Understanding Spiritual Evolution – Part 8 – Conclusion


Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm, Concluded from Part 7

Myriad higher-dimensional beings are viewing our Earth and the events playing out here, and genuinely assisting in our collective evolution in any way they can. This is because they feel a strong drive to assist, and it’s a drive we’ll feel as well upon reaching the states of consciousness they exist in.

As we evolve, our desire to serve and assist others begins to grow. It’s important when deciding to devote your existence to serving others, to know that service to self can still exist and is itself important to be employed in balanced moderation.

Despite what you may have heard, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to serve yourself in some senses because it’s an overall aspect of loving yourself. We’re meant to celebrate ourselves and our existence, rather than solely devote ourselves to others without considering our needs and balanced-out wants.

Recognize the elements of your personal existence you’d like to change, and show yourself the Love you may have devoted yourself to showing others. Ultimately, a Life of spiritual service is what we’re growing into, and we’re coming to recognize that we’re no different from those around us and as such, should treat and be treated with the same loving respect as anyone else (which takes us back to the Golden Rule).

We’re meant to help as many people become aware as possible when awakening, but if I can quote Ziggy Marley, “I can’t make you happy, unless I am”. (1)

Recognize the necessity of serving yourself and helping yourself to feel the same way you’d like to help others feel, and balance your physical wants into wants that don’t consume you or see you focusing on yourself more than others.

Elements of Ascension Still Unknown

The Spiritual Evolution section of The Aquarius Paradigm wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the fact that the most brazen and paradigm-shattering aspects of our evolution are still in their beginning stages, and there are aspects of this process that me and anyone else who writes about ascension still don’t know about.

The most brazen aspects of our ascension have been hinted at by the Company of Heaven in the channeled communications they’ve been giving to humanity, but we still don’t have the biggest grasp on some of the more awesome aspects of our ascension that we haven’t yet reached.

My feeling is that humanity will be opened up to the existence of the spiritual realms in very brazen ways after the exposure of the Powers that Were, who we’ll discuss in the section named after them, helps break the illusion that’s been carefully crafted around our minds and hearts.

Aspects of our ascension that’ll leave us in awe cannot yet be fathomed by me and most of those who write about this subject, but nevertheless, it’s believed that all of humanity will open up to and experience these events.

Even beyond the brazen energetic events we’re going to experience, there are likely still aspects of our ascension regarding our personal growth and exposure/transmutation any latently-held dense energy that I couldn’t describe out.

Our minds and hearts will be opened up sufficiently by the time such events reach us, and in the meantime, you’re encouraged to seek within and learn as much about yourselves and your personal ascension processes as much as possible.


In concluding the Spiritual Evolution section, I recognize that I’ve likely only been able to cover a small portion of such evolution. What’s written here certainly isn’t all that’s known regarding ascension, and you’re encouraged to check out the myriad other spiritual blogs devoted to helping humanity evolve.

You’ll learn more about our spiritual evolution by seeking information and energy within than by looking toward or reading any outward source, but there’s a flourishing community of awakening souls working diligently to give their slant on ascension and help inform as many people as possible about the existence of the higher dimensions.

Our existence as spiritual beings and the fact that life is meant to be enjoyed and prosperity is meant to be shared with all are among the most important truths and ideals for people to open up to, in my opinion.

There are thousands of people pioneering bringing our ascension energies through and doing everything they can to awaken the collective, and if assisting humanity in becoming aware of our evolution interests you, you’re encouraged to do your part in every way you can.

There are so many ways you can get active in this moment to bring forth knowledge of ascension and the higher dimensions. You can start a blog; make videos; make music; the list could go on forever.

We’re being asked to find what best suits us in serving humanity so that we can get to work on fulfilling the roles many of us have incarnated here to fulfill, and overall, humanity’s spiritual evolution can only be brought about with the active work and effort of every citizen.

Sure, it’s anticipated that plenty of people won’t choose to come together or accept each other at first, but it’s believed that the rising planetary energies could help those who’d otherwise remain closed off to the idea of unity and harmony, to open up to it.

Even those we wouldn’t expect to respond to our ascension energies or find any type of awakening could perhaps respond exponentially and find themselves at the forefront of helping establish widespread peace, harmony and prosperity, and it’s believed and hoped that we’ll all be able to ascend.

Certainly, the desire on the part of the Company of Heaven is for every person on our world to ascend, and even they recognize that it could be difficult and that there’ll be a lot of informing work to do to open humanity up to concepts that have seemed like mere fantasy for so long.

Overall, getting humanity over the hump of the instated “fiction” mindset that’s employed when presented with ideals that seem too far outside of our physical paradigm to possibly be real will be a big aspect of bringing our collective into the Light.

We’ve had barriers put up around our ability to discern what is and isn’t reality, and we’ve been led to believe only in a dense and artificial reality with no allowance for the existence of realms beyond our conscious understanding that can’t be physically studied or proven through the narrow and at times un-allowing lens of mainstream science.

Despite this, humanity’s spiritual evolution is on a full course to manifesting and it’s time to help make the rest of the world aware.


(1)- Lyrics to Ziggy Marley’s “True to Myself” at:


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