Weekly News: Canadian Surveillance and Fracking-Caused Earthquakes


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Hello dear friends, and welcome to the seventy-first issue of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we’ll discuss the recent revelations that Canada is actively involved in national and international surveillance, as well as the recent spike in earthquakes in a Texas town that many attribute to fracking.

Our Universal Family will also discuss the evolutionary upturn we’ve taken in the last century and the opposition to the disclosure of free energy technology; we’ll conclude our hemp discussion during this week’s planetary healing; and I’ll answer a reader’s question about the healing of disability ascension will offer.

To begin for this week – Unsurprisingly, it’s become known that the Canadian government is very involved with national and international surveillance in a similar manner to the United States NSA. (1)

Also unsurprising is the fact that Canada’s spy agency, the Communications Security Establishment Canada or CSEC, works hand in hand with the NSA. Asad Ismi at Global Research tells us more about this.

“In the September issue of the CCPA Monitor, I [Ismi] reported on the U.S. National Security Agency’s (NSA) spying on hundreds of millions of its citizens, as revealed by whistle-blower and former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Now it appears that the Canadian government, too, is engaged in (…) spying on its citizens, in collaboration with the NSA.

Canada has also been caught spying on Brazil. The United States and Canada are clearly close partners in the creation of an insidious global surveillance system that blatantly violates domestic and international human rights with impunity.

In October, Snowden exposed the extent of the Canadian government’s spying activities. The Canadian counterpart to the NSA is the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC). The two agencies have had close relations for more than six decades and share intelligence on each other’s citizens.” (1)

How else are the two agencies close? Asad explains.

“Both spy on their own citizens as well as on each others’ nationals, and pass this information on to each other, thereby circumventing any legal restrictions on domestic surveillance.

Such close co-operation is part of the ‘Five Eyes’ program of the U.S., Canada, Australia, Britain and New Zealand, which have shared responsibilities for a massive global surveillance system that includes commercial espionage.” (1)

As we expected, revelations have surfaced about the extent of other countries’ involvement in mass surveillance of their citizens and citizens of the world abroad. I stopped reporting on some of the more recent NSA-related stories, because like a lot of other current issues, only so much can be said about them.

However, the importance of covering these stories to get them out there more remains intact, and I think that we can look at all of these developments, especially surveillance related, from the standpoint of the old being exposed and disintegrating as we ready ourselves to meet the new.

If you’re in a certain frame of mind when reading them, all of these developments that strengthen our perception of government control over our Lives can be unsettling to say the least. I choose to look at the exposure (and what’ll hopefully be the fall) of the NSA as something that the people propagating the surveillance didn’t want to leak out to the public.

Some people disagree. The idea has been put forth that these revelations could be little more than fear tactics designed to make us think and feel like the government has more control over our Lives than they do, and I’m going to remain in the center with the belief that they didn’t want these revelations to surface but that they could still use the opportunity to feign control over us.

I can see both scenarios being correct. Personally, I think that the powers that were have created a house of cards too big for them to keep from falling down in front of all of humanity, but I could see them using the opportunity that is their own exposure to continue to push the illusion that they have control over us, when the opposite is true.

Humans are discovering personal liberation every day, and the influence of the powers that were is diminishing. As we discover liberation, we become very active in shining our Light on every aspect of the old paradigm – including but not limited to the actions of people who’ve become slaves to the basic human mechanisms of ego and survival.

I could see someone in the cabal’s ranks author a desperate power-grab of disinformation that hypes up NSA surveillance in an attempt to make us think big brother is watching us in every moment, but as long as we make the choice to Live in Love instead of fear of big brother, nothing can take us out of our strong and solid center.

From that center, we can work to shine Light on every aspect of our society that no longer serves us in the new paradigm we’re ready to enter, and we can influence billions of others to do the same.

In essence – beyond assisting in the ongoing exposure of darkness in every form it’s been expressed on this planet, I don’t think we need to worry about cabal surveillance interfering with our Lives because we’ve reached a place of unending liberation and centeredness that display our true power.

We’re learning that true power doesn’t lie in how much money one has, the status one’s been given or the extent to which one can “rule over” and hurt the planet and the people; it lies in discovering spirit and utilizing the resulting inspiration to enact change right here, right now.

