Who am I? I am a Child of the Universe


Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

At one time, you might have read a writing from me that boasted “Incarnate Representative of the Galactic Federation and the Pleiadian High Council” at the end.

Having awakened in so many ways and opened up to channeling the energy and guidance of our Universal Family, I subtly rooted my perception of my identity in what I perceived was a higher place.

This wasn’t something I did intentionally; I embraced the idea of actively representing the Pleiadians in what I felt was a positive move, but looking back on it, I see that I was really aggrandizing myself and presenting myself in a light that didn’t match me as much as I thought it did.

Reading about walk-ins and noting the parallels between events in my Life and those in the Lives of people who were said to have experienced them, saw me genuinely believe that I had experienced a braided walk-in and that the “former” part of me was steadily exiting as the “newer” walk-in soul came to the forefront of my perception.

Feeling less inclined to spend time with family and friends led to isolation that convinced me our drifting-away was less because of me and more because of them.

Because I’d begun to understand a lot of spirituality related topics that I didn’t feel comfortable expressing to them, I started to believe that I was actually a different person than I had been.

Stumbling upon material about walk-ins seemed to provide the perfect validation for why I felt such isolation that I didn’t realize I was causing and feeding more than anyone else.

Once initially started, your awakening can take off and you can find yourself shifting rapidly. I stumbled upon spiritual and ascension related material when I was seventeen, maybe sixteen (I’m twenty now) and you see where it’s taken me from there.

Because of this actually natural and routine rapid awakening and because of the aforementioned isolation from friends and family, the conclusion I reached was that I must be a part of the wave of walk-in souls who’ve come to help bring this planet, and the bodies they walk into, into the Light.

From there, I almost unconsciously took the ball and ran with it. Resonating with channeled messages from the Pleiadians and opening up to channeling in general, I rooted myself in a Pleiadian walk-in/representative identity and fed into my own spiritual ego without realizing it.

I focused on defending myself, the Galactics and channeling overall. I focused on labels – the Pleiadians; the Ascended Masters; the Galactic Federation; SanJAsKa; Saan; Mariara; Solara; I could go on and on.

Though the majority of my writings and channelings from that long time period do still resonate with me, I was personally focused on who spoke through me and on hyping them up and myself up as a spiritual or extraterrestrial authority.

SanJAsKa is an aspect of my higher self as I’ve been told, but that label, I’ve come to learn, was always meant to describe me in the growth stage I’m in currently. As I said during the Sedona conferences last year, I’d been told that the “JA” in SanJAsKa’s name was significant for reasons I didn’t understand.

In this current phase of my growth, I’ve really come to resonate with reggae music and the spiritual vibration and message imparted into most reggae. To say that spiritual reggae music resonates is perhaps a big understatement, because it’s actually played a huge role in my more recent awakening and means a great deal to me.

Amidst researching reggae and understanding Rastafarian terminology, I’ve come to understand that “Jah” is the Rastafarian word for Source (God). And get this – “ska” is the fast-paced music that eventually evolved into reggae!

And so I see that when requesting a mental label for this aspect of my higher self, I was actually given an encoded prediction about my own future. I should note that I knew basically nothing about reggae, ska or the term “Jah” when receiving the label “SanJAsKa”. The closest I came to understanding ska was listening to the band Sublime as a teenager.

But I digress.

Embracing the idea of myself as a walk-in and understanding that we can all represent our Family from the stars if we so choose, saw me fall into what now seems like an obvious trap of the spiritual ego.

I’m not saying that walk-ins aren’t real or that the multitudes of people who’ve written to me asking if they were walk-ins too aren’t, and it’s an interesting phenomenon to study that I’m still quite interested in.

But when it comes down to it, I perceive myself as an awakening human with no “special” or esoteric knowledge beyond the perspective I’ve gained that could be seen as enlightened. I could list some mental “facts” about the Pleiadians in an effort to represent them, or I could speak from the heart with each expression in a way that’s untainted by ego.

Heaving been given some incredible validations (many in the form of ship sightings) I can say that I know our Family from the stars is real and is here.

I’d Love to visit Erra and the rest of the Pleiades star system when the time in my evolution comes, but I no longer seek to present myself as having special knowledge of the Pleiadians or of spirit, as I’m embracing every part of myself as a human and spiritual being.

Looking back, I see that I detached myself from family and friends and really from my old “identity” in the name of taking on a new spiritual identity.

Since then, I’ve returned to my family and some of my old friends, and find that I have supportive and loving parents who’ve always wanted the best for their children and a group of family members I can really enjoy spending time with.

Seeing family members from my past go and having a particularly scary diabetic crisis with my oldest brother has also softened my heart and reminded me of the importance of family.

Because of all of this and so much more that I couldn’t possibly communicate, I’m ready to embark on this new phase in my growth wherein modesty and an embrace of my human and spiritual side complete me. I used to think and say that my “former” self was very unhappy and was on a course to leave this body. Far from it, I now think.

That “former” I remains in expression to this very day, because there is no separation. This is who I am: a child of the Universe, nothing more, nothing less.

Not that all of you have, but from now on, you don’t need to come to a writing or channeled message from me because you perceive me as an authority who’s swooped down from the Pleiades to save the day.

Instead, come to them because I’ve tapped back into the greatest truths of our existence, just like you can, and have made it my mission to impart the good vibration I feel unto the rest of you in an effort to help awaken and uplift. Or don’t come to them – it really doesn’t matter to me!

As I embrace this proclaimed personal shift, I look toward our future with my head held high and see that there’s much to be done. I’d like to do this work without any spiritual label or status attached, and in doing so, I can perhaps remind all of you of your value and worth to humanity’s evolution.

Wes Annac – Free from the shackles of past assumption.

Deviant Art image credit: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/177/4/1/child_of_the_universe_by_liquid_mushroom-d6arfae.jpg

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