Understanding Spiritual Evolution – Part 7


Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm, Continued from Part 6

For this section of Spiritual Evolution, I’d like to discuss the catalytic lessons we experience as we grow into greater perceptions, and the surfacing we undergo as well.

“Vasana” is a term that describes latent reactive tendencies that are derived from unresolved or unsurfaced pain or trauma accumulated early in one’s Life.

Vasanas have been called “sleeping volcanos” and rightly so, because they can bring a person far off balance over an issue that’s ultimately related to pain or trauma suffered and buried away deep within. When we bury hurt or trauma underneath our surface, it doesn’t actually go away.

Instead, it remains underneath our surface, slowly and silently ravaging our emotions and our outlook on Life until it can be surfaced. This can come about in the form of experiencing a circumstance or set of circumstances which, even if only a little, remind one of the trauma they sustained and buried.

Because we don’t want to face those latent and buried issues, we tend to react in a volatile manner toward those around us or whomever we feel was “responsible” for bringing the issue up or had a hand to play in its rise.

We tend to focus only on the outward issue that caused a negative reaction, because we still don’t want to surface and work through those dormant yet very active issues that live within us. We can never get away from surfacing any bit of pain held within, because as we ascend it’ll continue to be pushed up to the surface in the form of the sleeping volcano that is a vasana.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that Steve Beckow over at The Golden Age of Gaia has been, more or less, a pioneer of this term and understanding what it means. He’s also written plentiful articles on helping deal with vasanas and surfacing/working through what drives them, and I’ll direct you to a section of The Golden Age of Gaia dedicated to this issue. (1)

We can surface and work through any bit of dormant pain or trauma we’ve sustained, and it helps to have so many conscious writers working through their personal ascension processes in the public domain.

The lessons we experience in our lives related to potential vasanas or to any aspect of our growth, are always catalytic and are meant to help us gain greater understandings and knowledge about our existence.

Yes, we can certainly experience some difficult and enthusiasm-shattering lessons as we exist on this Earth, but everything we go through is ultimately necessary if we wish to gain greater understandings.

We’re obviously never left alone by the Company of Heaven to fend for ourselves, and rather, even the difficult things we experience are carefully crafted and planned-out before we experience them. We can take solace in the fact that the difficult and painful lessons we experience are catalytically necessary for us to grow into purely blissful perceptions and states of consciousness.

The states of consciousness of the higher dimensions, we’ve been told, feel more blissful and heavenly than anything we’ve yet experienced. We’ve been told that the bliss and splendor of a higher-dimensional experience goes far beyond any we’ve yet felt, and it helps to know that we’re growing back toward realms where pain or difficulty of any kind can’t and don’t exist.

Growing into greater perceptions of the reality around us and peeling the illusion away from our eyes, minds and hearts helps us become aware of the fact that life is meant to be blissful and harmonious in every single moment, and upon awakening one comes to learn that the lifestyle humanity has lived and the culture we’ve fed into are and have always been illusory.

Our culture has seen us experience and feed into illusion and distortion on a massive level, and upon becoming open to the existence of the spiritual realms and one’s own existence as a spiritual being who can attain full consciousness beyond and from the Earth, we begin to understand just how much illusion has and continues to be fed on this planet.

As we’ll get into discussing in The Company of Heaven, there are entire planets and Federations filled with evolved beings of full consciousness who seek to help humanity find our perception of the spiritual realms again, and their societies don’t feed into the instated illusion and the separation that’s played upon in our culture.

In due time, we’ll come to model the Earth after many of the harmoniously-run fifth-dimensional planets we’ll come to learn exist and boast plentiful ascended humans and societies. We’ll establish unity and prosperity on a widespread level by recognizing that there are no differences between us as people of respective races, nations and belief systems, and we’ll be able to collectively greet the fifth dimension.

So much wonder and joy awaits us, and the difficulty and the catalysts we experience along the way of growing back into our greater bliss-filled perceptions will never be felt again when we reach the fifth-dimensional realms we’ve heard so much about.

Service to Others and Service to Self

An aspect of growing into purer states of consciousness often discussed in many spiritual circles is discovering the ideal of service to others.

Service to others is essentially what the name suggests: making the conscious choice to serve others around you in any way you can. It’s been said that serving others becomes a natural drive when we reach higher states of consciousness, but what exactly are we doing when we serve others?

Suffice to say, we don’t grow into an immense desire to serve somebody in the physical sense, though our service might require physical work. Rather, it’s been said that upon growing into higher states of consciousness the desire is gained to help as many people as possible find the beauty and splendor one begins to tap back into.

We make the choice to serve others in the spiritual sense, and the wanderers, Lightworkers, starseeds, etc. incarnate right now have come to the Earth as a part of a conscious and driven decision to serve humanity and specifically, to help humanity grow back into higher states of consciousness.


(1)- The Golden Age of Gaia: “On Processing Vasanas” at:


Image: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/3g1lW6GjHKk/0.jpg

Concluded in part 8 soon. To read the whole writing, head here.

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