I’m Ready

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

I’m ready to see a better world where harmony and prosperity flow like water to every sovereign person. Like many of you, I strive to see a time when everybody can live in peace and harmony instead of hating each other and fighting senseless wars.

I’m ready to see the freewill of each person be respected and honored, and I’m ready to for us to restore the environment by turning to feasible solutions that’ll eliminate pollution and deforestation. I’m ready for a spiritual understanding of our existence to be integrated into the manner in which we run our planet.

Like the Natives of the United States were, I’m ready for us to attune to the spirit of the land and understand the immense damage we’ve done. I want to see awareness and action bloom in a time of widespread enlightenment, and I feel inspired to offer myself to the awakening of humanity in hopes of seeing a better tomorrow.

Everything the conscious seeker does is intended to help raise consciousness and strengthen the effort to build a new world. A new paradigm rooted in peace, harmony and abundance is far from unattainable, and holding the vision of a new world in our heads as we work toward it will keep us motivated and inspired.

Understanding the sheer bliss we’ll experience when we come together and lighten our collective vibration will forever motivate us to push for change, and you’re encouraged to imagine the immense power we’ll wield when united. The power a united humanity will wield goes beyond any description I can give, and even the power of the individual seeker is strong.

The unending drive to realize our dream of living in a better world is a natural result of our search for a greater state of consciousness, and putting yourself on a higher vibration will increase the potency of the effort you give.

Knowing you’ve been able to contribute to humanity’s evolution is very fulfilling, and it increases the drive to be of service. It’s been said that the drive to serve others is also a natural result of awakening, and personally, my desire to be of service continues to grow.

Taking inspiration from the dream of living in a better world, I don’t want to stop working away for the betterment of others. You all seem to appreciate the resulting material, and I really enjoy writing it, so it only makes sense to pursue it with as much invigoration and enthusiasm as possible.

I’m ready to embrace any pursuit from here on out – be it a new website, a series of articles or even a book. If I’m led to it and it feels right, I’ll embrace it with all of myself. Since I’ve had a taste of higher-dimensional life, I’m ready to throw myself into helping the rest of the world do the same.

Since I can see the potential for life to be so much better for everyone than it currently is, I’m devoted to helping all of you see it too. Let’s liberate ourselves from self-oppression and see that we hold immense power within to achieve our dreams.

We possess an immense ability to act on the inspiration many of us have received and create the world of our dreams, and until now, most people have been unaware and inactive. Humanity’s been diverted into a distracted and uncaring place, but we can mend this if we work to awaken everyone to what’s really been happening behind the political curtain.

We can help people understand that politics is a carefully devised veil that hides the real decisions being made (and the real people making them) and we can reintroduce an understanding of spirituality that hasn’t been collectively grasped in a long time.

Armed with a deeper perception of ourselves and the reality around us, we can become true humanitarians. We can give clean water and healthy food to people who are suffering, and we can eradicate poverty and homelessness. We can give the disenfranchised a voice and see to it that no person experiences lack, and while it won’t be easy, it’ll be worth it.

It’ll be worth it to see everyone thrive with abundance, and bringing everyone together in respect and love will unite us in our goal of experiencing a heavenly society. The unity of mankind, which starts in the minds and hearts of each of us, will be a precursor to our most driven work to repair our planet’s condition.

As we learn to respect and love each other, a greater respect and love will be cultivated for the planet and we’ll become much more conscious of the ways we’ve treated it. In a sense, we’ll feel the Earth’s pain and we’ll want to mend the damage we’ve caused in every way we can.

We’ll want to heal the planet, just as we’ll have healed the damage caused by our division.

We’ll understand our sacred and unbreakable bond with everything around us, and we’ll learn that everything is consciousness. Everything in existence emits a vibration like we do, and when reaching a greater state of consciousness, we’ll tap into this vibration.

The goal of many spiritual seekers is to help others feel the incredible things they’ve been able to feel, because the world can only change if each individual can.

The vision of a united humanity living in peace and harmony will never leave my head, and I have a feeling that more people will be in tune with it as consciousness continues to grow. Our greatest dream is in our grasp, and as long as we remember that we’re an exponential force for change, no difficulty or adversity will stop us.

Wes Annac – Encouraging you to pursue the common dream of the awakening seeker.

Wes Annac is a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as writings from Wes and more. Come check us out!

See also Conscious Oneness, The Aquarius Paradigm on Facebook and The Golden Age of Gaia.

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10 thoughts on “I’m Ready

  1. Whew!! I do feel your strong desire to be of service, Wes. I, too, send supplications to my spirit guides and all others in the spirit realm who are ready and willing to assist me, for the inspiration and the direction to be just that – of service. So far I try to reach people via a blog, facebook, or just face to face conversations but I do honestly wish to be more active. I feel that there is definitely more that I can be doing. But ‘doing’ is the operative word here, or should ‘being’ be. I’m still growing and learning which, I know, will never cease. Right now, I will continue to ask for the direction I seek to be of service to our mother Gaia and to humanity as a whole. Thank you, Wes, always for your encouraging words.



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