Planetary Healing: GMOs – What’s the Big Deal? – Part 3/3


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(Concluded from our GMO discussion.)

So now we know a little bit about the hazardous health effects of GMOs and why they’re still allowed to be used in the United States. Armed with this knowledge, we should perhaps ask ourselves just which crops are the highest risk of being genetically modified.

Again – if you’re in one of the many countries that have outright banned GMOs, you likely don’t have to worry about your food being contaminated with what seems like a gross cabal experiment on the populace.

For those of us in the United States and the few other countries who allow GMO products, the Non-GMO Project gives us a list of “at-risk” crops and crops that are less at risk of being contaminated. I’ll quote that list here, and when reading it, keep in mind what I said before about 80% of processed foods here in the US containing GMO.

The most at-risk crops that are most likely genetically modified in the US are:

“•Alfalfa (first planting 2011)

•Canola (approx. 90% of U.S. crop)

•Corn (approx. 88% of U.S. crop in 2011)

•Cotton (approx. 90% of U.S. crop in 2011)

•Papaya (most of Hawaiian crop; approximately 988 acres)

•Soy (approx. 94% of U.S. crop in 2011)

•Sugar Beets (approx. 95% of U.S. crop in 2010)

•Zucchini and Yellow Summer Squash (approx. 25,000 acres)” (3)

Some of the less risky crops are:

“•Beta vulgaris (e.g., chard, table beets)

•Brassica napa (e.g., rutabaga, Siberian kale)

•Brassica rapa (e.g., bok choy, mizuna, Chinese cabbage, turnip, rapini, tatsoi)

•Curcubita (acorn squash, delicata squash, patty pan)



•Wheat” (3)

The Non-GMO project monitors crops in both categories, but for various reasons they consider the latter list as posing less of a chance of being contaminated.

I was particularly surprised to learn that tomatoes and potatoes, among few others, pose almost no chance of being genetically modified because GMO tomatoes and potatoes were already introduced by Monsanto and rejected by the public in the 90s. (4)

Beyond my surprise over tomatoes and potatoes, some of the crops that matter the most seem contaminated beyond repair in the United States.

80% of the food in my country is allowed to contain genetically modified ingredients, and I have practically no say in the matter because I don’t have the money or PR ability Monsanto does.

Clearly, GMOs are a huge threat to our society and in my opinion, they must be successfully, 100% purged from our planet if we’re to move forward healthily.

Keeping any knowledge or opinion some may label “conspiracy theory” to myself, I’ll say that the people of the US and a few other countries are being weakened significantly by these genetically modified organisms, which our governments allow into our food supply as they keep snug with the corporate interests pushing GMOs.

Beyond the visualization we’re going to perform later, what can we do in the public arena to start purging GMOs?

In my opinion, one of the best things we can do is work as actively as possible to raise awareness about them. Too many people have no idea what genetically modified organisms are, and even some who actively protest them don’t perhaps understand their detrimental effects and just how important it is for us to rid them from our diets.

The fact that the same corporate interests who are in bed with the US government fight against GMO labeling in products containing them makes it much harder for us to identify and stay away from those products, but there are lists of popular products that have been tainted on the internet.

Before you decide to look up and read one of those lists, I’d recommend kissing some of your favorite foods goodbye. The sad truth is that most of the American food supply has been contaminated, and it could be a long road for anybody who wants to completely rid their body of GMOs.

I can only recommend eating as much natural and organic food as possible, and avoiding processed foods and food companies we can identify as clearly working against humanity. Beyond that, raising awareness and contributing to the efforts already being made to awaken the public is recommended.

The Non-GMO Project, who I’ve quoted repeatedly throughout this series, does much to test the products we’re given to make sure as much as possible that they’re not contaminated.

Look for their “Non-GMO Verified” seal on some of your favorite natural or organic products. Speaking from personal experience, I can say that Nature’s Path is one brand boasting the seal and they have an array of delicious organic products (cereal, granola, etc.).

Though it’s difficult to tell which products ultimately contain GMOs (even the Non-GMO Verified seal isn’t 100% accurate) the idea of ceasing buying any products we know are contaminated resonates with me. If we could completely defund Monsanto and the few others, we could stop GMO production entirely.

Beyond that, I’d recommend heading over to the Occupy Monsanto website (5) or checking if there are any protests going on in your local area. The idea of protest may not resonate with you, but in my opinion, something needs to be done beyond our spiritual effort to end this unhealthy mass experiment.

