A New Paradigm: Starting from Scratch


Written by Wes Annac

Photo: The famous “welcome to Alton” sign is painted on the General Mills plant building in Alton, IL, a short drive from where I Live. The Mississippi river, which Alton was practically built on, can barely be seen in the background (it’s a beautiful river).

In pondering a future of infinite and widespread abundance being shared equally, I see that much needs done in the way of completely transforming our current societal structure.

No matter where you Live, a local, national and international transformation clearly needs to take place and the realization is again hitting me that abundance doesn’t have to be the “starting point” of my or our efforts to begin putting our greatest humanitarian dreams into play.

Abundance will be a necessary and significant factor in being able to fund our humanitarian dreams and desires, but in my opinion, we’ll benefit greatly if we don’t wait for a delivery of abundance to begin sketching out and really getting a good idea of just what we want to do for the planet.

Most of us who embrace the idea of planetary abundance likely have a little bit of an idea of what we want to do, but have you honestly asked yourself about the depth of your humanitarian desire?

If you suddenly found yourself with enough wealth to, say, help significantly reduce poverty and famine in Africa, would you be ready and willing with a game plan or stumbling and mystified that something of such a grand magnitude happened for you?

If we get a good idea of the effort we wish to give for the direct establishment of a new paradigm, we might not be so blind-sighted or dumbfounded if suddenly greeted with the abundance needed to build our future.

I’ve mentioned before that there’s nothing stopping us from sketching out blueprints of ideas for any possible effort we could fund in a time of infinitely shared abundance, and I’m learning now that our efforts are perhaps meant to start in the most basic, made-from-scratch form possible – with the good ol’ pen and paper.

Even just bouncing ideas off of another is a step in the right direction, in my opinion, and every great and blossomed effort must first sprout from the darkness of the dirt. What could be one of the biggest humanitarian efforts or organizations in the world could start with two conscious kids in Chicago talking about some of the most crucial changes needing made, for example.

Everyone’s meant to start somewhere, and my increasing opinion is that we could catch ourselves off guard if we wait for abundance or anything else to get a clear view of just what we want to do.

For me, this writing and plenty of others are aspects of my blueprint-sketching. In many inspired conversations with my wife, we’ve been able to craft a general idea of what we want to do for the planet in the way of the direct and physical.

We’ve decided we’re going to address humanity’s situation from our local area on out. The town we Live in used to be a big refinery town with a huge population, but it’s since dwindled and I’ll admit to a fair share of bad neighborhoods and “ghettos” around here.

When you Live as close to St. Louis as we do, you’re bound to Live near some of the communities of suburban cabal-engineered poverty and everything that comes with it.

Drugs are perhaps as much of a problem around here as they are anywhere, but heroin, crack and methamphetamine have flooded our communities in the past few years and done a great deal of damage. As I write this, they continue to.

Don’t mistake my words; the community we Live in is relatively peaceful, and our town is safer than many East St. Louis neighborhoods. Those neighborhoods are certainly here, however, and drug, alcohol and gang cultures fuel the wicked along with the aforementioned unjust and engineered poverty.

My wife and I certainly don’t intend to solely be able to fix all of the problems around here, but if given the ability we’d like to take the first steps to answering to local poverty by establishing and running a local “free place”.

We have what could be called “free places” around here, with Operation Blessing being one. The idea is for a vegetarian-themed place of charity and gifting that provides as many basic essentials and commodities beyond food as possible.

No, we don’t plan to give out meat-based foods but our intention would be to provide essential goods beyond organic, non-GMO fruits, veggies and other foods.

The idea is also to provide things like diapers; baby food; school supplies at the appropriate time of the year with options for parents who are homeschooling; soap and shampoo; toothpaste and toothbrushes; perhaps a “gas card” of sorts while gas is still used; and anything else we can think up.

We’d first like to establish a local “shop” in the town we Live where people from this town and a few around it could receive social “welfare” benefits of sorts; not from the state or federal government directly, but from a grassroots shop with a new paradigm in mind.

Of course, we wouldn’t give out money directly, but rather, essential goods.

