Planetary Healing: What are Chemtrails? – Part 2/2


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After researching this subject, my opinion that chemtrails are being sprayed as an act of literal chemical warfare against the people is solidified. Chemical weapons are being used against people in various different places nearly every day, and those who speak up about it are relegated to the conspiracy corner. In my view, that’s very tragic.

How long will we as a species let complacency and uncaring keep us from questioning what’s going on in our skies?

If we look up and see thick, expanding chemical trails clearly being sprayed, how long will we continue to let them go unquestioned? If we’ve let the powers that were go so far as to cloak our skies with carcinogenic and cancerous chemicals that then pollute our environment and our health, what else will we let them get away with?

In the previous two issues of this newsletter we discussed fracking and the dangerous chemical-laden methods used to break up dense rock covering up oil reserves, and chemtrails join it in their danger and in the imminent importance for us to arise and speak up about them.

No longer should we let chemtrails cloak our skies and the individuals responsible held unaccountable, because we’re entering a new era of health and wellness for the people and the planet.

Clearly, chemtrails are a big deal. Of course, coming from the perspective many of you reading this have we know not to be worried about this issue, as we know that there are forces working in humanity’s best interest helping us to avoid experiencing the fallout of any cabal action that’s too far outside of our freewill perimeters.

However, the fact that chemtrails have been able to be sprayed nearly unquestioned displays that complacency and uncaring can really hurt a collective and its planet. Refusing to act if we see something disturbing that we know is being perpetrated by big brother can be likened to allowing it to happen. Certainly, if we don’t stand up on an important issue than we allow it to go unchecked.

Let’s take chemtrails out of the conspiracy frame of mind, because in keeping them there we’re complacently hurting our bodies and letting ourselves be complicit in their continual spraying. I can say that chemtrails where I Live seem to be neutralized much more than they’re allowed to be successful, but then again, there are myriad polluting refineries around here hurting the Earth enough in the name of greed, profit and oil.

No longer should we let ourselves be silent about chemtrails, because an unchecked cabal will only continue to do all they can to hurt the populace. Clearly it doesn’t matter to them if they make everyone besides themselves ill, and I can bet you won’t see as much (or any) chemtrail spraying in the neighborhoods of the one percent.

If their aim has really been decimation of the populace and the engineering of a more controllable 500,000,000 people, chemtrails would certainly be a way to achieve it. Beyond the excuse that non-polluting contrails are the only things being sprayed, I don’t see how the cabal will possibly reason or weasel their way out of explaining why our skies have repeatedly been cloaked with dangerous chemicals.

Now that we’ve learned about and discussed chemtrails, we’re going to band together and offer a blessing of these unhealthy and slightly disturbing orchestrations.

While physical exposure of chemtrails is important and we should continue to speak up about this subject, we can also help by using our spiritual abilities to mitigate the otherwise harmful effects of chemtrail spraying, and we’re going to do just that now.

Imagine yourself in the middle of a beautiful field, very near to the etheric field we visualized in our first Planetary Healing when blessing the practice of fracking. Breathe in the etheric air, and feel what seems to be a fall-time vibe emanating throughout the land. If you were on the physical Earth it’d perhaps feel like you were in this month of September we’re currently in, because the air is crisp and refreshing.

Notice the same noble mountain in the background that we noticed last week, and look to your left and notice that the fracking well we blessed has been replaced with a breathtaking oriental garden. There are beautiful flowers and trees all around the former well site, and as you notice and enjoy this, allow your focus to drift to the sky.

In the cloudless, vast blue sky, a white jet is flying and spraying what at first seems to be a regular contrail. Watch the jet fly by and visualize the thin white trail bleed out of the back of it, and while this scene looks innocent enough, notice that the trail becomes much murkier and starts to expand.

What was initially a thin white trail has puffed out into a white-gray hazy cloud that’s now covering our etheric sun and cloaking the environment around us in pollutants. The crispness in the air lessens to a degree, and if we were in human bodies during this visualization exercise we’d perhaps find ourselves coughing and/or getting sore throats.

Overall, the clean and unpolluted feel of the land changes to a dirtier, hazier feel.

As the landscape around us generally grays a bit more, ready yourselves to offer your sacred blessings. Perhaps take a few deep breaths and get into a decently deep meditative state (it can be a shallow state if needed) and affirm that Source be with you and offer this scene the purest of Love that can be brought through your etheric and human temple.

As we offer this etheric blessing, we’re going to bring Light through our physical body that’s intended to go toward the mitigation of actual chemtrails and the pollution and health effects they cause. With one grand visualization, affirm and feel as a wall of pure Light makes its way through you.

Feel a literal wave of this pure white-silver energy come through you (it can be any color you desire) and watch as it travels upward to the trail being sprayed and the plane spraying it. It reaches the plane and colors the trail with a mystical sparkling green energy, energy that’s far away from the polluting color of the cabal’s chemtrails, and what was a cloudy haze of chemical mess is dissipated and replaced with the cloudless sky and sunny fall day we initially enjoyed.

Our Light energy has gone to the blessing of the chemtrails we visualized being sprayed, and we’ve successfully blessed chemtrails with the hope that the real trails being sprayed in the physical will be affected positively. It’s been said that we have much more power and ability than we’ve led ourselves to believe, and we can physically expose things like chemtrails while working from the spiritual realms to offer as much blessing and mitigation as possible.

In concluding this fortnight’s Planetary Healing, I can say that the issue of chemtrails will likely continue to diminish into a non-issue as the cabal finds themselves with less power and ability to fund sprayings or do anything else. They still have a degree of ability in this day and continue to spray chemtrails, but the massive awakenings taking place are propelling humanity into a place of understanding the evil that’s been wrought against us right out in the open.

We can see a chemtrail-sprayed “X” in the sky and know that the interests funding it have very bad plans for humanity in mind.

We can also laugh and send Love their way knowing that their worst agendas will never come about. The rule of the few will be replaced with the rational rule of the many in the time ahead, and for now, continue to work to expose the PTW with every chance you get from a detached and neutral enough standpoint. If you don’t, they’ll only continue to hurt humanity in the ways they’ve been allotted to because of our collective freewill, karma and complacency.

This concludes this fortnight’s planetary healing.



4 thoughts on “Planetary Healing: What are Chemtrails? – Part 2/2

  1. I think you’re absolutely right! We have become complacent, lazy and we don’t ask questions like “I wonder what those chemicals up in our skies are doing to us?” We’re finally taking a stand against big corporations like Monsanto, after years of already knowing about GMOs in our food. So what will it take? I don’t know but I hope Humanity wakes up soon and bans together for the greater good of our Earths future!!


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