Free-Flowing Unitive Consciousness – Part 3/3

Written by Wes Annac, Conscious Oneness

Concluded from Part 2

Archangel Michael tells us about the worldwide cooperation that’ll result from the expansion of our clarity and inner drive for unity.

“…What you are also going to see with the expansion of this gift is more cooperation in terms of, ‘If you do this, I can do this piece. And if you can do this other piece, I can take this.’ That is a truly human creation and the building of Nova Earth. It is groups coming together.

What you have formerly thought of as companies or corporations got off track. They came together because they have a mission, a purpose, a vision — they wished to create something. And then, of course, they got enmeshed in greed and control.” (1)

Whereas most corporations bring people together with a self-serving purpose, the energy and clarity we’ll feel will drive us to work together for the betterment of the planet. We’ll want to bring our civilization into the light and do away with divisive greed and self-service, and instead of swathes of people working for one CEO, we’ll all work for ourselves and each other.

We’ll work in harmony to enter a progressive and sustainable future, and we’ll work harder than we ever did before doing things we’re passionate about doing.

We’re then told about our return to the basic ideal of working together and the fact that everyone wants to be loved.

“…What you are doing is going back in so many ways to first principles. And you are saying, ‘Together we can create,’ something that is not only joyous and fulfilling and clear to me, but I can also contribute and accept help from my family of humanity.

There is not one being upon your planet that does not desire to be loved, needed and appreciated. That is the core of who you are. And you can deny it all you wish. It is your operating system.” (1)

We thrive on love and appreciation. In a non-egotistical sense, we’re given a boost when we’re encouraged or appreciated by others. Even the knowledge that one’s been able to help another is incredibly rewarding and satisfying.

If we start loving and supporting each other, we’ll enable each other to soar to new heights and get to work creating the utopia of our dreams. We can’t build this utopia if we discourage each other and refuse to accept our uniqueness as individual facets of Source, because we’ll only work against each other and create counterproductive friction.

As we’re told below, national borders have been kept in place by moneymaking, self-serving interests.

“Yes, we know that many of you have very strong ties to what you think is your nation-state. And you guard it because it has certain rights and privileges that are very positive, such as in Canada universal healthcare, and a place where not everybody in your neighborhood is armed with weapons. And these are values that are worth preserving.

But let us speak to the true issue at hand. There are para-military and military forces that guard these imaginary lines. And it has to do with money and finance, greed and power. And this is one of the areas that will need to simply go by the wayside…” (2)

The fact that self-serving interests make money from our division should motivate us even more to unite. Those of us who want to rebel against the powers that were can do so by cooperating with our fellow man to rewrite society in a manner that brings us together and diminishes the borders between us.

We’ll remain conquered if we remain divided, but if we come together, we’ll enter a future that’s advanced beyond our wildest dreams. We’ll hold the powers that were accountable for their continued attempts to keep us apart, and we’ll understand the futility of separation from a greater perspective.

Even though the former powers have worked against our establishment of unity, they’re powerless to stop something that starts in the minds and hearts of each of us. As hard as they’ll work to keep us apart, they won’t stop enlightenment and the resulting social transformation. They might’ve pushed off the inevitable in the 60s and 70s, but we’ve grown since then.

Jeshua via John Smallman tells us about our original desire to split apart from the Source.

“A human life in the illusion is a very difficult undertaking. Originally, at the moment of apparent separation from your Divine Source, you were One, seeking a different experience or expression of consciousness, and you did this by the separation, by the splitting-off of Yourself into myriad individual conscious entities, each with free will.” (3)

We’re then told about our desire to experience wholeness again and the necessity to bring each facet of Source together.

“Your true One-Self desires to awaken, but to do so it must bring all the myriad individual entities, each an essential and irreplaceable part of itself, along with it. Your true One-Mind, the only Child of God, has a will that is one with God’s, that is totally in alignment with the Will of God. On Earth, within the illusion, all those individual entities with free will need to bring those individual wills into alignment with each other, with the True Self that you are all a part of.” (3)

Most of us can agree on a few basic things like unity, and this quote reinforces that the powers that were have nothing to do with our non-establishment of it so far. We’re the ones who haven’t yet aligned with each other in a way that respects our individuality, but if we take the first steps now, we’ll build and build on them until our dreams are reality.

We’ll work endlessly until unitive consciousness pours through our minds and hearts, and nothing will stop our divinely inspired mission.

Here, we examined unitive consciousness and its importance and inevitability. We looked at quotes from channeled sources who informed us about unity and encouraged us to put in the work required before the national borders that benefit the elite are replaced with love and cooperation, and personally, I’ve taken a lot from this discussion.

Every time I read about a subject that interests me, I learn more than I anticipated and the picture becomes much clearer. We’re blessed to receive information from the other side, whether we believe in its reality or not, because the issues that really matter are being talked about by entities who have a different perspective on them.

Humanity could use an enlightened perspective on our affairs, and to the chagrin of forces that make money off of our ignorance, the veil that inhibits a greater perception is being pierced with information, energy and insight from the other side.

As long as we act on the advice we’re being given and work to be a force for unitive change, the planet will respond because of the higher place we’ll have put the collective consciousness in. If you feel inspired to give all of yourself to the unity of humanity, you could very well be a changemaker who’s come to introduce a way of life that’ll help us prosper instead of hold us back.

The changemakers are encouraged to arise and assist in the inevitable establishment of peace and unity, and it starts right here, right now.

Wes Annac – Inspired to encourage unity.


(1)- “The Divine Mother and Archangel Michael: Work with and Expand This Energy of Clarity,” channeled by Linda Dillon, October 14, 2013, at

(2)- “Archangel Michael: Welcome to This Time of Re-Awakening – Part 1,” channeled by Linda Dillon, September 30, 2013, at

(3)- Jesus via John Smallman, September 8, 2013.

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