The One Consciousness that is Our Universal Family

Note: I recognize that I’m taking a leap with this writing, but the hope is that it’ll assist those who can bear with me and those who it resonates with.

Our Universal Family is beckoning for me and us all to discover them and their existence in expanded and realer ways than I/we have thus far, and I find myself exiting many of my former perceptions of the Universal collective I and plenty of others have referred to as the Company of Heaven.

I speak solely for myself with what I’m about to say, and my experience and the resulting emerging perspective doesn’t have to coincide with yours. We’re all growing into greater perceptions of our Universal Family in our own unique ways, and I’d like to communicate the personal understanding I’m reaching, which quite honestly resonates with me and will potentially serve me greatly.

Previously, I was more involved with labels and specific facts about the Company of Heaven or certain collectives comprising them than I was with their existence and the assistance they have to offer humanity.

For me, labels were the name of the game and I gave much of my energy to identifying and characterizing those who spoke to or through me. I’ve focused specifically on the Pleiadians; then the Ascended Masters; then the Hathors; then specific individuals in any one of these collectives – on and on I could go.

I can respect and appreciate if attributing specific identities to different facets of our Universal Family resonates with you, because it’s resonated wholly with me up until this point of expansion in my personal understanding.

This is my path – your expansion could come about with an allotted understanding of the identities of specific ascended entities and collectives, but mine is causing me to scrutinize what could potentially be human, label-based understandings of our Family.

My path up to this point has included connecting with specific and various individuals/collectives, but I’m beginning to feel as if I’ve perhaps employed distortion by personally focusing more on who they are than their guidance, assistance and energy.

I find a more general understanding regarding our Universal Family developing, and the messages I intend to have them bring through from this point on will perhaps reflect that.

I’m so excited to continue communicating with the Galactics, Angelics, etc. comprising our Family, and I’m equally excited to see how their communications and energy expand through me as I embrace this generalized understanding of them.

While more general than most understandings and the resulting channeled messages posted to the internet, my feeling is that this’ll enable a much more direct and personal connection with these beings than I’ve attained thus far.

I want to throw this next thing out there with care and Love, because my intention isn’t to alienate or condemn the multitudes of fellow spiritual seekers who doing this still resonates with. If I can be honest, I don’t feel the need to associate with the perceived hype that can come with channeling specific entities as much as I used to.

I wouldn’t want you to come to a message channeled through me just because it had the Pleiadians’ or Jeshua’s label attached to it, and I’m beginning to feel that while those labels have worked for us awakening souls with our human perceptions up to this point, they’ll perhaps become outdated as we grow out of the need to separate, label and identify.

Feel free to disagree, but this is the idea presenting itself to me and I’m willing to embrace it. The Pleiadians; Sirians; Arcturians; Andromedans; Hathors; Ascended Masters; they’re all realer than I could express and they’re all a part of the united, One consciousness of Love that is our Universal Family.

I’m proud to really begin letting them speak through me to humanity in a manner that displays this One consciousness and orients our focus less toward labels and identities, and I think that their communications and my ability to pick up on them will only grow from here.

I can say with Love that it feels very liberating to more or less exit (or perhaps expand) a paradigm of understanding/identifying our Universal Family that’s begun to become outdated for me personally.

Wes Annac – Aiming my focus toward progress and expansion in every way. It’s a new era!

Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia


22 thoughts on “The One Consciousness that is Our Universal Family

  1. Hi Wes! I can understand your expansion here. I listened to messages being channeled only in the last year with your site being one of the few that I would read. I was getting a bit overwhelmed by all of the various “personalities” out there, so I basically came to the place that felt best for me. This was discernment. I felt more with my heart mind than anything else, that a message would resonate with me and ring true. It was this aspect of truth that I was connecting to and I found that there were several good channelers and messages coming through that I felt guided and informed by. So in a sense, I have really listened to the message rather than the personality from whom it came, channeler or cosmic being. I think at this point, I know what is real and true for me and that is all I am hoping for. Others will find their way to the truth for them as well. Thanks for your honesty. Rebecca


  2. Right on, Wes – I agree – of course there is “oneness”. However, I think what you’re sharing from each group is unique, in that I do “resonate” with some more than others. But doesn’t that good come from the same Source – hence its value? Thanks for being open and receptive, and taking the time to share. ~ Blessings!


