Musings on Infinity and Unity – Part 1/2

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

From here on out, we’re infinite in what we can do and be. We can let our perception of limitation and inability dissolve when understanding our power in a greater way, and when we do, we’ll see that a lot needs done in the physical and spiritual sense.

On a personal level, most of us still have work to do to reach a place of balance that sees us able to act as constant conduits for the expression of the divine. Some of us still have “dark night of the soul” moments to experience and learn from, and I think that this personal work, when done by everybody, will make the work to change our planet much easier.

I’ve said before that bringing about a new paradigm together will be much easier when everybody cultivates inner peace and wholeness, and when we do this, we’ll be able to solve the biggest problems we face with driven, worldwide efforts.

We’ll be able to address everything about our current paradigm that doesn’t serve us, and we’ll work together to solve these problems after our perception of division has been replaced with everlasting unity. Unity among races and nations will be a necessary aspect of a new paradigm, because we won’t be able to bring about lasting change if we remain divided.

Only if we can unite with respect and love for each other’s individuality will we transform and live in a new way. The few have been able to conquer the many by keeping us divided, and you’ll notice that division’s played upon in the media every day.

If we continue to see ourselves as different from one another, we’ll remain conquered and trapped in a system of our own creation and feeding. The old “divide and conquer” trick is being used by the powers that were today, but it’s a completely human creation that we thought up and fed.

As swathes of people awaken and see beyond the principles of division, we arise and assert ourselves in a powerful display of our strength. We can be an incredible force for change if we recognize our strength in numbers, and all around the world, people are already doing that.

Various movements have been started that put the public’s attention on government corruption and misuse of power.

Ideas that people couldn’t accept a decade ago are being accepted on a wider scale as more of us realize that we’ve been lied to about a host of things, and uniting with respect for everyone’s individuality will see us able to run this planet properly.

I think that condemnation over petty things is a tendency of the wicked. When judgment and condemnation are expressed, the condemned is painted as unhuman and the condemner is able to feel better about themselves as they sit comfortably on a pedestal of their own creation.

We can do away with self-righteous judgment when we realize that we’re one consciousness experiencing itself and that these silly little differences between us mean nothing in the bigger picture. The fact that some people’s skin is colored differently than others is monumentally small in the face of infinite higher dimensions and endless higher-dimensional guides and teachers.

Recognizing our individuality and loving each other for it will always be an important aspect of uniting, and despite what some people might think, unity isn’t bred from bringing everybody together under the same banner and saying we’re “one”.

Instead, it’s bred from recognizing, accepting and loving the diversity between us. The fact that so many different races exist here who can work together in a greater way than we already do presents an opportunity for us to do big things.

Seeing the big picture will help everyone understand the pettiness of fighting over difference in skin color, religion and everything else that preaches division, and I think that when we can all cultivate enlightenment and inner peace, the desire to fight for any reason will be replaced with the desire to express peace and create change.

Concluded in part 2 tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Musings on Infinity and Unity – Part 1/2

  1. Hi Wes, first time poster here. I like your articles very much. My experience is that I have to do things to elevate my vibration otherwise I can’t see without judgement and fear. When I connect to my Heart then it raises my vibration. When I eat well, no sugar, no gluten, and mostly leafy greens my vibration is raised. And I can get into the flow of the 5D and really enjoy it.

    For the Solstice we had a gathering of people who are unaware of all of this Ascension knowledge and yet they were connected with their hearts and to each other and the Earth and it was powerful. Most of these people had never experienced this before. I believe my energy , my heart connection influenced them where it raised their vibration.

    This New Paradigm is so exciting, like you it has become my life and I can’t wait when I can quit my day job and just do this. Much love and warmth to you, Christopher


    • It’s great to meet you, Christopher. I agree about healthy eating raising our vibration – I notice that eating some fruits and vegetables can put me in an elevated place.

      This new paradigm is exciting indeed. I look forward to continuing to build it with you and everyone else. 🙂

      Much Love!

      Wes 🙂


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