Our Universal Family: Keep Excelling to New Heights


"Sky Leaves" - Photo by PocahontasBrandy, 2013

“Sky Leaves” – Photo by PocahontasBrandy, 2013

Channeled through Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

The audio of me reading this latest message can be found here.

Everything that plays out in your Lives happens for a necessary and ordained reason, and everything you experience is leading you to step into your greater potential in ways you haven’t yet thought possible.

We are a group who’s spoken through this scribe many times in the past, and we come to remind you that perceived negativity doesn’t have to bring you down any longer and that you can soar through every bit of adversity you experience amidst the course of your awakening process.

Some of the difficulty seeming to block your spiritual progress is actually self-Created and fed, and you have the ability to navigate through difficult or stressful experiences with the understanding that they no longer have to be prevalent in the manner they have been for so long.

Rather, they can teach you the lessons needing to be learned from them and can be taken in stride with the knowledge of your strength and Divinity as spiritual beings rediscovering your innate ability and nature.

You possess so much brimming Love within, and you’re looked upon with Love and admiration by many in the higher dimensions. The fact that you’re able to shine your Light on the Earth for all to see and feel is exponential in its positivity, because your planet has needed the beacons of Light you’re each becoming as you step into your greater roles and find greater personal fulfillment and satisfaction.

You are Love

Unlocking the eternal Love of spirit can be the most liberating thing for a soul who’s been trapped in the lower vibrations of the Earth without remembering that something lies beyond the concrete and hollow physical reality you’ve experienced, and you can each flow through your experience with Divine grace as you understand that you are Light; you are Love; you are every varying shade of the Love energy that’s taken different unique and individual expressions for the purpose of rediscovering itself.

Rediscovering yourselves you certainly are, as you’re coming to learn and understand that you’re comprised of the everlasting energy of Love that makes up the fabric of existence all throughout Creation.

Creation as you perceive it is something that’s been envisioned by Source, of which we’re all individual “molecules” if you will, to play around in with different, separate identities and personas.

The identities and personas were bred in the form of entire Universes; galaxies; planets; humans; animals; plants; rocks; we could go on and on with examples. All of these different structures and temples were Created by Source so that we could explore ourselves and eventually remember ourselves as the Creator of our experience.

You’re beginning to do just that now as you embrace greater states of consciousness and perceptual awareness, and the resulting effects on the rest of your populace are stronger than has been hinted at yet by many channels.

Yes, we and plenty of others have discussed these monumental effects, but even when describing them ourselves we haven’t alluded to their strength and potency. The energy you’re bringing through and expressing is nothing if not potent, and as a natural result of the time you’re entering, we can expect the collective vibration to lighten significantly.

Of course, the lightening of your collective vibration comes about with the active interest of each of you, and to that extent, we note the progression taking place for many of you in various aspects of your Lives and your spiritual development.

We note this with joy and we say to you, please keep going! Keep excelling to new heights and enjoy yourselves every step of the way, awakening starlights, because you’ve only barely grasped your potential and ability to Create and sow the Light, truth and change you’ve heard so much about.

Social and Spiritual Awakening

We note with joy the work already being done by myriad awakening souls who see the necessity to throw themselves into the awakening of your populace, and we’re supporting each of you in your various quests and endeavors.

The rising vibration will lead various conscious and unconscious souls to recognize and accept the truth of your existence, and we can anticipate the continual disclosures you’re being given about your cabal’s activities to lead to a general but strong awakening being bred in the public.

Plenty of souls will be able to awaken from learning that the society they exist in has been purposefully crafted and limited to benefit others who’ve put themselves at the top of a spiritual, financial and governmental hierarchy of their own design and creation.

The spiritual awakening that’ll take place can be largely assisted by geopolitical awakening, though awakening to the cabal’s actions can’t solely solve all of your planet’s problems.

Rather, awakening to what your cabal has done and focusing on what the collective can do to repair the widespread damage being done is important to Creating change, and you, the Divine changemakers incarnate on the Earth to bring the Love of Source back to a lost collective, will likely task yourselves with various important and revolutionary responsibilities that we can envision you pouring all of yourselves into.

We can happily envision you pouring your energy, intent and enthusiasm into various things designed to introduce a new paradigm in the best interest of every citizen, and your new paradigm will be built on collective Love, joy, harmony and respect for one another as sacred aspects of Source.

The Love in your heart will help you understand the need to respect those around you, and as humanity unites in the knowledge of your sacred oneness, many aspects of your Earthly paradigm that don’t resonate with the phase you’re entering in your collective growth will be addressed and properly healed.

As Divine changemakers, many of you have tasked yourselves with being involved in the healing of the Earth in the various forms it’s to come about, and the healing you’ll be a part of will be instrumental to the collective ascension of your populace.

We understand that some of you are unclear about how your collective ascension is going to come about, and we can say that your steady yet progressive collective growth has and will continue to be aided by a series of rapid shifts that come about in equally rapid timeframes.

We can say that your collective and individual growth is both steady and rapid. At times, you may feel stalled along your growth, and at others, you’ll excel to new heights and surprise yourselves vastly with everything you’re able to do and be.

A Conscious Reclaiming of your Power

This is the natural result of your evolution into expanded consciousness, and is happening for myriad Earthly souls who perceive and understand the steady and rapid nature of their growth.

We ask you to look toward and utilize this moment of Now to do anything and everything you can for yourselves and for the Earthly ascension, and when even some conscious Earthly souls can learn to Love themselves and those around them in the greatest sense possible, the general rigidity expressed and fed in your collective will be a thing of the past.

A conscious reclaiming of your power and ability is coming about on the individual and planetary level, and we ask you all to embrace the changes you find yourselves led to make rather than fight against the flow of your experience.