  3. Dear Wes,

    I do so much love reading your messages.You are so good at distinguishing the various subtleties of the language that we use to describe things. You are obviously a pretty deep thinker, but with a heart big enough to balance things out. It’s true that I do not always appear to agree with you on certain matters, but I think that is all part of the fun; to find someone who expresses an opinion that you find difficult to understand, and to exchange opinions back and forth until you find something you agree upon. That is where the magic happens, wouldn’t you agree?

    So when it comes to lables, it is not really the lables that are so important, they are just our way of trying to reach an agreement about certain things. It is not the role that someone chooses to take on that is important, as we are all one after all and have the same origin. It is the fulfillment and joy and learning that we obtain from that role that really matters.

    Each soul has a frequency which is particular to itself, and when it combines that frequency with others they combine to produce something new. Another soul could have the exact same experience and the result would be different. It really is quite beautiful to contemplate all the possible different combinations. So although they may still use lables in the higher dimensions, these lables do not seem to have quite the same importance as they seem to have here.

    All the best,



  4. Dear Wes, thank you for your thoughtful message. I too am more encouraged with the message than I am with the label of the messengers. One Love is a challenge to our dualistic thinking and Kindness is my current litmus test for the message given! I like to think that everyone will get to Universal Consciousness, and for me patience is a virtue. Bright Blessings!


  5. Thanks Wes! I too have been struggling with all of the titles, sectors, groups, teams, guides etc. Like Rebecca, I am new to all of this, and to be honest, sometimes it feels like the claimed influences are causing some competition and further compartmentalization rather than unitization. A name is a name, and it seems that the importance of “names” would only be seen in lower dimensions. I agree, we all have to practice discernment to determine what we believe and what we dismiss; however, the messages are frequently mixed and presented as FACTUAL. This can add to the confusion blurred truths, and increased trust issues, AND growth impediments especially with newcomers. It’s like having 5 people saying they are president. The focus then goes from the messages to the messengers. Part of discerning messages is their origin. Large amounts of energy are spent in attempt to compare and contrast opinions to determine who is who rather than “SHINE YOUR LIGHT” (regardless of name).


  6. Chop wood, carry water, Have an Enlightened Moment of Understanding, chop wood, carry water

    I “see” your point now that you have brought it to my attention!
    Thanks Wes…much appreciated.

    Now get back to work and channel us some new type messages =)
    (grins jokingly)


  7. I’ve been working on a blog post in my head that (from my perspective!!) fits in with this perfectly. It’s about the progression of moving from linear thinking to conceptual thinking. Our world has been linear, one step after another, right and wrong (duality), rules or guidelines for getting where we need to go. It has served us very well, but it has also been transforming. To me, the linear is thinking in black and white. We have been moving toward thinking conceptually, thinking in grey. Instead of focusing on the details (the labels) we start to focus on the concepts. When you focus on the concepts, the details don’t matter so much. Instead you see the common themes among situations or issues.

    Then, the next step is thinking in color — when you see the overlays or interactions or combined effects of the various concepts. This, I think, is my way of describing what you are saying.

    ❤ ❤


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  9. Hey Wes,
    Thank you for expressing something I have felt for a while. I believe that we will be entering an era of equality even amongst those we have seen as greater/more advanced than ourselves. I still respect each entity for the gifts they have/share with us, but we are ascending to where the 3d hierarchical system will not work for the divines, archangels ect…Have you asked the archangels ect if they see that occurring. They have probably not seen themselves as above us…we put that on them. Or we were taught that in order to create doubt and fear about who “we” are. Thanks again, Kelly


    • Hi Kelly,

      They ARE us, and we are them! It is only our concept of linear time that makes them appear “advanced” from our perspective. It’s a simple concept, but is one that is quite difficult for us to understand right now. Our future selves are all Masters! So from one perspective they are “ahead” of us, but from another there is no difference at all.

      All the best,



  10. Wes, this is Brian from GAOG. Just wanted to pass on my appreciation for this post. Email me if you’d like me to expand on that a bit more. In support of your path, Brian


  11. Dear Wes,
    When channeling my book, “A Glimpse of Your Future” in the late 1980’s, it was very important for me to know the name of the entity providing me with the info – ELETH.

    In 2009, when I returned to global channeling, who it was really didn’t matter even though I knew without asking that it was me of the past, present and future and probably a few visitors here and there. As long as the messages resonate and feel loving, I’m so willing to channel info that helps us with this transition.

    I never thought to write a blog like this one to help others understand that labels aren’t always necessary. Thank you for a wonderful blog.
    Blessings and Sparkles,


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