Understanding Spiritual Evolution – Part 1


Written by Wes Annac for The Aquarius Paradigm.

The basis of many spiritual websites, books, teachings and insights is that humanity and the Earth are undergoing a collective evolution from the realms of the third dimension we’ve perceived for longer than millennia, to those of the fifth dimension. (1)

The general belief is held that through a gradual process with a series of rapid evolutionary “leaps”, humanity has been and will continue to experience shifts in our individual and collective states of consciousness. It’s believed that this evolution usually comes about individually, rather than collectively, and that the Earth’s situation is unique because of the collective evolution or “ascension” as it’s referred to, we’re experiencing.

This is unique because it’s been said that very few civilizations choose to experience ascension in a collective manner, and rather, evolve individually and help the rest of their world to evolve until an evolutionary “boiling point” is reached.

Our society is believed to be experiencing a collective physical and spiritual evolution into the realms of full consciousness, and while plenty of people have awakened already and are working to awaken the rest of the populace, our ascension will come about in different and unique manners that set it apart from past ascensions of other planets.

The belief that we’re evolving into the fifth dimension has been expanded to include ideals that we experience individual growth and learning along the course of our Lives, which help us to steadily reach greater understandings and lighten and refine our personal vibration so we can better reach full consciousness.

Lessons and growth are believed to be experienced along the course of our lives, which see us gain greater glimpses into different ways of living and being and deeper states of consciousness and understanding.

It’s believed that as we shed our “shadow selves” or those parts of ourselves we’d label “dark” or of a lower nature, we transmute the mechanisms that drove them and assimilate greater energy from the spiritual realms.

The belief that we’re entering deeper and purer states of consciousness where metaphysical wonders and blissful vibrations are constantly prevalent forms many of the ideals expressed by spiritually-inclined individuals or groups.

Everything that’ll be discussed in this section is ultimately derived from the belief of the existence of blissful and heavenly realms of metaphysical consciousness, as well as the belief that we can access those realms and perform myriad roles for the ascension of the Earth.

As our consciousness continues to grow, we’ll come to discover the higher realms in much more intricate ways and we’ll find ourselves actively involved in working from such realms on helping others find the rising consciousness we have.

Geopolitical Awareness can Proceed Enlightenment

I’ll admit to being guilty of speaking from my own experience here, but my experience seems very similar to those of others who became aware of the illusory nature of our reality as it stands at present, before they gained spiritual awareness or found themselves actively involved in humanity’s spiritual evolution.

A lot of people who become aware of the realms of spirit and the need to enact a new paradigm first become awakened to the actions of tyranny and corruption.

They become aware that corruption exists and tyranny is being enforced in full swing on our planet, and in learning this, their previous perception of a reality filled with governments who care and food that would never be tainted because “why would the companies do that?”, is shattered and replaced with an entirely new understanding.

Some become fearful when initially learning of the existence of tyranny on the massive level it’s being enforced, and could potentially end up thinking that their reality is one rife with corruption; one they should “watch their backs” in.

For some, stumbling upon spiritual material that helps them to understand the existence heavenly realms beyond our conscious understanding and that the “prison planet” we Live on isn’t all there is, really helps them after awakening to tyranny.

The fact that the Company of Heaven is actively monitoring the affairs of the Earth and seeing to it that the collective doesn’t experience a disastrous fate we’re not intended to experience, really helps some of those who’ve learned about the cabals’ actions to know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Continued in Part 2 soon. To read the full writing (it’s long!) head here.


(1)- The following is a great article about our ongoing spiritual evolution:


Image: http://afeatheradrift.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/a_spiritual_evolution.jpg

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