Personal Update, November 26/27: A Final Hurdle


002blackWith the water lines put in and finished, we’re now tasked with getting the gas lines fixed in our new home. We have somebody who’s willing to help with this and has given us the list of materials, and needless to say, it’s going to be costly.

The gas lines need to be put in as soon as possible, to keep the cold Illinois winter from freezing and cracking the water pipes.

The bright side is that it’s among the last major repairs needing done before we can focus on smaller things that should be easier and less costly to fix. The main repairs that needed done in the beginning were of the electric, water and gas lines, and we’re happy to have two out of three of those things finished (the electric only has a little bit more to go).

It’s been a long journey, and depending on how much money we’re able to scrounge up right now, it could still take a bit longer. We’re running on fumes as it is, and with the holidays coming up, we sincerely ask for you all to send some positive energy our way and keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Personally, I feel more abundant within than I ever have, but lately this hasn’t equated to much financial abundance. We continue to serve Source and humanity with the knowing that we’ll be kept afloat, but nevertheless, asking for the good energy of all of you feels necessary. We can certainly use it!

We continue to hold steady to our vision of being in our home with little to no financial issues stopping us from Living an enjoyable Life, and we, like all of you perhaps, continue to look toward a time of the abundance of the few being shared amongst the many and everybody Living a comfortable and abundant Life.

This is a big aspect of the dream we work toward, and even when the going gets tough, we remain confident that a clear path will emerge and that everything will forever and always be alright.

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