We’re Creating change as the structures and mechanisms of the old fall before our eyes, and as always, I look forward to seeing where these revelations take us from here.

In other news – Fracking is back in the news this week, this time because it might be to blame for an unusually high amount of earthquakes and tremors in Texas. (2)

Certain parts of Texas that had almost no earthquakes before are experiencing a sudden and drastic uptick of them, and the methods used to dispose chemical-laden water used for fracking in deep, underground wells could be to blame.

I’ll post some snippets from RT that further explain the earthquakes and their relation to fracking.

“Northern Texas (USA) towns are experiencing an intense string of earthquakes – the last of which was one of the most powerful in 5 years. As unusual tremors have been going on for over 3 weeks now, many suspect fracking might be to blame.

On Thursday, the region experienced two tremors, with one of them registering 3.6 magnitude, 55 km west of the town of Azle at 07:58:36 GMT, as recorded by the US Geological Service, and the other 2.8 at 08:41:07 GMT, with the epicenter not far from the first one. USGS records show that the 3.6 tremor was one of the strongest earthquakes to hit the region in 5 years.” (2)

We’re then told about the perspective of Keith Krayer, an Azle resident who believes fracking is to blame for the earthquakes.

“‘It sounded like a sonic boom, and then the house started shaking,’ Keith Krayer, a local resident who felt the effects of the quake, told RT.

Krayer said he had no doubt the quake was sparked by fracking. ‘When they frack, they inject all that water and chemicals into the ground, then they pump it back up and separate the gas from the water, then they have to dispose of that water 13,000 feet down. It causes the plates to slip, the lubrication from the water.’

Residents like Krayer are having their nerves put to the test as the region chalked up its 16th this month. In the last four days, there have been six recorded quakes.” (2)

Finally, we’re told about the massive uptick in earthquakes around Azle in the past few years.

“Between 1970 and 2007, the area around the Texas town of Azle (pop. 10,000) experienced just two earthquakes. The peace and quiet began to change, however, at the start of 2008, when 74 minor quakes were reported in the region.” (2)

Two earthquakes in over thirty years to seventy-four in one is enough to make people take notice. I could see changes in the environment around the Azle area that aren’t related to fracking cause an uptick in earthquakes or tremors if it wasn’t for such a drastic increase, but it seems clear that this is a man-made phenomenon.

The referenced article mentions that we can’t say for sure yet if this problem is caused by fracking, and it’s interesting that the act itself isn’t the potential culprit, but the storage of the chemical-laden water used to reach the oil.

Perhaps in the interest of the people of Azle and the people of the planet, fracking can cease there for a year or two and we can see if the earthquake rate dips. That way, we’d have a much better idea if the manner in which the water is stored deep underground has a significant role to play in an earthquake increase.

The problem is that this advice probably won’t be taken by someone who’s in a position to start/stop fracking in various places, because oil and money are the only things on the oil industry’s mind. The environmental damage caused matters little if you don’t live in the places taking the worst of it.

The entire issue of fracking goes back to the simple concept that humans are willing to hurt each other and the planet in the name of personal greed.

I understand that it isn’t known for sure if fracking is causing this increase, but it’s a significant change that’s been made and a significant change in the amount of earthquakes being experienced seems to have followed suit.

If the greed of the oil industry wouldn’t prevent a ceasing of fracking in Azle, we could really put the theory to the test and see if stopping fracking, or at least no longer storing the used water the way they do, stops the earthquakes.

There isn’t much more that can be said about this until more evidence becomes known, but from what I (and probably many of you) already know about fracking, I can confidently say that it’s a malevolent and environmentally harmful procedure that’ll only hurt our planet and our society.

I think that we should continue to support the activists out there on the front lines working to stop fracking from happening in their respective areas, and I can envision it being outlawed when all of the facts about it become known.

This week’s news links:

(1)- Global Research – Asad Ismi: “Canada Spies on its Own Citizens” at:


(2)- RT: “Fracking to blame? Texas rocked by 16 earthquakes in last 3 weeks” at:


Image: http://mbeconnect.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/News2.png

This concludes our weekly news.


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