We’ve spoken before about allowing yourselves to go with the flow of your experience, and we couldn’t express its importance enough because of the extent to which offering resistance can breed further pain and difficulty amidst the course of your Lives.

You’re coming to understand and express the Divine qualities in every aspect of your sacred and blessed existence, and as you feel and radiate the pure vibration you’re absorbing, others in your collective, no matter how far away they are in terms of physical distance, absorb that vibration subconsciously and are better enabled to reach greater states of awareness and perception.

This is one of the reasons we’ve said that your very presence on the Earth and your attempts to reach a higher state of consciousness are very important, and you’ve come to the Earth with a constantly-filled quotient of pure Light that many of you are accessing daily and using for various helpful tasks and purposes.

Our scribe is borrowing from his reserve of inner-held Light energy to help us produce this communication, and needless to say, we’re delivering our own energy, which our impressions arrive on the back of.

The impressions we give, which are being translated into words and phrases by the mind of our scribe as he absorbs our energy in a partially unconscious state, are intended to communicate the brimming Love we feel for your collective and the guidance we intend to offer about various relevant subjects playing out in your Lives.

We have so much to tell you in regards to the spiritual realms, and we could discuss contemporary matters playing out on your planet and where it’s all leading, or we could open up new doorways in your minds and hearts to wonderful, mystical realms that you’re only just beginning to remember and perceive.

Infinite Imagination & Misunderstood Evolution

Your inner-held etheric realms excitedly await each of you to open back up to them, because there’s much you can do with what you perceive as your imagination and we know that many of you will enjoy yourselves vastly when making this connection again.

You’ll enjoy your perception of your inner-held etheric realms, just as you’ll enjoy feeling your inner-held reserve of Light, which you can consciously tap into. Whether you realize it or not, you’re Creating in your etheric realms and feeding from your constantly replenished Light quotient in every moment.

Physical and spiritual evolution have been misunderstood to a degree in your society, but individuals are stepping up everywhere on your planet and helping merge humanity’s understanding of science and spirit.

It’s been said by other higher-dimensional sources that you can expect a flood of intelligent scientists and researchers to begin advocating the reality of Life after death and expanding upon humanity’s understanding of the spiritual realms in coherent ways that can be accepted by every community, and this’ll come about as a natural result of your collective evolution and quest for answers.

Ideas that haven’t yet been accepted by much of your mainstream science will become commonplace in a future when purposely distorted religious and scientific dogma no longer hinder your perception of the spiritual realms.

These ideas will help liberate humanity from the shackles of concrete, unchangeable physicality, and will open the door to humanity’s widespread understanding of everything that’s been hidden from you.

There are so many important subjects for you to learn about, and while our existence and presence around your planet could certainly be seen as important, there’s so much else for your collective to learn and understand before being able to accept our presence.

Even many conscious souls who’ve learned a lot about us through communications we give or any other route have yet to see everything we have to offer, and even your cabal who’s built their own versions of the technology they’ve been given from off-world entities with service-to-self-based agendas, haven’t seen the likes of the Logos-fueled, higher-dimensional technology we’ll happily share with your planet.

There’s so much still for you to see, learn and experience, and we excitedly await the understanding of our presence around your planet to be bred amongst your populace as you greet a planetary society run by and for you.

We watch with joy as more conscious souls begin expressing themselves and their perspectives in regards to building a new paradigm, and we note with Love that many of you are feeling more led than ever to use your voices and do everything you can to be a part of real and lasting change.

Change has always been intended to arrive on your planet and to be brought about by the awakening humanity, and as more souls awaken, more voices are expressed and heard.

System Reform & Building Something Better

We ask you to see the importance of addressing everything about your current paradigm that would indeed bring your civilization to the brink of collapse if not addressed, from the growing spiritual perspective being found and embraced in an increasing number of souls.

We can envision the conscious public arising and building a model of planetary governance far away from your current, and many souls are stepping up to reform your current system as others are led to work to establish something that’s more in the interest of the people.

Recognizing that every effort being made to bring humanity out of the darkness is assisting tremendously, you can be thankful for the actions being taken by many souls who recognize that the manner in which your planet has been run no longer serves your populace and hasn’t for quite a long amount of your concept of time.

Finding and re-accessing the Love and joy of every moment of Now will lead everyone to make the inner-change necessary to breed widespread Love, harmony and respect for one another.

Your populace can learn to respect and Love one another if each individual can make the necessary inner-change and open up to a reality that’ll immerse them in blissful feelings and the non-desire to express hatred or disrespect to any soul for any reason.

Love and harmony can replace disrespect and division if each individual can open up to the reality of your existence as spiritual beings, and you’re all playing the greatest and most necessary roles for the evolution of your planet and the preceding awakening of your populace.

You have the opportunity now to grasp states of consciousness that’ll leave you in awe and amazement, and as your current religious/spiritual paradigm expands to include undistorted understandings of everything discussed in spiritual circles, the result will be the aforementioned sensible presentation of the reality of your existence as spiritual beings.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we express that you’ve only just begun to feel the greatest and most blissful perceptions you’re now opening up to, collectively and individually.

You have the ability to pick up on and radiate an increasingly pure vibration than you’ve been adjusted to thus far, and as you continue along your steady and rapid growth processes, you’ll continue to be confounded and amazed at the reality of spirit and the brazen expressions of this reality that you’ll receive.

Thank you to our Universal Family.

Wes Annac is a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as writings from Wes and channeled messages from our Universal Family. Come check us out!

See also The Aquarius Paradigm on Facebook, Wes Annac’s Personal Blog and The Golden Age of Gaia.

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