Weekly News: Milk’s Defintion Change – and Conclusion

The following was written for The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter. The recommended audio version can be found here.

Hello dear friends, and welcome to the seventieth issue of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, I’ll discuss the dairy industry’s push to change milk’s definition and subsequently add the fake sweetener aspartame to it, as well as a particular Hawaiian island’s successful bid to ban GMOs and big biotech.

We’ll also read an update from our Universal Family; we’ll explore hemp as a potential plastic source during our planetary healing; and I’ll answer a reader’s question about the places conscious people are led to better serve the planet.

To begin for this week – The dairy industry is pushing the FDA to change its definition of “milk” to include artificially flavored strawberry and chocolate milks as well as unlabeled aspartame in regular milk, in an apparent bid to present milk in a more favorable light to children. (1)

For those of you who don’t know anything about the artificial sweetener aspartame, it’s an engineered “miracle fake sugar” put in most gum, mints and diet soda.

The myth of drinking aspartame-ridden diet soda to lose weight has been believed by a lot of people, and even though the artificial sweetener is becoming increasingly known for its damage to our health, the dairy industry still wants to see it in the milk we give our children.

I’ll post a snippet from Natural News that explains this more.

“In an effort to get more children to drink processed milk, the conventional dairy industry is pushing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to change the very definition of milk to allow for the discreet addition of toxic artificial sweeteners like aspartame.

According to a petition filed in the Federal Register earlier this year, the dairy industry’s goal is to change the ‘standard of identity’ for milk so that it can be further modified and sweetened to attract more young consumers.” (1)

We’re then told about the decline in milk sales and the non-labeling of the redefined milk the dairy industry wants to push.

“Whether it is due to increasing allergies or a simple distaste for its processed flavor, conventional milk sales have dropped some 25 percent in the U.S. since 1975, and consumption patterns are continuing to dwindle all across the country. So the National Milk Producers Federation and the International Dairy Foods Association are petitioning to simply redefine the word ‘milk’ to include other things like artificially flavored and sweetened chocolate and strawberry milk beverages.

If the industry gets its way, then not only would these and other processed foods suddenly be lumped into the ‘milk’ category, but the chemical ingredients contained in these products would not have to be clearly delineated on the front of the packages. Gone are the days, in other words, of ‘low-calorie’ drinks being clearly labeled — milk’ products sold to children would be permitted to contain all sorts of hidden ingredients that could cause them harm.” (1)

I can say from experience with aspartame that it’s pretty addictive. I used to drink a particular diet soda that contained aspartame, and after a couple of days of drinking it I can remember craving it and being unable to drink conventional soda (which isn’t much better) because of it.

I’m glad I was able to stop drinking it, and I know plenty of people who are still hooked on it to this day because “nothing else tastes right” to them anymore. As we’re going to find out in the further snippets I’ll post about aspartame, it’s a pretty malevolent substance that we certainly don’t need in our children’s milk.

WorldTruth.tv tells us some “hard facts” about it.

“Despite the dismissive stand of aspartame producers that aspartame is safe for human consumption, various studies over the years have shown that aspartame is actually linked to headaches, migraines, dizziness, tumors and even cancer. The U.S. FDA made public 92 symptoms attributed to aspartame from submitted complaints. Despite its questionable effect, aspartame was approved for use in 1981 and still continues to be so today. Ironically, aspartame was never tested in humans before its approval. Its use in over 6,000 products and by 250 million people has made the public its unwitting guinea pig in a grand experiment 40 years in the making.” (2)

I didn’t even realize that aspartame was never tested on humans before being approved, but it makes sense. Why waste the time, money and effort testing something if it’s intended to hurt people? Going to the trouble of testing it would only awaken the public to its malevolence, and certain interests pushing depopulation obviously can’t have that.

In my opinion, it’s unfortunate that so many unhealthy and downright destructive things are pushed onto western society.

Even though natural and organic foods are becoming more popular, it can be difficult to find anything natural and healthy amidst every artificial, engineered “food” and additive designed to hurt our bodies and keep us in poor states of health.

And now, we see, there’s a possibility of aspartame being added to our milk without being labeled in the manner diet soft drinks are. In the face of this, I think the public needs to stand up and outright reject this unhealthy addition as we continue to look toward natural and wholesome products and ingredients.

