Musings on a Greater Personal Transformation – Part 1/3

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

The past couple of days, I’ve had trouble sitting down to write. The flow of ideas and concepts that’s usually so strong seems to have weakened for the moment, and I think it has to do with a potent phase of my (and our) inner transformation.

There’s so much I could communicate right now, but I can’t find the words to say it. I’m starting to feel a deeper, more powerful spiritual connection, and my one desire is to be able to really convey it to all of you.

In 2011 and 2012, my head was rightly fixed in the clouds. I was very interested in the spiritual ideas that are harder to believe or accept from a mainstream standpoint – the higher dimensions; star people; channeling; and so on.

I happily put myself out there to endorse and build on these concepts, and all the while, I waited for something magnificent to grace the planet that’d show everyone the reality of spirit once and for all. And I offered my service in a way that, looking back, I wish I would’ve had a little more awareness of.

I didn’t understand the cryptic nature of some of what I wrote and channeled, and for a while I had little interest in communicating clearly with the “proper” grammatical words, phrases and sentences accepted by society. I’ve been criticized for this before, but the criticism was really only a catalyst that opened my eyes to it.

Because of this, lately I’ve wanted offer the highest quality material I can, and even if it doesn’t live up to some people’s expectations, I know that I gave it my all. But I digress.

Somewhere along the line in 2013, my spiritual exploration gave way to an active interest in this world.

I started paying attention to this reality and what’s happening here to bring us into a new era. I embraced music in a way I hadn’t before; I started writing about the powers that were and their shenanigans; I turned my attention away from our guides in favor of a more approachable way to write about a new paradigm.

The purpose of all of that was for me to explore a new phase in my development and reach a more general audience of seekers in the process. I wanted to reach out to people who couldn’t be reached by channeled messages or the idea that we’re on the cusp of a utopian society rooted in bliss and harmony.

I wanted to repeatedly pose the question of how we can build a new world; what we’re going to do right now to bring it about; how we’re going to “expose and uproot” the powers that were from their self-made thrones. For a while, I forgot about the deeper spiritual concepts that all of you have been building on since my temporary exit.

I dove into the realm of the physical, and lately, I’ve been reintroduced to the greater spiritual concepts and feelings I’d forgotten about before. In doing so, I feel like I’ve been hit with a freight train of uncommunicable inspiration and I’m now left to pick up the pieces.

Lately, I’ve been writing for the newsletter, channeling here and there, and writing away as if it were my last day on Earth. This is because I don’t want to stop producing material for as many of you as possible to benefit from, but I have to admit that in regards to what I really want to “do”, I don’t have a fixed image in my head.

One day, I’ll want to write and play music. Another day, channeling is a lucrative pursuit. Usually, writing is the best venture.

The idea of not having anything to write about – no topic, no muse, etc. actually bothers me a little bit given how badly I want to keep going. After writing about certain topics for so long, one starts going in circles and becomes repetitive. That isn’t quality, in my opinion, and it’s not how I want to be of service to you all.

I’ve been researching and writing from spiritual databases lately, and I highly recommend any serious spiritual writer check out some of the databases that are out there. New Maps of Heaven, which contains information from people who’ve passed on about the spirit planes, could produce book after book after book.

But I recognize that it can be easy to use a database or a quoted source as a writing crutch. I want to write material that comes from the heart and isn’t built around the words of another, but I don’t think I’ll stop producing researched material any time soon.

Basically, I sit here every day, wondering what the best thing to write about would be. I’ve painstakingly researched various databases for inspiration, and in doing so, I’ve remembered that inspiration always has to come from within.

Continued in Part 2 tomorrow.

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10 thoughts on “Musings on a Greater Personal Transformation – Part 1/3

  1. Hi Wes,      Actually, I don’t care what you write, as long as you’re there.  It’s hard to find ones like yourself.  Maybe you can encourage us about speaking about the dinar.  Is it going to be the monetary connection for now until we are fully conscious people and don’t need money?  I sit here thinking I should buy a few before revaluation?  What are your thoughts?  Gaye Estey


    • Hello Gaye,

      I actually don’t have very many thoughts about the dinar/RV. If it was to happen, it’d put a lot of conscious people in a position to really be able to serve humanity, and I could definitely see it being a stepping stone to abundant consciousness without the need for physical currency.

      Much Love!

      Wes 🙂


  2. Ditto. You are right where you should be. Your brief hiatus is right on schedule. Everything is as it should be because it is. All of your supposed mistakes are perfectly timed. It’s all good! Writing about being stuck is useful information, especially if everything is used for healing. Besides, everything has already been said, and there is nothing new under the Sun. We just have not as yet preferred to apply what we know. And still everything is on schedule. We can’t lose, Wes. No how, no way.

    Hey, just send a prayer if nothing else comes to mind: Jesus, thank you for sending the miracle of love to Wes Annac and his family; help them live free and easy.


  3. I just wanted to give you some feedback ! I have been grateful to get your writings, advice, opinions as your channelings ! I resonate so much with you and your words of change, words of new and clarity ! What I have found is that I too get information from within, and thoughts, answers, and a story unfolds of what happened, or what might just happen. Most of theses thoughts are kept within me as it does not at times fly to public norms, only those with the open hearts, with eyes to see and ears to hear. When I read about your teachings, experiences, life! it is what I think and know, feel…I know we have not ever met, but the oneness shines, lets itself known, here in my living room, on the small table by the medium light light so I can see, and reach out to a fellow journeyman, on this earth learning course. I know I came here to help, I know my time still is too come..You and I can look at life simple and easy and we can know all is well, good and on its that change, it is going to be very different, and joyful, not a second will go by without that deep spark of flutter, fullness, happiness that comes ! fills up all your space, all comes together and knowing is apart before long. Your shut down my brother could be simple rest time, and for a short time, rest in that knowing, build back up for your future know there are !! You just saying, I dont know what to say..means your done as a soul for your self, you are and have been sent to teach, show, and help others get it !! Hard job still !! it just a rest time as I see it! Life will open up much more, you know all that !! Your a divine being doing your job, what you were signed up for.. schooled and let go to experience, as help. I know because simply, you have helped me, I in turn help others they in turn help others..soon all be be awake, the road shall change onto..what you and I have longed for and worked to achieve along with the re
    st of us sign up tees.. its all good you know that..Your awesome I love ya, blessings and no worries, you are where you should be !! Peace, with truck loads of fun and rest !! KAY 🙂


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