pm ET.

Listen live or listen to the archive:–the-open-hearted-balanced-male

The stereotypical attributes of the western male – the stoic, tough, independent man who stuffs his feelings, and tries to embody an us against them, dog-eat-dog, never-let-them-see-you-sweat world no longer works.

What does it mean to be an open-hearted, balanced male? How do we communicate? How do we access and express our feelings in a helpful way? How do we direct our power and strength for the good of all? How do we live and behave so that we can experience a peaceful, loving existence with ourselves and others? We’ll talk about vulnerability, forgiveness, and how we stay in our hearts when we experience discordant energy and conflict.

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