Laying Down the Sword in Peace


Written by Wes Annac

A friend in the ACC community helped me reach an important revelation that I can look back and notice our Universal Family was beginning to express before I reached it.

Recently, I’ve felt led more toward using my voice and speaking up against the cabal while subsequently working to help establish a new paradigm, but the fresh breeze of energy coming through is helping me realize that I’ve been playing into duality, and subsequently distortion, by trying to do so.

As others who’ve been involved in working to expose the cabal have, I feel the desire developing to lay down the perceived need to fight against them as I see that there’s so much more I can focus on my energy and intention on.

We’re building and entering a new world of widespread spiritual understanding and action, and as the friend on ACC helped me realize, it’s important to focus on humanity and what we can do in harmony to co-Create our new paradigm as we evolve into greater spiritual perceptions and understandings.

Our Universal Family recently posed the question of what we would do if we were suddenly given control of this planet and the decisions being made every day.

We’ve long known about the cabal and their agendas, but if control of the planet was suddenly and completely relinquished from them, would we be able to collectively run it with the present condition we’re in?

Recognizing that everyone is unique and individual and that we perhaps shouldn’t dive into acting under the same banner all at once, I still think it’s important to start focusing on some type of coordination between various conscious camps, which we could then build upon.

Perhaps coordination between us can be the first step toward establishing and spreading unity throughout the planet, and it’s becoming clear to me that unity and ascension won’t be brought about by fighting against the cabal or any old paradigm representation.

The knowledge that we’re Divine spiritual beings (and helping spread such knowledge) is enough for us to significantly raise our vibration in every moment and help others do the same. I have a feeling that the individual cultivation of enlightenment in each of us will be a very fundamental factor in our establishment of a new paradigm.

People will continue to become aware of the worst of the cabal’s actions and intentions, and conscious individuals will continue to speak up about them.

The field of cabal exposure is covered whether or not I choose to contribute to it, and understanding this, I can happily and peacefully lay down my sword and embrace/work toward everything that fills me and all of you with a good and pure vibration.

This is what it’s all about – rediscovering who we are in the deepest spiritual sense possible.

As I surrender my perceived need to fight the cabal or anyone else, I unlock and re-access the deepest sense of peace and wholeness with my existence I’ve yet felt.

Knowing that the work I do for humanity’s evolution can be done from a place of pure bliss and enjoyment sees me loosen the rigid expectation I’ve crafted around myself and helps me further embrace complete wholeness and bliss.

What a joy this existence becomes when I realize that I don’t have to offer my energy to fighting against any perceived villain or meeting any perceived expectation.

I can embrace the deepening sense of spirit so many of us are feeling and subsequently work to help unify humanity and introduce a blissful revolutionary paradigm, brought about not by “exposing” any “evil forces” but by raising the planetary vibration and orienting my effort toward helping everyone cultivate enlightenment.

This is what I’m meant to do for this planet, and the feeling that I no longer have to lower my vibration or put stress on myself when contributing to our physical and spiritual evolution is perhaps the most liberating of all.

Wes Annac – Excited to embrace a role built on everlasting harmony and wholeness.

Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia


4 thoughts on “Laying Down the Sword in Peace

  1. It is VERY wise to cultivate an understanding of what is being done and being created in the name of the Cabal and its subsequent impact on us individually and collectively. It is EQUALLY wise to adapt and attain an observer mode regarding it. This allows one to focus instead on things such as Ascension and the raising of vibration and Becoming etc. When done with a collective intention, it is All Inclusive and thus sweeps over and enfolds the “Cabal” as well. Much can be accomplished this way. Nicely done Wes and Profoundly Wise


  2. Thankyou so much for sharing your insights!
    Every time my hatred of what the cabal has done has surfaced into my awareness recently, I have been practising refocussing this previously repressed energy towards my work – which is to create a set of Oracle Cards which will support the mental and emotional process of unhooking from the cabal’s negative thought-forms.
    I realised that every thought I had of getting revenge kept me trapped in their control matrix and that this meant that they had ‘won’ in effect because I was still giving them my energy as anger and fear.
    So, if I concentrate on taking back my personal power to become more of the real me, I am freeing myself from their grip and I am also creating a way of helping others free themselves (if they want to!) at the same time.
    My sense is that this is part of the spiritual lesson of all the planets and the eclipse coming up in the current Scorpio alchemical cauldron – personal transformation by releasing the fight, inner and outer – and then surrendering to higher love and wisdom of Spirit in all its forms……


  3. Well said Wes,! Thank you for being so honest. Yesterday I was talking to someone about this subject. All the messages I’ve received are about sending light and love even in the darkest spots and concentrate only in this, that’s what we’re here for.
    Love to all of U wonderful Lightworkers.


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