Music, Simplicity and True Abundance


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This has been an interesting week to say the least. I feel more inspired than ever to express myself and give material that reflects my personal evolution process, but this inspiration is coming about in a different way than I expected.

I’ve been producing music in a very flowing way lately, and I’ve happily pursued this avenue of creative expression because music feels great to write and play. It’s wonderful to be able to sing the song of the heart and express the deepened consciousness so many of us are beginning to feel, and I’ll admit that even writing hasn’t been as prolific for me as music.

Don’t get me wrong – when I find a subject to get excited to write about I can happily work away, but in terms of what I enjoy doing in this moment, I have to admit that music takes the cake. I have a feeling that this is an aspect of the ongoing inner-expansion taking place in each of us, and it’s being expressed through me in this manner for a specific reason.

Perhaps I feel called to vocally express a lot of things I’ve talked about for so long in a format that’s enjoyable to express and can reach a lot of people. I’ve chosen to simply go with the flow in regards to this, and as always, I look forward to seeing where the next week takes me and us all.

I can definitely say that I’ve been feeling a heightened and expanded spiritual perception with each attempt to meditate and reach a deeper place. The incoming vibrations are working on the minds and hearts of each of us and leading us to express ourselves in the ways that work best for us, and I had no idea even a short time ago that music would develop and bloom for me the way it has.

Music has fast become an important part of my Life, and the hope is that the music I produce will benefit as many of you who can enjoy it as possible. When I first discovered channeling and became interested in doing it, I was excited to start and to post the messages.

It became even more exciting when various other spiritual blogs started reposting the messages, and I’ve quickly been able to become a part of this wonderful conscious community. Just like I’ve been able to reach all of you through the messages that have been conveyed through me and the writings that basically pour through, I hope to reach you through the music I feel led to write, which is expanding every day.

I’ve discovered a musical format that works wonders for me, and I’m beginning to embrace it, writing and receiving messages from the Divine as my main three tasks on this planet. Even though I’ve enjoyed music more lately, I very much enjoy writing and likewise, communicating with spirit provides innumerable benefits.

I can embrace these three things and give equal energy to each of them, and it feels better than I can express to develop the music in the way I’ve been able to so far and to write about it here.

Another important lesson I’ve learned this week is that of balance and simplicity. Simplicity, which is perhaps an underrated quality in our society, has been cast away by most people in favor of always wanting more. I’ve fallen into the trap of perceiving limitation in my Life, and I’m learning that we’re placed under the circumstances we are for important reasons.

I’m proud to speak to you all from a relatively humble place. My family and I have everything we need, and for that I’m eternally grateful to Source. We’re able to have a roof over our heads, food to eat and the basic necessities, and that’s more than too many people can say.

When it comes down to it, the basic necessities compared with the infinite and eternal Love of Source could be all we need. That’s not to say that we should cast aside the idea of abundance, but perhaps abundance is bred from a humble and centered place.

Perhaps true abundance is an emotional or spiritual quality that we can experience by accepting and embracing circumstances that could be seen as less than abundant. Maybe true abundance isn’t having a lot of money, a big social status or the latest gadgets – maybe it’s the degree to which we can not only accept, but Love ourselves and the circumstances around us.

I have a feeling that we’re given the circumstances and situations we are because they present the greatest opportunity for our growth and evolution, and instead of wishing things were different or more in line with a far-off dream of how we’d like to Live, we can try to be thankful for what we have around us.

Those of us who exist under humble circumstances can accept and Love them with the understanding that connection with spirit begets true abundance.

These are the main things playing out for me this week, and even though it’s been a bumpy ride with a lot of ups and downs, I remain ever faithful that the end result will be our complete liberation from pain and difficulty. Personally, I’m finding more of such liberation every day as I embrace every avenue of service that helps me feel the best.

I can feel that I’ve only just begun offering a greater service to humanity, and the same can likely be said for each of you.

I’ll recommend asking yourselves how you feel in this time of continually pure energy and continually expanding spiritual perceptions being bred in each of us, because we’re acting upon our greatest potential and stepping into our greatest roles for the awakening of the populace.

