I am a Child of the Universe: Follow-Up – Part 2/3


Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm, Continued from Part 1

This is part 2 of a follow-up to one of my previous articles,Who am I? I am a Child of the Universe”. The recommended audio version of this part 2 on Sound Cloud can be found here.

Secure in my growing spirituality, I let myself drift away from family as I enjoyed the new reality I was exploring.

I happily spoke on radio shows about the Pleiadians, channeling and a lot of other topics (this was before I understood the importance of spiritual revolution and a new paradigm) and gave our Universal Family the spotlight, working with much of myself to help them produce their communications.

I feel close with the Pleiades to this day, and being the daydreaming starseed that I am, I imagine and feel that I’ve come from that star system and from a specific place in particular to be a part of the evolution of this planet.

A specific memory of being in what I can only describe as a home on a higher-dimensional world flashes in my mind occasionally, and I speculate that this was among the last memories I could’ve had before making my way to this planet.

I recognize that for some this could be seen as “looney” territory, but I have a feeling that we’ll all remember some of our memories from before we came here as we grow in consciousness. I’ve repeatedly felt this memory, and it usually accompanies a few other flashes of places and scenarios that I can only guess are from past Lives on this planet.

Don’t even get me started on the UFO sightings I’ve had since starting channeling the Pleiadians and our Universal Family overall. I’ve made requests to witness a craft sighting and had it happen minutes later, and I recognize that that’s not a normal phenomenon.

What I mean is that it’s not commonplace for any spiritual seeker who’s aware of the Galactics to simply make a request and witness a sighting.

Those of us who believe deeply in what I can only describe as modern philosophy regarding the Galactics believe that there are strict perimeters in place for contact to be made or a sighting to be given because the freewill of everyone who could potentially witness it (and wouldn’t want to) is honored.

I made the decision to act as a representative of the Galactics and the Pleiadians specifically, channeling them as much as possible, and they seem to have responded to this dedication with sightings. I’ve had sightings in the back yard of my family’s new home, and we don’t even Live there yet!

The sightings I’ve been given forever reaffirm the reality of the Galactics’ existence, and it also felt to me like they validated the “walk-in” status that’d come to resonate with me wholly.

As I embraced this new unfolding perception and role further and as more people became interested in the messages, it was apparently decided that it was time for the next phase of my growth to kick in.

Again, I didn’t expect this phase but I can say that it’s helped me exponentially in understanding myself and the reality around me in a greater way. I was more than secure in the role I was playing, but I had no idea that it was about to be transformed like it has been and continues to be.

The biggest and now, most welcomed, aspect of this phase has been the reignited contact with my family.

That reigniting, along with a few other things that taught me the importance of embracing family and one’s roots in general, helped me understand something that outdated my then-current understanding of “who I was” – a repeated question, the answer to which was much different than I realized.

Having felt like I found my reason for my rapid awakening and enjoying this new unfolding reality to say the least, I let myself put a barrier up over my past without quite realizing it. Wonderful memories from my past were more or less buried, and I let myself extinguish real contact with my family beyond the occasional call or chat.

For reasons I’ve begun to learn are invalid, I feared condemnation from my family of what I believe and do. Because of this, I let myself enforce a barrier between my then-current self and my past, which I’ve learned is a futile effort.

Since my days of proudly copying “incarnate representative of the Galactic Federation and Pleiadian High Council” to the end of my writings, my spiritual perspective has broadened and expanded immensely and it’s for this reason that I’ve discovered my real “status” in this beautiful Creation – a shining, Divine child of the Universe.

Concluded in part 3 soon.

Image: http://www.flashcoo.com/paint/The_Fantasy_World_of_Josephine_Wall_2/images/kb_Wall_Josephine-Child_of_the_Universe.jpg

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