The Galactic Free Press: Awakening Awareness Mission – Tonight Live with Wes Annac

Awakening Awareness Mission

Tonight!!!  7:30 PM Eastern (4:30 Pacific, 6:30 Central)

Special Guest Wes Annac~ Let’s Get Into Unity~ Co~ Creating Together! As One!

Link to the Room:

Tonight the Galactic Free Press would like to welcome Wes Annac as our special guest on tinychat, in the 5D Room.  We will be talking to Wes about His Recent Message to Lightworkers to Gather Together Now, Its the Moment for Unity Consciousness! 

Quoted from Wes Annac” ….If we want to see unity established on the world stage, we should ask ourselves if we practice it in our Lives or toward those around us. …..


If the voice of just one person is suppressed or not allowed in our society, we aren’t living up to our highest goal of absolute equality and unity. If just one person isn’t allowed to express themselves in a free and uninhibited setting with balanced support and encouragement from those around them (as well as healthy and un-vitriolic debate) then we haven’t yet established the fairest and most just ruling body. My feeling is that until we’re literally floating in blissful fifth-dimensional vibrations, we have a planet to run that’s been waiting for millennia to be run by the people in a peaceful and harmonious manner. There’s no better time than now, and one of the best things we can do to display the new paradigm in progress is to respect and Love each other for our uniqueness and individuality.

Why should you, fellow awakening soul, allow any perceived difference to come between you and another?

Conscious spiritual and alternative news sites are everywhere. Imagine if a solid body of people from two or three different websites who’ve come together then reached out to every other community. We’ll have grown to proportions we haven’t yet imagined. So just what’s stopping us? If you’re reading this on, Ashtar Command Crew, Golden Age of Gaia, The Galactic Free Press, or any other related website, I ask what’s stopping you from throwing yourself into absolute unity and the building of a strong and organized group of awakening people? Just imagine the potential we possess and the vast power we’ll wield with a clear purpose and numbers we wouldn’t perhaps expect. I get the feeling more and more that this coming-together is exactly what we’re meant to do, and I’ll continue to advocate it and do all that I can to bring every awakening community together, because we’re strong in unity and weak in division.

Wes Annac ~Delivering a long awaited and underrated message...”

We are on from 7:30 to about 9:00 PM eastern time 4:30pm Pacific

Our mission is to bring to humanity awareness of the awakening of our higher selves and all that entails.  The opening of the hearts of all of humanity is bringing to light new insights and awareness.  We are beginning to see, feel, and understand things that we never would have imagined before.  Greater understanding of ourselves and the universe in which we live in are discussed on our show and we hope to bring some measure of enlightenment to those who seek to learn more of the incredible transformation that is happening on our planet.

With Great Love and Divine Blessings

Michael Genova

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