Until next week, I’m Wes Annac and I salute you on your respective Earthly journeys, with the Light and Love of the One Infinite Creator.


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4 thoughts on “Music, Simplicity and True Abundance

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  2. hey wes! it’s arctourist! (aka the tinfoilhatter on the you tube)just heard you on the in-light radio show-now fran zepeda’s on-she’s great too–and i can’t wait to hear sheldan nidle too! and others–
    so hey,how do you like obama now,right? still think he’s a frickin’ saint,and how is it okay what he’s been doing–have you heard what he’s done,and what he’s doing to us all? i suppose you can say we chose it–but does that really make it alright–?
    ah but anyway,i’m glad you’re doing so well-and yeah,keep that guitar close-it’s been my best friend since i was like 13 myself–and i swear i can channel little ideas here’n’there that way…anyways,say hi to the channeled entities,i wonder when i’ll ever be able to have even the simplest,briefest conversation with a real off-worlder or spirit or what-have-you…time is weird…and it gets weirder! keep up the great work–nevermind about obama–he’ll get what he deserves-as will we all anyway—and yeah,i can forgive a lot for someone who’s honestly repentant,if y’know what i mean…but it gets easier to discern,what’s harmonious,and what ain’t,as we continue thru this torturous ‘integration’ or ‘ascension’ or ‘preparation’ or ‘harvest’ or ‘what-have-you’–hoohoo!
    well here’s to all the less fortunate people,without internet,or without the ability to ‘be here now’–may we all have the greatest holiday season ever—
    hey,so you met geoffrey hoppe and linda,too,right? he seems like a great guy too–i just can’t afford to be real shaumbra,tho i’m with them in spirit!
    i love the crimson circle,whatever it is…and adamus–he’s a smooth operator–i hope he’s one of the ‘good guys’–haha!
    i know you’re one of the good guys–at least i hope you are–haha-because you’ve got too much power and potential otherwise! namaste–and much music!


  3. sheldan nidle’s on…i don’t appreciate how people talk trash about him,calling him a deceiver and whatnot–i mean at the very worst,he ain’t the deceiver,he’s just the messenger,who’s gotta believe in what he’s bringing thru-i mean that’s the impression i get…he is a weird old dude–but i just really like the guy-ever since i started following the updates even before the yr 2000—yeah,it’s weird how time goes,and faster now…
    i like the longer hrs of darkness,when the weather is slightly less-than-hospitable or what-have-you,it’s nice to have shelter–i’m a proud renter,i’ve never owned a house,i’d like to,but it seems slightly less important than just having a safe place to stay,to sleep,to integrate,recuperate,and grow..a place to work and grow,yes–no one can really own land,even if they own the house on it–that is,if the evil empire wants some minerals or to ‘frack’ in someone’s backyard,,then said landowner is what we call in michigan ‘fracked’–
    actually that came from vinny eastwood–whose interview of you,wes,i have yet to listen to-i like vinny too-how did that go for you? he kinda likes to talk a lot-which i guess is appropriate for a talk show host–say,have you thought of having your own show too–you could bring together music along with some of your other interests,and you’ve already got a pretty substantial audience,heck,all you’d have to do is have a microphone and someone would gladly help you get a radio show together in a matter of a few days–i know it might be harder than it looks,but you’re a good talker,and a good list’ner,which is what we need,among other qualities in a talk-show-host! well,just sayin hi-while listening to sheldan nidle talking with the guy who just interviewed you—
    there’s just too many world-views,too many different stories–say,have you heard of the allies of humanity,and marshall vian summers? i’ve only begun to delve into that material,it’s a little disturbing…it makes me wonder,because there’s so many different stories and versions of the truth,that it’s rather absurd–and most cannot be very well true,now,can they—-y’know what i mean? i mean,i’m not much closer,if any,to the ‘real deal’,than i was like 20 yrs ago–i mean the real story,as opposed to the many more lies and false versions of reality,doesn’t it make you wonder,like how can anyone really think they know very much,when they’ve looked around awhile,right?
    ah,you tell me! hey everyone–just sayin’ hi–i’d have a good show,and i’d put exotic music in there,music that you’d say,hey,who was that,right?


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