Understanding Spiritual Evolution – Part 2


Written by Wes Annac for The Aquarius Paradigm and continued from Part 1

Humanity is believed to be undergoing a collective evolution into the fifth dimension, which essentially means that we humans are evolving along with every other facet of consciousness on Earth.

It’s believed that our collective spiritual evolution is being driven by a growing understanding of the metaphysical realms of consciousness and of how this Earth is meant to be treated. Despite the collective ascension occurring currently, it’s been said that individuals have ascended from this Earth numerous times in the past and that individual ascension can be attained ahead of the collective. (2)

Despite the fact that this evolutionary event is “set in stone” in so many respects, it’s still believed that we, the humanity experiencing it, must make active efforts to bring it about and to bring about any positive change on our world we wish to see.

It’s believed that humanity must become actively involved in our evolution to attain it, and that a certain criteria of awakened souls who understand ascension and are willing to ascend must be reached before our collective evolution can be attained.

A growing number of awakening souls have been working actively to help raise the collective vibration and awaken the planet to attain our ascension, but ultimately, the whole world must know about ascension for it to be attained in the proper manner.

In regards to this, it’s believed that the rising collective vibration will herald exposure of much of what’s been hidden from humanity concerning the spiritual realms and the ascension being discussed. It’s believed that exposure of the actions of those in power who’ve crafted an entire hollow reality around our minds in an effort to create a slave society will be a natural result of the rising collective vibration.

The activities of humanity’s oppressors cannot go unaccounted for, and the general belief in regards to our spiritual evolution is that in one form or another, ultimate exposure of those activities will naturally come about. Beyond this belief, it’s important for us to work toward exposing the “cabals” as they’ve been termed and to help in the endeavor to free humanity from their grasp.

We can find an unhindered spiritual revolution within, and upon doing so, we can spread it to the entire collective around us. As personal enlightenment grows, natural exposure to and understanding of the actions of humanity’s oppressors comes about and that too can be spread.

As it stands currently, an ever-growing number of people on our world understand that things aren’t the way they’re supposed to be in plenty of respects. We’re coming to understand that instated division of the classes has been manufactured purposefully, and that the few have largely kept themselves ahead by keeping the many back.

We’ll discuss this subject much more in The Powers that Were, but for now, it’s important to understand the role geopolitical exposure can play in one’s spiritual awakening.

Science and Religion have Misunderstood Heaven

The general belief in many spiritual circles is that the higher dimensions are the heavenly realms that have been largely misinterpreted in most religions and not allotted to exist by most science.

It’s believed that as we grow in perception and bring about the aforementioned exposure of any lower inclined aspects of our individual or collective Selves that can’t survive in the higher dimensions because of the vibrational difference, we grow into literally heavenly perceptions.

Any serious meditator will tell you that one can feel the most blissful vibrations and feelings when reaching deeper states of consciousness, and it’s believed that those vibrations will be amplified and constant when we ascend back into the higher dimensions.

It’s believed that our vibration will loosen and refine as aspects of our DNA containing greater codes for our physical and spiritual evolution are brought online, and the result will be a complete unhindered perception of heaven.

Imagine being literally unlimited in what you’re able to do, feel and enjoy, and the dense and unchangeable physicality of your current reality being replaced with pure and fluid reality-creation, driven entirely by you. Imagine being able to create whatever you wish at the very moment you wish it, with reality-creating energy that’s much purer in frequency than the slow-moving energy we use to slowly but surely create the experiences we have here in the third dimension.

Imagine the sheer mental, emotional and spiritual liberation that can come about from finding oneself able to do, feel and experience absolutely everything one wishes to, in a heavenly setting.

Imagine the pain of the past having completely left you, and the “garden of Eden” being in full swing for everyone to enjoy. The great thing about this garden is that you can eat whatever fruit from whatever tree you want. Gaining as much knowledge as possible is encouraged!

Religious Control and Scientific Limitation

The dogma and clear control of the people on the part of most mainstream religions have exposed them as being run by the aforementioned Powers that Were, but that’s not to say that positive reform or change couldn’t potentially be introduced in those religions.

However, followers of many of them have condemned, killed and fought wars for years in the name of an oppressive god imagined up by individuals in positions of influence in their time who didn’t want the public to awaken to the reality of our existence as spiritual beings.

Because of this control and because religion won’t make allowance for scientific understandings about the reality around us that don’t directly correlate with what they follow, most science has condemned spirituality as a whole and has preferred to look at our existence through a purely physical lens.

The scientific paradigm that exists today embodies the “seeing is believing” mindset, and largely hasn’t made allowance for the existence of the spiritual realms because such realms haven’t been physically studied. It’s generally believed in most scientific circles that what can be studied in the physical is all that can exist, and this belief excludes and sometimes mocks the existence of spirit in any form.

Continued in part 3 soon. To read the full writing, head here.


(2)- This article discusses the idea of collective vs. individual evolution:


Image: http://static6.depositphotos.com/1010555/639/i/950/depositphotos_6393299-Science-and-religion.jpg

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