Death: A Simple and Unexpected Transition – Part 3/4

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

Continued from Part 2

As we’re told below, there’s practically no difference between a living body on earth and an etheric body in the spirit realms, beyond their respective locations and perceptual abilities.

“People [on earth] will not hear, see, or respond to him, so that even the most ignorant soul will recognize that he is not being seen or heard. He knows there’s a change, even though he, himself, sees or feels none. For he sees his etheric body just as real as the physical body. His thinking hasn’t changed. It’s just that he’s hearing people’s thoughts now and he’s seeing clearly the things which he was unable to see while in the body.” (1)

Essentially, the recently deceased don’t feel any inherent difference between their physical and etheric selves, beyond their increased perception and understanding.

Death really only seems tragic to the people who were close to the departed. The departed themselves could lounge on a beautiful beach and be at their funerals to comfort their families at the same time, but the sadness and tragedy really only seem to be in the non-existence of the person in the flesh.

If we simply blink out of this reality and into another, freer one, we can easily be there for our loved ones long after our passing, and people who’ve lost loved ones have reported strange occurrences around the time of their passing.

Other people, like Abraham Lincoln, have reported strange dreams about their funerals just before they passed on. It’s as if spirit gave them a message that they’d soon retreat from physicality and venture back into the liberated world of the etheric.

Death seems to range from flatly uneventful to incredibly rich and beautiful for those who’ve experienced it. Can you imagine what the most potent effects of our ongoing shift will feel like?

The mother of G. Vale Owen tells us that the recently deceased tend to cling to their earthly views of death and that our companions in spirit work very hard to break the spell.

“Many, as you know, do not realize for some time the fact that they are what they would call dead, because they find themselves alive and with a body, and their previous vague notions of the after-death state are not, by any means, lightly thrown away.

The first thing to do, then, with such as those is to help them to realize the fact that they are no more in the earth life, and, to do this, we employ many methods.” (2)

We’re then told about some of the methods used.

“One is to ask them whether they remember some friend or relative, and, when they reply that they do so but that he is dead, we try to enable them to see this particular spirit, who, appearing alive, should convince the doubter that he is really passed over. This is not always the case, for the ingrained fallacies are obstinate, and so we try another method.” (2)

Personally, this amazes me. Our friends in the spirit world actually bring our deceased relatives to us so they can break our perceptual stereotypes of death! The fact that they try so hard to break the spell shows that they really care for us at the sacred time of transition – so much that they work actively to disenchant (or perhaps re-enchant) us.

They work to help us remember the reality of our existence: that beyond this harsh realm, plentiful others exist that brim with consciousness and activity. That’s a level of care that goes beyond any description, but apparently, it’s the way of the spirit world.

Everyone takes care of each other and helps each other progress in the realms beyond the physical. They provide an excellent model of what humanity should be doing, and in due time, their influence will inevitably pour down and start working on the minds of the brilliant seekers and world-changers of tomorrow.

We’re on the cusp of orienting our society to a much more sustainable and spiritually inspired way of life, and we’re realigning with the spirit realms as we continue to progress. When we reenter a greater state of consciousness, we’ll be welcomed and assisted by an infinite amount of brothers and sisters who’ll rejoice at our arrival.

G. Vale Owen’s mother tells us about some of the other methods that are used to wake the sleeping deceased.

“We take him to some scene on earth with which he is familiar, and show him those whom he has left behind, and the difference in his state and theirs. If this should fail, then we bring to his recollection the last experiences he underwent before passing, and gradually lead up to the time when he fell asleep, and then try to connect up that moment with his awakening here.” (2)

Like a scientist formulating ideas and hypotheses, our friends beyond the veil try as many methods as possible to wake us from our earthly slumber. For some people, the aforementioned attachment to materiality and the body could cause the greatest level of difficulty in accepting their physical departure.

I wonder what our friends, family, and guides do when we’re so attached to physicality that we just can’t wake up. I wonder if they make continual, unending attempts to awaken us, or if they let it rest after a while and give us all the time we need to come to terms with everything.

G. Vale Owen’s mother provides this answer, reminding us that they don’t want to overwhelm initiates.

“All [the attempts mentioned above] often fail – more often than you would imagine – for character is built up year by year, and the ideas which go to help in this building become very firmly imbedded in his character. Also we have to be very careful not to overtax him, or it would delay his enlightenment. Sometimes, however, in the case of those who are more enlightened, they realize immediately that they are passed into the spirit land, and then our work is easy.” (2)

Part of the reason I’ve been writing about death is to soften the stereotype surrounding it (and the fear of it alike) so we can experience an easy passing if the time comes before we evolve from this planet. Our dear spirit guides work tirelessly to help awaken the departed without overwhelming them, and they deserve a break once and a while.

Those of us who understand the eternal nature of consciousness could make our passing much easier for the devoted friends, family members and guides who’ll be excited to show us the wonders of the spirit realms. Now that we’re starting to understand that death is an illusion, we can be in peace and joy when the time comes.

Concluded in Part 4 tomorrow.


(1)- Betty Bethards, medium, There is No Death. Novato, CA: Inner Light Foundation, 1976; c1975.

(2)- G. Vale Owen, medium, The Life Beyond the Veil. Book I: The Lowlands of Heaven. New York, 1921.

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3 thoughts on “Death: A Simple and Unexpected Transition – Part 3/4

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  2. A friend of my mother shared a channeling with me about my mom’s last experience in the physical. My mom was dying of cancer in the hospital bed. The night before my wife invited her to let go of her body. In the channeling, my mom’s account was she was in terrible pain, and then suddenly the pain stopped. She opened her eyes to see she was outside of her body. My deceased dad appeared, greeted her, and said let’s go. She wanted to know about her body and her children. My dad’s spirit said in a loving way, “It’s not your concern. The children will take care of everything.”
    That was very comforting.


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