I do think our spiritual effort is equally important to solving any problems facing our world, and with that, we’re going to perform a simple exercise designed to send our positive vibration toward a GMO representation.

I’d like for us to use our spiritual ability to bless GMO crops with the intent of purifying their manipulated DNA, and the representation we’re going to utilize will be of the crops themselves.

After taking a few deep breaths and getting into a deep enough calm or meditative state, I’d like for you to imagine yourselves looking down from up in the sky at a large field of corn.

You can look directly ahead and notice a beautiful mountain, and you can remember this place as the etheric field we’ve visualized when giving our positive vibration to representations of fracking wells and chemtrail-cloaked skies.

We might visualize this field a lot over the course of our planetary healing, and for this visualization you can notice that it’s covered in what you’ve likely already guessed are genetically modified corn crops.

These crops might look innocent enough, but because of their modified DNA they pose a great threat to the health of the planet and the species on it. Interests in positions of wealth and power have pushed this genetically modified brand of corn onto the public, and the entire field’s worth will go on to be consumed by unknowing people.

Look down at this GMO corn and affirm/visualize a wave of higher-dimensional energy coming through you.

You can imagine this process occurring however you want, but personally, I envisioned the energy coming up through my spine and out of various chakras, some of which I’m unfamiliar with.

Affirm and feel this energy rushing through you and pouring out of your chakras, and notice chakras in both of your hands funneling it through. As you notice this, aim your hands toward the GMO corn field and funnel your vibration on down to bless this representation of every crop.

If you’d like, take some personal meditative time in the future to visualize widespread disclosure of the negative health effects of GMOs, as well as an outright ban on them. For now, visualize this energy blessing this representation and ask yourselves what happens when it reaches the corn field.

The end result of this blessing can be determined by you entirely, and you can use visualization to imagine myriad positive effects resulting from it. I’ll leave that visualization up to you and wrap up this series with confidence that I’ve been able to learn and present as much accurate information on GMOs as possible.

It’s easy to line up against something because we’re told its bad, but getting the facts for ourselves and presenting them for the benefit of others seems much more liberating and empowering, in my opinion.

In my view and that of plenty of other people, our planet and collective is experiencing an evolution into a greater state of physicality and spirituality.

If our bodies are unable to function correctly because foreign substances that do widespread damage are introduced into our food supply by way of genetic manipulation, we can only remain subservient to the planetary elite.

With concrete action taken in the physical and spiritual realms, we can put an end to the genetic manipulation of our food supply and one of the best ways we can do so is to buy the most natural foods we can, from companies we can trust.

There are genuine natural and organic companies out there who work against genetically modified organisms, and it’s interesting to note that GMOs have really only been around since the 90s but are already so prevalent in our food supply that, again, even the Non-GMO Project’s seal of approval can’t be 100% accurate.

As everyone awakens to the reality of GMOs and the widespread damage they do to our health, we’ll return to the way food was meant to be produced on this planet – naturally. If GMOs teach us anything, perhaps it’s that we’ve let ourselves stray too far away from our natural roots as a species.

Footnotes (for the entire series):

(1)- The Non-GMO Project: “GMO Facts: Frequently Asked Questions” at:

(2)- “Spilling the Beans: Unintended GMO Health Risks” Written by Jeffrey Smith and posted to the Organic Consumers Association website:

(3)- The Non-GMO Project: “Agricultural Crops That Have a Risk of Being GMO” at:

(4) Quoted from reference #3:

“•Tomatoes: In 1994, genetically modified Flavr Savr tomatoes became the first commercially produced GMOs. They were brought out of production just a few years later, in 1997, due to problems with flavor and ability to hold up in shipping. There are no genetically engineered tomatoes in commercial production, and tomatoes are considered “low-risk” by the Non-GMO Project Standard.

•Potatoes: Genetically modified NewLeaf potatoes were introduced by Monsanto in 1996. Due to consumer rejection by several fast-food chains and chip makers, the product was never successful and was discontinued in the spring of 2001. There are no genetically engineered potatoes in commercial production, and potatoes are considered “low-risk” by the Non-GMO Project Standard.”

(5)- Occupy Monsanto is a branch of the overall “Occupy” group, tasked with, you guessed it, protesting Monsanto and GMOs. Here’s their website:


This concludes our planetary healing.


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