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Hello dear friends, and welcome to the seventy-second issue of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter

This week, I’ll discuss the Liberian president’s participation in a protest against violence against women that took place there, as well as the national protests that took place in the US against low fast food wages.

Our Universal Family will also discuss connecting with the heart space and the growing number of emerging channels; we’ll funnel our inner-held Light to representations of large crowds of people during our planetary healing; and I’ll answer a reader’s question about our consciousness Creating the change we’ve wished to see.

To begin for this week – The president of Liberia, a West African country, took to the streets with protesters this week to demonstrate against rape and violence against women in general. (1)

In an act of solidarity with the people, Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf joined an anti-rape protest in Monrovia to help highlight this important issue.

I’ll post a snippet from the referenced news source that explains Sirleaf’s participation in the protest.

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and thousands of citizens marched through the main streets of Monrovia Monday to denounce rape which has remained a problem in the West African country since the civil war ended 10 years ago.

Sirleaf, dressed in a purple suit, told the Associated Press as she marched that she and others were “marching for a purpose, to stop violence against women. We are marching for a cause.”

Thousands of people lined Monrovia’s main Tubman Boulevard as the march brought the center of the capital city to a standstill.” (1)

I think that this news story is important for two reasons. One is that, as I mentioned above, the Liberian president is showing an interest in the will of the people by demonstrating against and talking about the widespread rape problem in her country.

The referenced news source goes on to mention some pretty unfortunate rape statistics in Liberia, and I think that this protest is also important because it shines more light on an issue that needs to be recognized and addressed.

In moving into a new paradigm rooted in harmony and sovereignty for every person, the darker aspects of our society that are still in play need to be rightly addressed and mended, as I’ll mention in our second news story.

I think that it’s important for us to recognize the plight of others, no matter what country they Live in, and when an important political figure can do just that for their country, it displays the progress being made on the world stage.

Humanity is awakening out of the darkness and embracing a new way of living and being, and I think that this’ll continue to be reflected in various places in the form of the people (and maybe even some more leaders) recognizing everything that’s wrong with our society and working to mend it.

I can imagine that the rising planetary vibration will continue to affect the minds and hearts of each of us, and that wickedness will fade and be replaced with widespread harmony and unity expressed and felt amongst everyone.

We’re ready to completely revamp our society, and if there’s anything this news story teaches us, it’s that a lot of people in a lot of places are working actively to help bring about a new paradigm and change everything about our current that doesn’t and won’t serve us.

Wickedness will fade as a good vibration enters our hearts and influences how we think, feel and act toward others, and I think that raising our personal vibration will help raise the collective’s immensely. If we can put a stop to our expression of the lower qualities, then we’ll affect the rest of our collective and perhaps help another to do the same.

As always, we can salute what’s being done to raise awareness about issues that are easier not to think about and do everything we can to be a part of the healing of every nation as we greet our future with anticipation.

In other news –Protests also took place this week all across the US against the low wages offered to fast food workers. (2)

In dozens of US cities, fed up fast food workers have taken to the streets to bring attention to the issue of low wages, and their efforts will hopefully achieve just that.

RT explains the protests further.

“Fast-food workers staged a protest throughout the US on Thursday in campaign aimed at raising the federal minimum wage. The low-paid laborers are struggling to make ends meet and have to rely on public aid for survival.

The protest is the latest in a series organized by groups like Fast Food Forward, Fight for 15 and Low Pay is Not OK, which are supported by the labor union giant Service Employees International Union. The groups had to compensate the protesters for the day off they took, because many couldn’t afford just to lose it.

Fast-food industry is notoriously difficult to unionize due to high turnover rates, but the organization representing some 2 million workers in healthcare, janitorial and other industries, is trying to put the workers’ low wages in the public spotlight.” (2)

You’ll notice that both of our stories this week have to do with protest, and it’s great to see social action taking the recent upturn it has.

Various issues that keep us held back in our current paradigm of the many struggling and the few having more than they’ll ever need are being given massive attention right now, and I think that it’s all a part of the crumbling of the old in preparation for our welcoming of the new.

Personally, I believe that protest and similar forms of social action can be effective if we all get involved. Protest could be criticized, because beyond the public spotlight on certain issues it provides, it’s not believed to achieve a whole lot in the long run.

If all of us get active in protesting various things that keep our society held back in the dark ages – low wages for hard working fast food employees, janitors, etc. being one – then we can really bring attention to them and work to change things for the better.

If we remain complacent or we convince ourselves there’s nothing we can do about all of this, we’ll only enable the corruption that’s allowed things to be the way they are in the first place. Interests on this planet don’t want people they perceive to be in the “lower class” to prosper, because if the meek prosper then the few can’t have more than they need.

The few have established and kept in place a slave class that serves them in every way – especially financially. The one percent are able to have the lifestyles they do because of the hard work of the middle and lower classes, and it’s time for things to change and for the entire planet to experience the abundance the few have been able to.

These protests are needed, in my opinion, just like the Liberian anti-rape protests discussed in the story above. These issues need the public spotlight so that they can be addressed and rightly mended, and in this day and age, the forces that have cultivated the financial slavery of mankind can’t stop us from reintroducing equality to the people.

Equality is a Universal right given to each of us, but rights mean little if they’re not expressed and acted upon. Rights can be little more than ideas if we don’t express them, but they can be as strong as our manmade laws if we enforce them like various laws are enforced.

I think that we should keep protesting, and that more people should become active in protesting the corrupt manner in which our society runs. As we do so, we help bring in the new in exponential ways, and I think that this is only the beginning of the greatest upturn in conscious, social action we’ve seen since the 60s.

This week’s news links:

(1)- “Liberian President Marches with Thousands in Capital to Protest Rape” at:


(2)- “’Can’t survive on $7.25!’ Fast-food workers protest marches hit US” at:


This concludes our weekly news.

Image: http://i2.cdn.turner.com/money/dam/assets/131205140924-fast-food-protests-620xa.jpg

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