Death: A Simple and Unexpected Transition – Part 4/4

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

Concluded from Part 3

Mary Bosworth tells us about a particular person she helped to understand their passing, as well as that person’s attachment to mortal goals and desires.

“He is a type of many, very many, who come here with their mortal desires and plans still the only life they know. We talked with this one a long time, after he could hear us, and he is at last convinced that he is here in the spirit world, and that a new life, a new adaptation to life, is necessary.

It seems to us that when he at last actually understands this necessity, he will show the same persistence and determination to ‘win out,’ that had formerly made him a success in mortal life and earthly business.” (1)

Once someone understands that the life they lived before has changed, they can become motivated to adapt to the spirit world and be a progressive spiritual force. Attempting to communicate with friends and family on earth in a way that doesn’t freak them out is probably a favored activity of the recently deceased.

I’m sure there are a lot more things to do, however, and it could be exciting to grasp complete limitlessness.

We’re then told that experienced souls in the spirit planes eventually seek to help newcomers.

“He will progress rapidly [when] he is entirely convinced that the way leads to happiness, selfishly, probably, at first, but growing into spiritual insight by degrees until he becomes a fine worker here in helping others. This is our joy, to watch the advance of those who seem almost hopeless. You will love to help when you come.” (1)

We steadily refine our spiritual perception and integrate the quality of service-to-others when we get used to the realms beyond, and every initiate has the potential to help swathes of newcomers in incredible ways. Even if their methods don’t always work on people who can’t accept what’s happened, they make an effort with love and the desire to see everyone excel.

What more could we ask for?

In our final quote, Phillip Gilbert reaffirms that seeing their inanimate bodies helps the departed understand their passing, and tells us that havoc around the body at the time of death creates more confusion for the spirit.

“The Theosophists are right in teaching that it is far better for the body to lie quiet and undisturbed for a few hours. It gives the escaped entity a chance to realize for itself that it no longer inhabits that discarded mass of electrons! But, in a street accident, they say, at once a confused babble of (…) people come around and the spirit is even more bewildered and distressed, trying to understand the impacts on it.” (2)

If chaos is created at the time of one’s death, it could bewilder the spirit who still doesn’t understand their own passing. They might even be concerned for the fate of whoever the people around them are making the commotion for, without realizing that it’s actually them. Can you imagine the confusion and frustration of trying to help in such a situation?

I’m here, I’d like to help, but nobody can see or hear me! What’s going on?

I’m sure at some point, a departed friend or family member would step in to help the person understand their transition, but apparently, seeing the body offers closure and a greater understanding of the situation.

Here, we explored the benevolence of death and the idea that some people don’t even realize when they pass on. I’ll continue to reiterate that nothing about death makes it inherently painful or scary, beyond the hurt felt by loved ones, and that we’ll excel to new heights when the body dies after we realize and accept the transition.

Even though there’s a lot we can do right here, right now to change the physical earth, when we greet a greater state of consciousness (no matter how it happens) we’ll become spiritually active. We’ll be able to do and feel things we would’ve never thought possible on earth, and we’ll instate ourselves as guides for lower-dimensional travelers.

Our future is bright, fellow seekers, because the pain and hardship of this place isn’t prevalent in the greater states of consciousness we’re re-accessing. Friends and family who’ve crossed over and spiritual guides alike observe and support us from their evolved perspectives, and when the time comes to join them, we can emerge without fear or reservation.

The days of stereotype and fear are over, because we’re learning the truth about death and everything else that’s been a mystery to us. We’ve only scratched the surface, and it goes without saying that we still have a lot to learn.

Wes Annac – Reporting on the benevolent, spiritual nature of death.


(1)- Fred Rafferty, ed., Charlotte E. Dresser, medium, Life Here and Hereafter. Author’s edition. Downloaded from, 2 Feb. 2008.

(2)- Philip Gilbert through Alice Gilbert, medium, Philip in Two Worlds. London: Andrew Dakers, 1948.

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