Reader’s Question: Are We Creating Change?

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Our question this week comes from a reader who wants to know if our presence on this planet is heralding change.

“Is our consciousness actually now creating the changes we are seeing and feeling?”

Another great question that I’ll be happy to provide my perspective on.

It’s been said that our presence on this planet is helping Create massive change, and I can imagine this is because those of us who chose to come here from the higher realms to participate in the collective awakening have come with a naturally strong spiritual connection that’s reflected energetically in the collective consciousness.

Of course, to discuss this is to get into tricky territory, because I don’t want to paint those who’ve come here to help uplift the collective as somehow “better” than those who’ve come here to experiment in the low vibrations.

In my opinion, we all maintain a constant and strong spiritual connection – it’s simply that our readiness and willingness to realize it exists and tap into it determines the strength of its expression in this reality.

Perhaps the consciousness of all of humanity is Creating change as we individually awaken to the reality of spirit. Beyond this, it’s been said that a lot of us have chosen to act as transmuters of the bulk of the collective dense and negative energy being produced.

We can understand this if we keep in mind that we’re not necessarily intended to take rightly-earned karma away from others, but to lend a helping hand on a planet of massively-fed lower energy whose collective is ready to evolve.

I don’t think that we take the necessary lessons away from the people who’ve manifested the energy we transmute, but I do think that we’re making a significant and continual dent in the quantity and potency of the lower oriented energy being passed around.

Whether someone has come to the Earth to help awaken the collective or not, I think that once they awaken they begin shining a powerful Light that everybody benefits from.

I get the increasing feeling lately that cabalist elements are as much worried about the positive effects being made by the spiritually awakening public as they are their continual exposure on the part of people who could be seen as less spiritually aware.

This is because we’re making an incredibly positive and long-lasting mark on this planet, and with millions of conscious people making this mark, it should only take so much “time” before our presence here is reflected.

As more people open up to their inner realms and discover their infinite spiritual connections and perceptions, I can imagine that their consciousness naturally grows and they’re able to act as much purer transmuters of lower energy and conduits for purer energy.

I think that we’re able to bring a potent good vibration through as we awaken and take on the task of subconsciously transmuting the bulk of this planet’s pent-up lower energy, and various elements of our society seem bent on keeping humanity focused on a low vibration in every form it comes about.

Perhaps this is because lower-dimensionality serves as an easy and long-lasting distraction from the blissful reality of our existence. Perhaps certain elements out there don’t want humanity to awaken to spiritual reality because of the strong effects for the better our awakenings have on the rest of the world.

I can envision forces who understand spiritual reality from a darker perspective working actively to make sure our society is fed lower-dimensionality via the mainstream media that so many people are focused on, in an effort to enforce and feed a barrier between us and our greater spiritual perception.

Darkness is just as spiritual as Light because everything is spirit, and on our planet, darkness is overhyped because of the strong effects it has on our spirit and our perception of the Light. Our perception of the Light is momentarily muddied when we allow darkness to distort our greater understanding, and our society is unknowingly fed a purposely dark and distorted view of reality because of this.

Before I thank our reader for this week’s question, I’ll mention that the effects we make in the physical are just as important as the spiritual effects our consciousness is heralding.

Our energetic presence here might not be enough to solely enact the greatest changes we’ve wanted to see for so long, and I think that we’ll benefit immensely from using our positive energy to Create direct and widespread change right here, right now.

The energetic effects of our presence here combined with our active and inspired work to help Create and sow change in every country and for every person could see us build our utopian society and heal the many things that hold us back from a positive and sustainable future.

Many thanks to our reader for this week’s question. The higher vibrations are descending onto our third-dimensional reality, I think that the incarnation of so many of us to help bring the Earth into the Light is a simple and natural result of that.

Our energetic presence here is probably more than felt and noted by those who are in a position to feel and note it, and I’m confident in our ability to use the greater perspective we’ve come here with to the fullest of its potential.

This concludes this week’s reader’s question.


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