Understanding Spiritual Evolution – Part 3

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Continued from Part 2

Both science and religion have done large injustices to our understanding of the realms of spirit – as religion misinforms us about heaven and our Creator (Source) and science is quick to proclaim heaven can’t possibly exist because it hasn’t been physically seen.

Despite this, there are a plethora of individuals working diligently to merge humanity’s understanding of science and spirit in ways that allow for the existence of spirit as well as greater scientific understandings of it. Scientists who’d mock the existence of the spiritual realms today will find themselves vastly interested in the new paradigm of merged science and spirituality that’s being brought about and expanded upon as you read this.

People who’ll be very valuable to the expansion of humanity’s scientific and spiritual understanding will become open to these topics in sensible and levelheaded ways, and they too will contribute much to the field.

Ultimately, all of humanity will open up to the spiritual realms in the ways that best work for each of us, and humanity as a whole will find ourselves progressing with startling rapidity when we can come to believe in the spiritual realms and work from there to know as much as we can about them.

Focusing on Ascension & Informing the Collective

It’s important for humanity to become informed of the existence of the spiritual realms and of our impending collective evolution into them, because despite the timetable our ascension is on, I must reiterate that we all need to understand and be focused on it to bring it into manifestation.

Much Lightwork is being done to expand upon the progress being made in the awakening humanity, but our ultimate goal is to do whatever we can to inform the collective and make them aware of the truths of our existence.

All of the distortions placed in our view of understanding the higher dimensions and our power as Creators will give way to a collective understanding of everything we’ve remained closed-off to, and a scientific understanding of the spiritual realms will see us able to perceive of things we wouldn’t have thought possible.

A misunderstanding on the part of most religions is that heaven is a place we go to when we die if we followed their particular dogma. In many spiritual circles, even the basic idea that we go to heaven when we die has been replaced with the idea that we steadily grow into heaven throughout various Lives we take on the Earth.

It’s believed that we shed our bodies and enter metaphysical planes upon death, which have been referred to as the planes of Nirvana. We can meet with departed Loved ones in these planes, chat with a familiar deity or celestial entity, and find ourselves temporarily infinite in our metaphysical ability before we take our next incarnation. (1)

It’s believed that if we still have learning to do, we plan out our next Earthly Lives from Nirvana before incarnating into them.

It’s generally believed that we, in accordance with our higher selves, script the major events that’ll come about in our Lives while making allowance for the actions we’ll take in every moment.

The Earth’s ascension is unique in that it’s a collective ascension, and ordinarily, one will experience as many Lives as are needed before ascending. Depending on where one’s at when completing their lower-dimensional Life path work, one can ascend directly from the physical surface or from the etheric realms of the afterlife.

It’s believed that growth is much slower in the astral realms than on the surface-Earth, however, which is why incarnating directly on the Earth’s surface and experiencing the rapid growth accompanying this world is the preferred method of ascending for many.

A problem with the spiritual understanding of most religions is that they haven’t incorporated the idea that we grow into perceiving heaven throughout a steady progression of Lives and experiences, rather than “earning” admission into it upon death.

The only way we “earn” a perception of heaven is by growing into it in the ways that best suit us, and we’re never judged along our paths. If this was a certain time period, I could be killed by a religious institution for even speaking in favor of these ideals, because I’d be seen as going against the church.

Perhaps religion’s un-allowance for beliefs that aren’t their own is the biggest issue at hand, but refusing to embrace scientific and expanded spiritual ideals about our reality and heaven sees most religions continue to keep their pupils held back from real understandings of heaven and our Creator.

This will ultimately change as humanity grows into greater understandings of the spiritual realms, but it’s taken a lot of time to get to the point we’re at in regards to understanding spirituality in an undistorted manner.

Initiating Collective Evolution & Expanding our Perception

If humanity wishes to bring our collective evolution forth, it’ll be imperative that we come together on a massive scale. It’s more important than I could express for humanity to see beyond our perceived differences and unite to raise the collective vibration, and if I have to, I’ll campaign for the next hundred years to see us do just that.

This rounds back to the importance of each of us throwing as much of ourselves as possible into our spiritual evolution and into awakening the public, because an unawakened public just can’t understand the importance of coming together.

As it stands in this moment, our populace is largely divided and most people don’t speak up about it.

Some prefer it to be this way because they see themselves as different from others for various reasons. We’re all constructed of the same energy of consciousness, but our divided collective still doesn’t understand this and can’t bring our planetary vibration to resonate with the higher realms until we do.

The division and conquering of man has been purposeful and intended to hold us back from understanding ourselves and the reality of our existence, in my opinion.

I’ll continue to reiterate the importance of coming together and seeing beyond our perceived differences in the realest senses imaginable, because the level of Love and warmth we can show each other helps determine where we’re headed as a species.

Along with coming together and uniting on a massive level, it’ll be important for us to deepen our understanding of the spiritual realms as much as possible. We’ll be assisted with this by the undistorted science we’ll be given in the time ahead concerning these realms, and I can foresee humanity actively absorbing as much ascension-related material as possible when learning about it.

It’ll be important for us to do so, in my view. Just as the planetary vibration and how we treat each other are important to where we’re headed as a species, so is our understanding in every moment, which largely drives our perception.

Continued in Part 4 soon. To read the whole writing, head here.


(1)- The Golden Age of Gaia has an incredible collection of articles related to Life after death:


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3 thoughts on “Understanding Spiritual Evolution – Part 3

  1. By the way as far, as any vows, such as poverty etc. They are could be broken at any time and replaced with something better like an abundance :).
    Just say and believe: I’m breaking the vow of poverty and replacing it with happiness and abundance.



  2. I have been hearing in my mind that ” I AM Queen of the universe” “I AM Eve” I only understand portions of what It means from visions I have had of my past lives but I can not fully open my mind to what is being communicated to me from the higher realms, Does this mean anything to you?


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