Our New Age of Intention and Action


For years in many spiritual circles, the idea has been presented that humanity is reaching a tipping point along what’s perceived to be a very real evolution of collective consciousness.

It’s believed that humanity is being guided to purer and deeper realms of consciousness beyond our current perception wherein we realize and rediscover deepened abilities we’ve been taught to believe couldn’t possibly exist.

With this idea exists the belief that we’re Creating an overall new paradigm poised to be in the best interests of every person. The current manner in which corrupt individuals and ruling bodies are able to maintain wealth and power is in desperate need of changing, and we can build a society run by the people that exists far, far away from the grip of the few.

While it’s believed that very positive forces are working actively to help awaken the populace from beyond the veil, I think that the responsibility ultimately lies in the awakening humanity to peacefully uproot the powers that were and see that our collective never falls for the propagated, mind control-based illusion they’ve kept fed for generations.

It’s up to us to build a new paradigm, and I believe that we’ll be able to achieve collective evolution because of our coming-together and the efforts that’ll result.

I feel guided to express the importance of getting to work and doing everything we can in this and every moment to build upon a new paradigm and assist our collective evolution. We’re given myriad avenues in this day and age to use our voices, and these avenues sit waiting to be discovered and utilized. What’s stopping us from using them?

Do you feel held back from working toward real and lasting change right now? Do you generally support and believe in many of the ascension and new paradigm-based ideas but feel yourself unable to directly contribute to widespread change?

If you feel inhibited or unable to lend yourself to the complete restoration of our planet, I can only suggest to remember one thing: you’re an infinite being of Divine full consciousness whose ability to Create change is limitless.

The men in the suits with the occult financial system can’t stop you from contributing to a real and solid movement to bring about widespread change, because your power is deeply rooted in realms beyond the physical.

You exist on the Earth with strong and constantly sustained links to realms of consciousness we’ve been programmed to believe don’t exist, and you can now reach deep within and harness your power.

Not only can you do so – you’re being called by the spiritual realms and all within them to. We’re being called to step up to the plate in the realest and most effective sense possible, and when looking at the infinite future ahead of us, the idea of Creating widespread change seems quite appetizing to me.

We’re entering a collective state of timelessness wherein we realize our sacred existence in this infinite moment of Now, and as we do so, we see our own unlimited potential (and perhaps readiness) to fill the planet around us with much-needed change.

In my view, one of the biggest changes needing made is the manner in which we treat each other. If we want widespread peace and harmony to be established and prejudice to fall away, we must act as examples and express harmony to those around us, in my opinion.

In accordance with the Golden Rule, I’d recommend treating everyone around you with the respect, compassion and Love you wish to be treated with. I’d also recommend utilizing the internet and/or popular protest methods to make your voice heard about the hatred and division played upon in our culture.

Perhaps become active in protesting war – the ultimate act of destruction bred from division. Keeping in mind the existence of the Occupy movement, Idle No More, Pussy Riot and various others, I feel inclined to ask where the volume of social action prevalent in the sixties and seventies has gone.

Yes, the groups mentioned above and plenty of others work very actively and that’s good, but what are you and I doing every day to really make our voices heard and let others know that we’re serious in our intent to expose/uproot tyranny and build a new paradigm?

With the assistance we’re being given from beyond the veil and the awakenings taking place in increasing numbers, it’s clear that a new paradigm is being brought about and humanity is moving into the Light. No more will we keep ourselves away from understanding spirit, and no more will we allow bloody wars to result from prejudice and hatred.

In this new paradigm, we establish and enjoy widespread peace, Love and harmony. On this new Earth, action and unity are the rules of the day. You can contribute to all of this and subsequently bring it into form, and it starts with that first step.

Wes Annac – Remaining strong and eager in our new age of intention and action.



Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

Image: http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2013/02/13/world/BANGLADESH/BANGLADESH-articleLarge.jpg

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