Earthly Heaven Continued

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

Continued from one of my previous articles, Earthly Heaven.

The powers that were have and continue to get away with crimes and agendas that are against humanity’s wellbeing, but we don’t have to let their actions bring us down. The world around us is ridden with pain, suffering and cold-heartedness, but this doesn’t have to stop us from feeling its greatest joys and remembering that things aren’t so bad.

This place can be more beautiful than we realize if we see the good things it has to offer.

Reclaiming joy and personal empowerment will help us see the world around us in a new light, and the evils of the world will seem to matter little when we’re in tune with a greater perception; a greater reality. We’ll anchor the heavenly qualities of the place we’re in tune with when we rediscover joy and happiness, and our perception of darkness will gradually shrink.

We’re here to help humanity, and even though we aren’t meant to turn a blind eye to the woes of the world, we are meant to excel despite them. We can live in a world of darkness and still shine our light brightly, as long as we remain strong in the face of everything this reality has to offer.

The earth gives us heaps of pain and difficulty to deal with, but how we handle them determines our overall success in progressing, physically and spiritually. If we want to, we can be in a state of constant celebration, even when we have to confront experiences or challenges we’d rather not deal with.

Instead of bringing us down, they can help us soar to new and unimaginable heights.

We’re entering uncharted territory, and at times, the uncertainty of this territory can increase the difficulty we experience. Going as deep into spirit as we can is certainly important, but when we do, we’ll register the things around us in a more intense way.

This could either work for or against our development, and of course, the strength that comes with rediscovering spirit will help us deal with everything we’re given relatively easily.

I think strength is what leads us to see the light on a planet like earth. We’ve come to the darkest recesses of the cosmos to shine our light on the brilliant radiance of this lost planet, and everlasting inner strength will help us soar beyond the difficulty around us. With strength by our side, nothing will stop us from shining brilliantly.

This planet’s beauty is unparalleled, and even though there’s a lot of pain here, the gentlest yet most powerful love is here as well. This is what we came to reignite; to reintroduce.

We came here to bring joy and laughter back to people who’ve forgotten all about them, and it’d be tragic for us to get lost in the very darkness we came here to heal. No more will we subject ourselves to crippling darkness or succumb to fear and difficulty, because our mission here is just too important.

We’re here to change this planet; to bring our light back into the collective consciousness so everyone can remember their innate freedom. This role offers unprecedented liberation from a heavy weight, and we’re just beginning to reap the benefits of the connections we’re making and the service we’re giving.

Two of those benefits are inner strength and the ability to see this planet through a positive lens.

A wicked, oppressed earth and a liberated, utopian earth exist in the same place, and the reality we feed into while we’re here will grab ahold of us and show us everything it has to offer. The darker reality will show us destructive qualities like pain; suffering; lust; oppression.

That reality will take hold and influence our state of mind if we let it, but instead, we can turn our attention to the greater reality that’s also here.

This reality will display the qualities of peace; freedom; unconditional love; brimming joy; enthusiasm; progress. It’ll encourage our inner and outer growth and expansion, whereas the lower reality will bind us to its mechanisms and turn our hearts cold. Who needs all of that trouble?

No longer will darkness influence us, because we’re learning to see life for what it really is and can be: beautiful and heavenly. However simple some of our lives may be, they can be the heavenliest and most liberated lives that’ve been lived in centuries if we let them.

So much simplistic beauty exists here, and if we can only see it, we’ll cease being weighed down by the harshness around us.

Nothing about this place has to dim our focus or bring us down, and if we start to feel weighed down, we can call on spirit to help us regain the strength and nourishment needed to move back into the light. I can only say this because of my experiences, and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that seeing beyond pain can be difficult.

There might be times when we feel as if we’re unable to maintain equilibrium in the face of difficult circumstances that we’re ready to move on from, but I think it’s important to remember that we came here to take on this density and heal it with our everlasting, inextinguishable love.

We’re here to heal everything that can’t survive in a new paradigm.

Along the way, inner strength and an appreciation for the beauty the earth has to offer will help us remain on our paths and avoid straying into a darker earthly reality. We can’t deny the existence of immense darkness on this planet, but we can address and heal it from a bright place without letting it take a piece of us in the process.

Soon enough, some of us might be teaching the rest of the planet these important lessons, and the seekers of today will be the teachers of tomorrow if we make an effort to traverse our paths with grace and balance.

Refraining from letting darkness bring us down will eventually put us in a good position to help others do the same, so let’s excel if we’re faced with circumstances that could lower our vibration now. We’re making a significant impact on our future with the things we do today, and spirit is always with us to remind us that everything’s alright.

How receptive are you to the messages spirit has to offer? Have you felt a greater ease in recognizing the beauty of the earth in the midst of pain and darkness? Cultivating strength and collectively appreciating the earth will help us recognize the divinity of everything around us, and you’re encouraged to explore the earth’s beauty as much as you can.

Wes Annac – Choosing the light from a planet rooted in darkness.

Wes Annac is a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as writings from Wes and more. Come check us out!

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