If the place is meant to be and we could pay to rent or buy a building, keep the lights on and purchase commodities to give away, then we’d happily continue to run it and help as many people around here as possible get by in a world where the many have been kept below the few.

We know that this won’t directly solve the problems plaguing this area, but it’s a first step and personally, I intend to take it much further.

Though my wife thinks I’m thinking with too big of a head when I say this, from that initial “free place” I’d like to branch out to the surrounding areas and communities who have it much worse than we do in this town.

(Bear with me here on the unfamiliar town names.) I’d like to branch out to Alton, East St. Louis and the Collinsville area surrounding the Cahokia Mounds. Some of these towns are really bad with poverty, gang activity and drugs, and having been to some of them myself, I’ve noted the bars on every corner and other things like strip clubs.

So many things that are disrespectful to the land and that hurt us immensely are being kept fed here for what I feel are very purposeful reasons, and from the initial position of offering healthy foods and essentials to those in need, my goal is to branch out and address every social issue around here keeping the people from the widespread prosperity of a new paradigm.

Admittedly, I still have quite a ways to go in sketching out a clear model for even one local vegetarian and commodity-based “free place”, much less turning that into an eventual answer to all of the problems facing this suburban and poverty/drug-stricken land just east of St. Louis.

However, my intention is to do all I can to heal this beautiful land and this beautiful planet.

From East Alton, to Alton, to Madison and East St. Louis, perhaps we could branch out to St. Louis and then beyond, to the rest of the United States and the rest of the world. Okay, I’ll admit that my overall dream is a bit bigger than the head on my shoulders.

But I’m ready and willing to take these first steps and see where they take me and us from here. One thing’s for sure – our new paradigm is both here and will be built with the active interest of all of us.

Wes Annac – Ready to help the planet in the realest and most effective ways possible.



Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

Image: http://media.connectingstlouis.com/500/alton-il-grain-elevator-62002.jpg

9 thoughts on “A New Paradigm: Starting from Scratch

  1. You’re right, many of us haven’t given a lot of thought to what we really want to do to help. I’d like to do something to heal and empower people. Something I wish I could find for myself. A safe haven where one can find compassion, support, love, relief, natural healing for physical and emotional issues, and any kind of help to get out of depression and find a purpose and a meaningful life. So many people are crippled by depression, fear, and hopelessness…


    • This is a great idea, Valeria. Steve Beckow has been talking about re-establishing some of the growth and sharing centers that were prevalent in the growth movement of the seventies, perhaps you can be a part of building such a place in the near future.

      Much Love!

      Wes 🙂


  2. I read your article on a collaborative international video, on goldenageofgaia I think. I had the same idea not too long ago, I called them earth PSA’s and I gave much energy to this idea! I would love to help you with this! I went to the Toronto film school and have an experienced freelance resume. My email is tylermckay1989@gmail.com, Im totally down on doing some correspondence work! (Getting a camera is hard right now) but I do think I have some good ideas as far as project logistics and manageability and ways to tie in theme in large scale ways! Some of my ideas for earth PSA’s had no talking and only involved eye contact, facial expression and winking! Love to hear from you! Love your work btw your totally awesome bro!


    • We would love to have you on board, Tyler! If you’d like, you can add me on Skype (wesannac) and we can talk about the project some time. We usually hold chat sessions on Thursday about this, but this week it was cancelled. I can give you the link to the room nonetheless if you’d like. 🙂

      Much Love!

      Wes 🙂


  3. Ps.
    On your note of unification I’m not sure if your aware of the unitethecollective group, there are some awesome lightwarrior youtubers like dero7 and shoalin punk, there another grassroots that love collab and there down in the states like you dude! 🙂


  4. For the last four years I have overgrown my garden in Belton, MO. As a result, I hand out to my neighbors and people at work the vegetables and herbs that are in excess. I enjoy doing this. I hope this is similar to what your article is expressing.


  5. OH Yes! Thinking big is what will propell us further and faster! Go Go Go Wes! I’ll be happy to do what I can to help from Rhode Island.
    Blessings to you and your wife.


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