Who is Our Universal Family? – Part 4

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

Continued from Part 3

The term “lightworker” has been thrown around a lot in the spiritual circles and even throughout this series. A lot of awakening people have heard this term and some of the spiritual blogs and forums out there are built around it, but just what is it? Just who are the people who call themselves lightworkers?

Is there any real “light” or “work” involved with being a lightworker, or is it just something you call yourself? It’s safe to say that some people use the term without necessarily understanding it, and a lightworker is no different from an energy worker, as light is a form of energy.

A lightworker/energy worker is someone who’s awakened to the energetic reality of our existence and seeks to be of service. An aspiring lightworker could open up to a greater perception of higher-dimensional energy in meditation, or have an experience that expands their personal paradigm and leads them to understand the energy creating and sustaining our reality.

When making an initial connection, some people become interested in acting as willing conduits for higher-dimensional energy (otherwise known as channeling) and using it for the betterment of the collective consciousness.

Some people assume the role of transmuting the bulk of negative energy clogging up the collective consciousness, and some perform energy work in their inner etheric realms. Essentially, lightwork is physical and metaphysical energy work that’s done for the betterment of humanity, and lightworkers are people who’ve opened up to their higher-dimensional roots and work from that perspective.

Lightworkers have simply discovered their ability and the piece of the puzzle they’ve come here to fill, and they work away to help the planet just like everyone else who’s discovered the role they want to play.

You don’t have to have a big ego to embrace the idea of energy work or call yourself a lightworker, because it could simply be the role you’ve chosen to play at this time. Granted, it’s a wonderful role that’s rooted in higher-dimensional perception and “work”, and the work’s a lot of fun.

There’s little difference between a lightworker and a channeler, as channelers too have chosen to bring through higher-dimensional energy in the form of the entity/collective they let speak through them.

Everybody has their role to play, and call me biased, but I think that the lightworkers have a lot to offer humanity. The idea of being a lightworker has been around for so long that it’s easy for it to become generalized, muddied and misunderstood by the current and future awakening generations, but lightwork has a genuine purpose and lightworkers do their work with genuine intent.


This discussion wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t talk about the source of all life; the creator of this multidimensional existence we experience and learn lessons in. As most of you reading this probably know, the common belief in many spiritual circles is that we’re the creator, experiencing a lower-dimensional reality that we envisioned and brought into form.

The idea is that we, as one omnipotent creator entity, made the decision to experience the distorted realms of consciousness we created for the purpose of growing and learning in a way we never had before.

Most religions have taught us to believe in an angry or vengeful god that takes form as a human man sitting in the sky, but the expanded spiritual beliefs of this era rebrand our creator as a non-judgmental, loving entity who we actually are in our heart of hearts.

We’re constantly connected with Source, because we’re individual facets; expressions if you will, of the Source consciousness. Source isn’t a man or woman, or an angelic or archangelic being. Source simply is, and everything around us is bred from this complex simplicity.

Put simply: Source is the creator of our existence and our ultimate “higher self”. We’re extensions of our higher selves, and in turn they’re extensions of souls, who are extensions of souls, who are extensions of souls, etc. and this chain eventually leads back to Source.

Rest easy in the face of pain and difficulty, and understand that you create your reality. You’re the conscious and unconscious creator of this existence, and eventually, we’ll all understand that we created this place before we decided to inhabit it.

We can utilize the understanding of ourselves as conscious creators, and fashion an existence that sees us able to live freely and help as many others do so as possible. In this time of expanded perception and understanding, the idea that we’re the all-knowing and all-loving Source of existence is being understood by a growing number of people.

Ultimately, the greatest insights regarding Source will be found within, and I recommend meditation to open up to those insights.

Concluded in Part 5 soon.

Photo: http://photos.360treasure.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/lightworkers-Fairy-gold-light-0001.jpg

2 thoughts on “Who is Our Universal Family? – Part 4

  1. As a Lightworker I remembered the mission to use my Universal talent as an agent of the One Consciousness. This came through meditation where I was confronted with my own “darkness within” and daily work in loving grace to keep my vibrational energy high. It is a labor of Love and well worth the effort and once you realize that everyone is doing the best that they can in each and every moment, you lose the idea of duality or “us vs. them” and All is right with the World. There is a lot of help from other dimensions, but you need to ask, for everyone’s’ free will is sacred. Namaste!


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