Let the Meek Inherit the Earth

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

All around this planet, there are people who have the potential to really make a significant change for the better. Billions of brilliant minds exist that deserve to be given an equal opportunity to make decisions that affect all of us, but unfortunately, most people are kept down so the elite can continue to live lives of luxury.

The poor have been oppressed for centuries, and an active effort is being made to keep us unaware of the reality of our existence. Most people are given sparse opportunities to excel like they deserve to, but in a new paradigm, rampant inequality will be replaced with prosperity and the ability to have a say in the decisions that are made.

Nobody will be left behind, and people who’ve never been given a chance by society will step up to offer themselves to humanity’s evolution in ways that’ll amaze and inspire us all. We have yet to see just what the common man can do, because we aren’t all able to be heard and accepted in a society that’s designed to benefit the few.

No longer should we be unable to contribute to society, because we’re all intelligent, whether or not we fit into a predefined cultural box. We’ll have to be open to every person’s perspective if we want to change the world, and this philosophy stands in stark contrast to the elitism we see today.

Currently, a handful of people tower over the rest of the world, and an elitist mindset has infiltrated nearly every aspect of western society. In more ways than one, poor and middle class people are taught that they aren’t good enough; that they should change themselves to fit in.

We’re taught the cabal’s philosophy, and they can only live the way they do because they’ve leeched off of the common man for centuries. The elite are able to thrive because of their endless strategic moves against humanity, and they narcissistically think they’re better than the rest of the world.

They aren’t, and with our effort, the common man will be able to show the world just what he’s capable of. We need to replace the current unwritten social doctrine that teaches us to reject humility for vanity with one that respects and nurtures our intelligence and the things we bring to the table.

No more will the elite distract the rest of the world from understanding our potential, because the meek have always been meant to inherit the earth. The conscious community is growing in strength and numbers with every moment that passes, and beyond the spiritually aware, intelligent people are stepping up to change the world everywhere.

People are seeing beyond the purposely manufactured distraction society has to offer as they embrace their greater potential, and we’re too smart to fall for the elite’s tricks anymore.

They’ll be brought to justice for what they’ve done, and when they are, humanity will be tasked with coming together and running this planet in a way that respects our uniqueness and individuality. The real challenges will begin after the cabal reaps what they’ve sown, because our love and tolerance will be put to the test.

I think the rising energy will eventually enable us to come together in easier ways than we would if we tried today, but for now, those of us who recognize the changes that need made can refine our ability to work with others, because we’ll need it in the immediate future.

We’ll need to be able to work together to find sensible solutions to the problems we face, and we’ll need to be able to accept and respect the unique ways in which we each express ourselves. Tolerance is very important, and the intolerance of the elite is what put us in this mess in the first place.

Let’s act on the intelligence we each possess and right the wrongs that’ve been caused by the former powers. They’ve tried endlessly to control the lower and middle classes, but they can no longer stifle our voices or hold us back from the greatness we’re destined to achieve.

We’re here to change the world, and nothing will stop us.

With the strength of an open heart, we’re going to make society workable for everyone who’s been kept down and forgotten about. The brilliant minds out there who are destined for greatness can’t be stopped by any external force, and the only force that can stop them is within.

People you and I have never heard of will soon step up to help change things, but presently, most of them are still held up by survival issues or other things that keep them from their missions.

The growing consciousness will soon see to it that we’re all able to do what we really want to do, and our freethinking society will be far more progressive than our current. We have some steps to take before we reach our ultimate destination, but it’s inevitable nonetheless.

Let’s respect every person’s intelligence, however distracted and complacent some people seem to be, and build a new world with everyone’s input. We won’t be able to build anything new if we don’t, and a collective rediscovery of love will help us accept each other with little reservation.

Wes Annac – Recognizing that everyone has potential.

Wes Annac is a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as writings from Wes and more. Come check us out!

See also Conscious Oneness, The Aquarius Paradigm on Facebook, and The Golden Age of Gaia.

