All-Encompassing Spiritual Inspiration – Part 1/2

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

In everything we do, mankind is being influenced by a greater spiritual power. In all of our pursuits, this power is with us, giving us ideas and revelations that we can bring into form and expand on.

Divine inspiration doesn’t just come with creative pursuits like music and writing. Apparently, revolutionary ideas and inventions that have benefitted us greatly can also be attributed to the flowing spiritual inspiration we haven’t yet discovered, and if we can start remembering our link to the other side, we can reap its benefits.

For those of us who believe in the “other side” and the idea that it brims with consciousness and activity, it’s probably easy to accept that creative pursuits like writing and music are divinely inspired. However, even the conscious public has yet to understand the extent to which the realms of spirit influence mankind every day.

The material we’re going to examine, which has been delivered from the other side, suggests that in every creative pursuit, we act as conduits for spirit and let others “take the wheel” and work through us. Whether the things we create are positive for humanity’s development or not, they’re inspired by the other side.

When thinking about the other side, it might be difficult for some of us to comprehend that heavenly and hellish realms exist. Negative creations that run against humanity’s progress and development are said to be inspired by the “underworld” if you want to call it that, whereas positive and beneficial creations are inspired by more heavenly realms.

In everything we think, say and do, we bring through inspiration from the other side because we’re instruments for spiritual expression. Just how we interpret or act on that inspiration is up to us, and we can receive positivity or negativity from the heavenly or hellish realms.

There’s more material out there that talks about this idea than you might think, and here, we’re going to examine some of it and learn about an interesting subject that, in my opinion, enough people don’t yet know about.

Nikola Tesla through medium Robert Leichtmen tells us that with everything we create, we express the influence of the “Overmind”.

“Any time a genius develops new ideas or physical forms, be they artistic creations or new machines, to a degree he is expressing the influence of the Overmind.” (1)

We receive inspiration from a higher intelligence when we create anything, and the geniuses of our past could’ve really been conduits for this intelligence.

John Heslop tells us that nearly every form of beautiful thought is spiritually inspired.

“Nearly all forms of beautiful thought which are expressed, either in the writing of prose or poetry, or in painting, sculpture, or music, have been inspired by some spirit-artist, or musician, in waves of thought to a receptive mind on the earth plane. Probably many so inspired have no idea that the thoughts are not entirely their known and would resent a suggestion of invisible help. But they are helped, nevertheless, by those on this side and sometimes one will admit that the words came he knew not how. And thus are produced the masterpieces of a man’s life.” (2)

I’ve had times when unfamiliar words flowed into something I was writing, only to check them later and find that they perfectly described what they were intended to. Channeling has actually helped me learn new words and phrases, and sitting down to write produces a flow that I can’t deny is spiritually inspired.

Everything I write is intended to come from a deeper place and be as helpful and uplifting as possible. It’s been said that even the drive to help others is inspired by that deeper place, and I can only imagine the potential we each have to step fully into the role of divine conduits.

John Heslop continues to tell us about the inspiration that flows to Earth from the spirit realms.

“It is the divine essence of knowledge and beauty, filtering down to the inhabitants of earth in such measures as they are capable of receiving it. When the inspiration comes, it depends entirely on the mentality of the one who receives it what form it will take. It may express itself in music, painting, or verse, but in all cases the inspiration comes through silent waves of thought, flowing over the soul of man. The more receptive and spiritually-developed the nature, the finer the result of the inspiring spirit.” (2)

If we finely tune ourselves to the silent but powerful message spirit has to offer, we’ll become unfettered instruments for its expression and uplift others in the process. Let’s stand strong in our knowledge of who we are and where we’ve come from, and do big things with the inspiration we’re being given from the other side.

Let’s act on our potential to receive these silent waves of inspiration, because when we do, we’ll flow on and on with creative ideas and pursuits that we’ll recognize as having come from a higher place.

Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.


(1)- Carl Japikse through medium Robert Leichtman. Nikola Tesla Returns. Columbus: Ariel Press, 1980.

(2)- John Heslop through F. Heslop, medium, Speaking Across the Border-Line. Being Letters from a Husband in Spirit Life to His Wife on Earth. London: Charles Taylor, 9th ed., n.d.

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