December 21, 2013: Gradually Shifting and Getting to Work

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

Here we are, one year after the fabled December 21st 2012 date that many of us thought was going to herald a glorious and sudden shift into a higher state of consciousness.

How do you feel a year after this date, which saw some disappointed and others more motivated to glimpse the spiritual realms and create change? Personally, I feel a stronger drive than I ever did last year to create change and bring this planet into the higher vibrations, and I now recognize that a tremendous shift just can’t happen all at once.

An incredible shift like the one we’re experiencing just can’t be tied down to a day or a specific timeframe, because it’s so potent that we wouldn’t be able to handle such a dramatic change in our consciousness. Since the 21st of December last year, I’ve begun to understand that real change, inner and outer, starts in the minds and hearts of each of us.

Real spiritual transformation can’t happen in one day with us going along for the ride instead of showing willingness and initiative to put ourselves in a higher place. The transformation we’re experiencing is nothing if not potent, and I think that a year after December 2012, we’ve still only begun to glimpse the greatest states of consciousness we can now access.

The idea that the 21st of last year was a marker that determined when our greatest work would begin resonates with me, and looking into 2014 and beyond, it’s clear that we still have a lot of great change to make and plenty of time to make it.

Talking with other conscious seekers last year, I noticed the common belief that we didn’t have a lot of time left to tie up loose karmic ends, pay our “debts” etc. before we experienced a potent solstice shift. Now, it feels like we have more time than ever to really do something good on this evolving planet, and I plan to utilize this opportunity to the fullest of my ability.

Some of you out there might not like the idea of future years and decades on the evolving Earth (as opposed to suddenly shifting from it) but I’m excited that we have so many years ahead of us to build upon the inner and outer shift we’re already experiencing.

Just like I said on Stephen Cook’s Lift Your Spirit radio show, for me, this year has been one of incredible personal transformation and I’m happy to have gained a much greater perspective than I ever had.

Since we greeted 2013, I’ve experienced deep layers of transformation and evolution that I didn’t expect myself to reach in such a gradual manner, and I’m glad we didn’t make a sudden shift at the end of last year because I’ve enjoyed this year immensely. I’m sure the same will be said for next year.

This year has given me much valuable experience and insight, and an unprecedented, higher-dimensional richness has returned to my life that has me thinking that this is what spiritual evolution really is. Perhaps spiritual evolution is a gradual process that starts with the self and steadily introduces us to deeper facets of our own consciousness as the reality around us becomes more vibrant.

I’ve always racked my brain over why Aquarius is referred to as “the water bearer” but it makes sense now. I see water as representing the greater richness and vibrancy the higher vibrations provide us, and from my experience this year, I’m convinced that water itself actually puts us on a good vibration.

I recently read that consuming water will continue to be necessary as we evolve, and that idea resonates with me. Aquarius, being the water bearer, has come to enrich our lives with higher-dimensional perception and clarity, and much like water, she’ll refresh our consciousness and restore our vibrancy.

In my opinion, bearing water represents pouring higher-dimensional energy into the hearts of humanity. We’d drown if Aquarius poured her big bucket of water on our little planet all at once, so we’re taking steady and small drinks of it as we reach a greater state of consciousness with each thirsty sip.

I’ll continue to repeat that we have a lot of positive change to create and be, and in my opinion, our retrograde shift into Aquarius from Pisces both represents and heralds a steady but potent rise in consciousness in all of humanity.

I’m happy to report that I feel more enthused than ever to reach a higher state of consciousness and use the resulting knowledge to help change this world for the better, and you’re encouraged to ask yourselves how you feel one year after a date that, again, was really only the beginning of humanity’s awakening.

Wes Annac – Admiring the progress we’ve made and ready to see what the year ahead has for us.

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Wes Annac is a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

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7 thoughts on “December 21, 2013: Gradually Shifting and Getting to Work

  1. Quite inciteful. I, too, would like see things speed up. The metaphor of drowning makes a lot of sense. Therefore, I will continue to take baby steps and have “Aha” moments.


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  3. Hi Wes, first time here but have read you extensively on goldenageofgaia many times…and yes I AM one who was very disappointed last year when the big event did not occue, mostly bexause a few of the Channels said it was definitely happening. I saw them as cfakes….now I don’t know why they got it wrong and I don’t care because as you say life is more exciting this way. This part of journey is NECESSARY and fun to see friends growing and coming aboard….ALL ABOARD….warmly, Christopher


  4. Ouch!!! Aquarius is NOT about water. Aquarius is not a water sign. Aquarius represents the “downpouring” of cosmic energy! In every moment we are being bathed in cosmic radiation – it is constant! The cosmic radiation quenches and reawakens us to our cosmic unity with All That Is.


  5. I am learning to have patience. I always wanted to see results right away but I realize I am on a journey and have made a great deal of progress already. When I reflect on this year, I feel good about it.


    • Me too Jenny, in fact I am so grateful that it is happening this way. The changes are FAST ENOUGH. It is hard to adjust to this speed of transformation. I can’t imagine how hard it would be for me…or for others who are not conscious of what is happening. It’s all perfect, isn’t it?


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