Planetary Healing: The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius – Part 2

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Continued from last week’s Age of Aquarius discussion.

Beyond what I and Wikipedia have already described, what are some other traits of the Age of Aquarius? What else could we potentially expect to see as we go about this shift? 2012 Spiritual Growth Prophecies explains.

“’The Age of Aquarius is the Age of Freedom, Technology (especially electricity), and the Water Bearer.’

The rapid changes in technology we’ve seen in the last number of years was orchestrated by the universal forces or the divine to prepare us for the next new age, the Age of Aquarius. Our technological boom was not because of our ‘superior’ inventiveness compared to our ancestors, as some may think…It was all part of the universal plan to prepare us.

Another key trait of this new age is ‘humanitarianism without prejudice or preference.’ This could represent the emergence of pro-active intergovernmental organizations and unified global movements. Maybe we’ll finally learn to work together for the betterment of the ‘whole’ world as a unified unit. Now that’s progress…when everyone, and everything wins!” (1)

That’s progress indeed, and I look forward to the time when everyone’s motivated enough to work together for the betterment of the planet. I think that we’re meant to work together to run our society, and the many problems we face can perhaps be attributed to the fact that we haven’t been.

It’d only make sense for every person to have a say in decisions being made that affect all of us, and complacency can give way to the widespread desire to be a part of the governing of our society in a way that works for everybody involved.

Can you imagine a time when spiritual understanding is integrated into the manner in which we run our planet? A time when environmental awareness sees us never hurt the Earth for personal gain and politics as we see them now have been replaced with the fair and just ruling of the planet by the people?

I think that this type of change will be an inevitable result of the ongoing shift we’re experiencing, and things will continue to be shaken up as a catalyst to our creation of positive change.

2012 Spiritual Growth Prophecies tells us about the unity of the feminine and masculine qualities that live in all of us, and the resulting divine inspiration we can receive. We’re also told about our non-perception of lack or limitation when reaching a greater perspective.

“This is a time of the merging of the opposites, the masculine and the feminine. These two energies ‘within’ each of us will once again work together to know God. And, they will act on divine inspiration, bringing messages from the divine to manifestation in the world.

As we think so shall we create.

In a new and developed consciousness everything will be given freely on demand to meet a need. Aware individuals will not conceive of lack. What we give out of love grows, not diminishes. We will become ‘spiritual beings having a human experience,’ instead of human beings having a worldly experience. Spirit and matter will merge and function as one.” (1)

We’re then told more about the merging of the feminine and masculine qualities in each of us and given an astrological perspective on the social changes of the 60s and 70s.

“It will be the feminine (receiver of divine inspiration), and the masculine (acting it out in the world), uniting as one unit…unquestioning…without altering messages from the divine.

It would be the end of selfish desire and the beginning of selfless free expression of the soul of humanity.

The radical social changes in the 1960s happened when the conjunction of the planet Uranus occurred. This is a planet ruled by the sign Aquarius and the coming New Age. This event represents the changes needed for the Age of Aquarius.

The major part of the change began in 1987 at the time of the Harmonic Convergence. A transition began at this time heralding increased spirituality and harmony among people.” (1)

We can’t deny that some pretty major changes took place in the 60s and 70s. For the first time in a long time, massive consciousness was bred in the areas of politics, spirituality, religion and plenty of others, and swathes of people became socially active in ways that are just beginning to be picked back up on now.

The 60s and 70s served as great examples of what people can do if properly inspired and motivated, and I think that in this day and age, we’re going to expand on what was done and really change the way our society operates. With more people than ever becoming aware and wanting to welcome a new paradigm, there’s nothing stopping this change from being brought about on the planetary level.

Accompanying the belief of an impending new age is the idea that higher-dimensional souls have incarnated in massive numbers to help bring about the shift we’re experiencing. 2012 Spiritual Growth Prophecies tells us a little bit about what have been called “crystal children”.

“The Indigo, crystal and rainbow children are here to help us move towards the Age of Aquarius values of ‘love, brotherhood, unity and integrity.’ These children possess increased spiritual sensitivity, and have stronger ties to the upcoming values.” (1)

Some people believe that the 90s saw a rise in the number of crystal children who’ve come to help bring people into the light, and myriad children and young adults are displaying incredible talent and ability in various ways right now.

In a quote from astrologist Alice Bailey, we’re then told about the illumination of darkness our shift into the Age of Aquarius is heralding. I think it’s fair to say that this illumination is as clear today as it was starting to be in the 70s when this quote was written.

“‘A steady illumination is taking place and light is being thrown on all problems – light on government and politics through experiments and the study of great and basic ideologies; light on the material nature of the world through all the many branches of science; light on humanity itself through education, philosophy and psychology. This light is spreading down to the very darkest places in our planet and its many forms of life.’ Esoteric Astrology, Alice Bailey, 1975” (1)

As I mentioned above, this illumination is taking place on the individual and planetary level. We’re all becoming aware of what have been called our “shadow selves” as they come up to the surface in need of attention and release, and we’re confronting inner-held darkness as corruption and tyranny are exposed on the world stage.

Concluded in part 3 next week.


(1)- 2012 Spiritual Growth Prophecies: “The Age of Aquarius Traits are Building as the Next Great Age Begins” at:


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