Unity in Community: Taking Baby Steps


“Unity in Community”.

That was one of many catchphrases suggested during Thursday night’s roundtable discussion on Tinychat with Michael Genova, myself, and at one point about sixty others.

The theme of the meeting was discussing and building upon some of the ways we can breed real and lasting unity amongst various Lightworker and alternative news oriented websites, which remain separate and independent in terms of the projects and work being done.

I recently wrote a piece about the communities of various Lightworker blogs establishing unity in their ranks and then branching out to other communities and merging our efforts. This piece inspired Michael Genova and the GFP crew to invite me to what have now been two quite successful discussions about this very subject.

Before getting into a profound realization about this that a friend helped me obtain, I’d like to lay out the ideas that have been presented so far.

One of the ideas is for the members of various Lightworker communities to collaborate on a video wherein each person talks for a short period of time (30 sec to a min.) about the idea of coming together and working as a united awakened populace.

This could be an individual project for the communities of various sites and forums to work on, or we could all collaborate with a mega-video on the subject (which would have to be broken into parts, I’d imagine).

Obviously, to coordinate such an undertaking the communities of individual sites would have to work together to mend any division in their ranks. In doing so, I think it’s important to remember that our differences in belief or ideology don’t have to divide us or make us bicker like they did in the past.

Personally, I’m learning to hear somebody out if they express an opinion or stance that I didn’t expect or that isn’t my own, and doing so has seen me able to embrace new concepts that have helped me quite a bit along my path of enlightenment.

I think that the members of each website and forum who’ve previously allotted difference in belief to come between them, should recognize everything they have in common and accept each other for their perceived differences. As I’ve said before, we can’t pave the road for the rest of the world to find unity if we ourselves can’t see past petty squabbles.

Another idea, which I was assigned to helping bring about, is to bring the various channelers and spiritual/alternative news writers/bloggers who are well known in our little corner of the planet together to begin working on various projects; the video being one and a draft of our intentions as a united group being another.

I believe that somebody in the group was assigned to creating a logo of sorts for this movement, and others who are good with video editing have volunteered to play a part.

We also agreed that music could be a great way for us to get our message out there, and several musicians were a part of the chat last night who were willing to be a part of writing something.

In short – the awakening masses are galvanizing in the way I’ve always hoped when publishing writings about doing so, and everybody is willing to play the unique role we’ve all been told we can play. My excitement for what we’re doing and what we’re about to do is growing every day, and the level of Love bouncing around that chat room last night was intense and felt by all.

Seeing so many fellow conscious people who were willing to throw themselves into this developing call for unity, and who were excited to do so to say the least, reminded me of just how many of us have awakened and just how strong and willing a growing number of us are to be a part of real and solid change.

I’m going to continue to reach out to fellow channels and bloggers to be a part of this, and amidst doing so I’ve realized with help from a friend that an attempt to bring us all together under the same banner all at once, while sounding great, could require some initial stages before we can all accommodate each other, so to speak.

This certainly isn’t the first attempt that’s been made at establishing unity and harmony amongst the various awakened sites and groups. Perhaps we should keep in mind that attempts like this have been made in the past and slow our pace while keeping our ultimate goal in mind as well.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t work to come together and eventually merge our efforts, but perhaps there needs to be some transitory stages wherein we see how various camps can interact with each other and handle differences in belief or opinion, or even outright conflict.

I think it’d be a bit naïve to assume there won’t be catalytic conflict involved with everybody coming together, because we’re all individual and seek to express our individualism and our stance on matters we feel are important.

We talked about this a little bit on the chat last night, and I presented the idea that if majority opinion rules over one person’s then that person’s viewpoint should still be respected and heard in a balanced way.

I suggested for the hypothetical person and the majority to come to a middle ground; a concession of sorts on both ends. Of course, I’m only one person with so many answers and the responsibility lies in the rest of you to present your stances and the knowledge you have for the conscious collective.

There are going to be differences and conflict here and there, and to attempt to avoid it would be to deny a crucial aspect of our experience of coming together as conscious people.

The friend I mentioned above suggested something that I intend to take and run with – inviting the “heads” or “representatives” if you want to use those terms, of various blogs, to be a part of a weekly roundtable discussion or meeting.

It would be like the Tinychat sessions the GFP and others hold amongst their ranks, but it would be comprised of various awakened communities and the well-known creators of or contributors to those communities. My wife suggested that a video of each meeting could be recorded and other measures could be taken to make sure nobody feels left out.

Each “camp” or site could work on individual projects, and we could present our progress and what we’ve gotten done to the rest of the “delegation” if you will. In this manner, our efforts are coordinated yet individual and we can get a lot done.

This different model of our establishment of unity could be seen as divisive in that the different camps would continue to work amongst themselves on various projects, but the coordination and the fashioning of unity can start with weekly meetings amongst us.

There’s also the fact that the communities of various sites and forums still remain divided in some ways, and I’ll continue to take it upon myself to help breed “unity and community” amongst these fellow awakening people.

Imagine the people of Ashtar Command Crew, for example, working together on various projects and then meeting weekly at a roundtable meeting comprised of the people of Lightworkers.org, the GFP, GAOG and so many others who also independently work on projects. Imagine how much we can get done!

Obviously, the unity wouldn’t stop there. The idea is for this to be the first step we take to establish something that could be difficult to establish indeed but that’ll be very worth it. This is intended to be the starting point of the coming together of various communities, and eventually, I do think we’ll be able to merge our efforts.

For now, I’m convinced that this is the best road – taking baby steps and seeing where they take us from there. During my next channeling session with our Universal Family, I’ll probably seek their guidance on this matter because Divine inspiration never hurt.

I’ll continue to get ahold of as many others as possible and introduce this, and you’re welcomed to do anything and everything you can to help us in this endeavor.

I might begin speaking on Michael Genova’s Thursday evening Tinychat get-together regularly, because after only two weeks of chats and then one chat with a friend for me, I feel like we’re already making a lot of progress.

Wes Annac – Honored to be a part of this call for unity with all of you.



Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

Image: http://bryanhehirexposed.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/unity.jpg

4 thoughts on “Unity in Community: Taking Baby Steps

  1. Hi Wes,
    I was looking for a way to leave a comment on your Unity articles. My idea, if you run into trouble with differences, conflict, etc, is what I tend to call a “Listening/Sharing” circle. The focus is on Sharing while others Listen. Those listening, all except for the one Sharing, intend to be in a state of Loving Presence (see E. Tollle). This is very supportive to the person Sharing. One might be given 10- 15 minutes to share with the flexibility to add 5 minute extensions if needed and desired. The intent is to not have cross talk or people responding with different opinions (often leading to ego activation). If a Listener is “triggered” they can take a turn later to Share and take responsibility for “their stuff.” Each person’s share is held lovingly from a place of Presence. You could view this as a baby-step….although it could be challenging! A Unity out of Love is the desire outcome.


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