Who is Our Universal Family? – Part 3

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

Continued from Part 2

Note: My intention is to state what’s believed about the subjects discussed here and encourage you to take what resonates with you. Some of what’s discussed could seem far-fetched or hard to believe, but such is the nature of the things one can discover when taking the first steps toward enlightenment.

You don’t have to believe everything discussed here, but a growing number of people do and my aim is to present these beliefs to everyone. With everything you read, your encouraged to use your discernment.

Our Universal Family has a lot to offer us in the way of assistance and insight, but I think that the most important connection to make is with our higher self. The higher self is essentially the root oversoul of each of us, and we’re believed to be extensions of this oversoul consciousness. This belief includes the idea that we’re physical and spiritual extensions of the Gaian mind/heart/consciousness.

But that’s another discussion for another time.

I think that in the low vibrations, it’s important to maintain an active connection with our higher self and our various “future selves” existing on future timelines. When reconnecting with them, we can receive personal advice and guidance regarding various situations and circumstances in our lives, and we can also let them use their perspective for the benefit of the public by channeling them.

Our Shaped Perception of Star People

Many ET and channeling enthusiasts believe that along with suppressing their existence, the powers that were have broadcasted a slanted view of star people for decades.

The typical alien invasion movie that displays monstrous “aliens” bent on destroying or consuming humanity has been a popular choice for filmmakers for decades, and the powers that were are believed to use Hollywood to shape our perception of just about everything – supposed “aliens” being one.

It could be difficult for people to open up to the idea that spiritually evolved star people exist and don’t want to destroy our world or do us any harm, but the belief that they want to assist us along our evolution so we can feel the states of consciousness they exist in resonates with me.

Some people believe that we’ve been fed a purposely tainted image of star people, and that even the label “alien” is grossly inaccurate compared to what and who they could really be.

Negative ET Races & Involvement with the Cabal

I couldn’t properly discuss our Universal Family without mentioning the fourth-dimensional extraterrestrial and astral forces that are believed to work actively against humanity. The stories of abductions, cattle mutilations and all manner of scary extraterrestrial phenomena can be attributed to negatively inclined, fourth-dimensional factions of the Zeta race, or the “little greys” as they’ve been known. (1)

The “little grey” is a stereotypical extraterrestrial depiction, but even the negative factions who are believed to have exchanged advanced military technology with the cabal for permission to perform abduction and mutilation aren’t believed to make up the entirety of the Zeta race.

Beyond the negatively oriented Zeta factions, there are a sparse few other negative extraterrestrial races believed to have worked with the powers that were, such as the reptilians, but their number is far smaller than that of our Universal Family who’s helping bring humanity into the light.

Darkness has been allowed to thrive on our planet for centuries, and entities who practice pure service-to-self, be them extraterrestrial or astral in nature, have controlled our collective consciousness via the hate, greed, selfishness, etc. that we feed and express to each other.

Even though mentioning them seems necessary, they’re not worth worrying about because we’re each becoming personally empowered as we see the light and anchor an unprecedented force of higher-dimensional strength onto ourselves.

This is a time when light thrives and darkness is understood for what it really is – necessary for the advancement of light. The powers that were and the extraterrestrial/astral forces that have driven them have worked to keep humanity in the dark, but a rapidly growing number of people are finding the light and nothing can stop us from becoming aware.

Nothing can stop our physical and spiritual evolution, and myriad beings of light who’s energy we can access stand at the ready to assist us at every turn.

Why is our Universal Family so Focused on Earth?

It’s believed that there’s always been a general fixation on our planet and our evolution on the part of our Universal Family but that the number of civilizations focused on us increased when we first deployed the atom bomb.

Beyond the loss of life and the immense physical damage it caused to our surface, it’s believed to have caused chaotic effects in our planet’s etheric realms. Our planet was very close to death because of the poor condition of its surface and our collective consciousness, and this is believed to have caused our Universal Family to focus on us in greater ways than they did before.

Some people think that the incarnation of millions of lightworkers and starseeds who are awakening to their greater potential was a direct result of our deployment of the atom bomb, but regardless of the reason, they’re here and ready to bring our society into the higher dimensions.

The Prophets and the Masters

Beyond our Universal Family’s recent response to the atom bomb, various masters, angels, archangels, star people, etc. are believed to have incarnated on our world to help uplift humanity.

We’ve all heard of the enlightened teachers of the past – Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed to name a few, and it’s believed that they incarnated on our planet to help humanity see the light. It’s also believed that the religions they’re respectively known for were originally created with pure intent.

Some people think that the masters, such as Jeshua, have been here in other lives even in the last century. For all we know, they could’ve experienced multiple lives on our planet and helped us find the light in each one. They could even be readying themselves to be with us in mass numbers as we speak.

There are, of course, some who focus on assisting the Earth and various other civilizations from a higher-dimensional perspective instead of incarnating here, and they’re also believed to perform a great service to humanity. Ultimately, every effort to help the dense and distorted aspects of creation evolve is needed and appreciated.

Continued in Part 4 soon.


(1)- Steve Beckow wrote an interesting article about this, entitled, “Alien Abductions: A Stumbling Block to the Acceptance of Our Star Family”:


Photo: http://www.organicsurvivalistsite.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Higher-Self.jpg

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