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6 thoughts on “Let the Meek Inherit the Earth

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  2. Wes, I yearn for what you describe. The growing consciousness from the incoming rising galactic energy is happening slower than my patience is able to manage. Nevertheless it is happening. I wonder if I will have the courage and conviction to sacrifice my human self for the highest good. At my physical age (72) will I stillbe in this physical embodiment to witness at least the initial manifestations of Heaven on Earth? Or will I observe this cosmic phenomenon from the timeless bliss of the higher dimensions (Heaven?).
    In the past few days my weariness of living in a culture that uses its environment like its own personal garbage dump, is growing. Today my cumulative despair has reduced me to deep emotional tears of a breaking heart – what feels like the painfulness of an unrequited love.
    I will continue trudging ahead with the hope-filled vision you shared.


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  4. Thanks Bill and Wes, for obvious kind sensitivity, and compassion.

    Your vulnerable self disclosure reminds me how the more personal, the more Universal, so I am inspired to share, if you please?

    I remember after asking for help to enhance my desire to turn within more to Spirit, brought me a good lesson about letting go of my outside focus, but it didn’t come like I was thinking it would. Some say that when we get our prayers answered, that most of the time we will argue with the clear answer, and still deny how prayer maybe doesn’t really work to change anything.

    I had been expecting real positive inspiration miracles of good fortune, or something grand to help me let go of so many things outside, that seemed to not want to let go of me yet. Since I was extremely abused, and abuse causes a sick loyalty to authoritarian narcissistic hubris, I thought I would never become relieved of my trauma syndromes of lightening and thunder hitting the same place in my heart, over and over burning my life to a crisp.

    What happened that was startling was that all too many preposterous things starting happening right out in front of me, and left me safely close enough to feel them, but not suffer them directly. I first felt that beat down, beat down, beat down despair more, but when I asked for understanding, I heard that nothing like experiencing such bad examples in the Physical, can work better to a veteran sensitive, than how all bad examples outside become the best lesson motivations to turn more completely inside.

    I began right away to meditate more, reverse all social norms in my new mind of delight, and especially still enjoy renouncing the World of fear illusion the most. The biggest relief came when I realize that Spirit was showing me that my, only imagined terminal victim ‘uniqueness’ perception vanished, via seeing just how Universal my parent experience really was. Recently I was even able to discern this fine kettle of fish, that inspires me even more to trust inside in medtation, than anything outside, that really is all meant to continually disappoint us.

    “Here’s a good one for us! Our nuclear undead families have become so much more like a gender civil War explosion all over the Globe, that we all, together, have co-created the whole dead Pacific Ocean from our family nuclear waste. Dead Love Ocean inside, so we co-create dead Pacific Ocean outside…

    Now all we can focus on still, is how to fix the Pacific Ocean again, but like everything outside we try to fix with a solution, soon the fix, itself, becomes a new problem to fix, because it’s our hateful human families that are continuing to co-create the same outer reflection from inside.

    Is it kind to ridicule ex-fathers after they lose their children, and is it kind for mothers to own children and rob them of their God given well deserved Sovereignty? How does a child feel when, right after they lose their ex-father, that single mothers use threats of further abandonment to better control our already public school mind controlled young emotional hostages?”

    Our discussion can not only become a chance to bond about our letting go of this ego driven World, and turn within even more, but we can become a nucleus of new friends of Spirit, that only ONENESS nurtures within a gentle kind compassion, that cannot even survive outside, were communication between humans just comes between us more, as our innate human nature, instead of stillness nurture, from within.


  5. OOPS addnendum, as if I haven’t already had a lot tosay today:

    I also believe that when we renounce, not denounce, the World, that we will love the very Earth more than even humanly possible ever before, It’s the arrogant narcissists that really don’t seem to Love anything but themselves, let alone love the Earth. Renouncing the World of fear illusion, helps us remain meek to Spirit, and becomes a gracious attitude adjustment miracle perception that everything is really just the way it all remains so responsive to those on an adventure away from Spirit Conscience.


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