Perhaps there’s a reason milk sales have been declining, but I know that that matters little to dairy industry execs who only seek to line their pockets, and apparently, help children fall ill from an unhealthy ingredient we’d have little choice but to accept if they decide to add it.

It’s time for us to really make our voices heard, and in this instance, let the dairy industry know that we don’t and won’t accept aspartame as an added addition to our milk or to anything else. It’s amazing to me that this untested fake sugar, which has been around for decades, could now be pushed further on children and few people still desire to speak up about it.

I have a feeling that peacefully oriented social action is about to take a huge upturn in our society, and I can only hope that this latest development puts fire under the bellies of concerned parents who’ll effectively and unknowingly poison their children by letting them drink any potential “new” contaminated milk.

You can change the definition of a substance all you want, but the people are growing in consciousness every day and are too smart to let corruption reign in any aspect of our society any longer.

Try as “they” might to keep us in poor states of health with their artificial sweeteners, genetic engineering of our food supply (and our weather) and various other things that people are becoming too intelligent to keep letting happen, humanity will never be subdued.

I can envision awareness erupting as a result of this development and plenty of others, and even if this doesn’t cause such an eruption, as the powers that were continue to cross the line and wonder when we’ll take notice, they’ll eventually trip up and find the whole unawakened world suddenly against them.

Only we can let corruption and tyranny rein over us, and this “new” milk can’t and won’t be allowed if we make the choice not to allow it. What’s your choice?

This week’s news links:

(1)- Natural News: “Dairy Industry Pushing to Hide Aspartame in New Definition of “Milk” at:


(2)- World Truth: “Hard Facts About Aspartame That All Should NOT Ignore” at:


And now, for the Conclusion of this week’s Newsletter.

This week, a fellow conscious seeker who was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer passed away.

Stephanie, whose last name I’ll withhold out of respect even though she’s a big part of the conscious community and some of you probably know her, was/is a conscious hairdresser who was diagnosed with Aggressive Inflammatory Breast Cancer and had no insurance to start her treatments in a sensible amount of time.

Because of the extent to which she was denied treatment for not having insurance, by the time she was able to finally get it, the treatment she needed was very aggressive and I can imagine very difficult. Despite this, her outlook was positive and she was able to inspire and uplift a lot of people with her positivity regarding her very unfortunate situation.

Understandably, a lot of people believe her passing could’ve been prevented if she would’ve been given treatment as soon as her condition was diagnosed.

There are two ways we can look at this passing, which Stephanie seemed ready for based on some of her earlier Facebook posts: that another person has been fatally cast aside by an uncaring system of paid medical treatment, and that a fellow conscious seeker who was probably in a lot of pain because of her condition has been able to spread her wings and fly back home to a place where pain, suffering and unfairness can’t and don’t exist.

It can be easy to be mad at our broken system because Stephanie could’ve remained on this planet to physically experience ascension and everything we still have ahead of us, but knowing what we do, we can understand that she and everyone else who’s passed away is still with us, looking upon us from beyond the ever-thinning veil.

Don’t get me wrong – her situation serves as an example of why our medical system (and the system is general) is broken and “neglects the victims” as the rap group Flobots puts it.

The fact that she could’ve been saved if her treatments started much sooner than they did displays the neglect and uncaring all too common in our society, and it’s unfortunate that someone who was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer was refused help because they didn’t have a certain amount of money or weren’t a part of a pricy insurance plan.

However, the time of transition is intended to be a peaceful one, and even though I didn’t know Stephanie personally and only conversed with her a precious few times (and those times were probably short, I admit) I can imagine that getting angry or upset over her situation won’t do any of us any good.

We can take action in her name that’s intended to change things, and we can certainly point out the unfairness that seems to be her passing keeping in mind that what is to be must be, but let’s send her and the situation that caused her sacred transition the calmest and most loving energy we can muster up.

In a time when it’s easy to be sad, send our fellow conscious seeker Love and joy for the fact that she’s been released to the Angels to roam around the higher dimensions, and I can imagine, watch and support all of us as we continue to help awaken the planet.

You have our collective Love, Stephanie, and I only wish I would’ve utilized and appreciated the short time I knew you.

Until next week, I’m Wes Annac and I salute you on your respective Earthly journeys, with the Light and Love of the One Infinite Creator.

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