This is Our Planet – It’s Time to Take it Back


Are you aware of just how infinite you are in your ability to create widespread, positive change? Do you understand the power that you as an individual possess to help mend everything about our reality clearly in need of mending?

We’ve long recognized many things about our planet that are clearly in need of healing or uplifting, and if brought together on a mass level and in an uninhibited way, we can and will bring about every bit of change needed for this planet to move into a new paradigm.

As we continue to galvanize and create change, the forces we’re working to expose are fighting to maintain their last grips on our reality and collective influence. They’ve been able to steadily manipulate humanity’s perceptions from beyond a veil of their own design that we’re either taught to believe doesn’t exist, or we simply don’t think about.

Carefully orchestrated illusions have been built up around our mainstream society, and the politics we see in play have been set up to distract humanity from the decisions being made behind this aforementioned cloak. If there’s any compliment that can be paid to the powers that were, it’s that they quite cleverly orchestrated a society of mass distraction that keeps our attention away from issues of importance.

Big banks who stole massive amounts of taxpayer money because they were “too big to fail” and because they needed to keep an inflated (yet still sinking) ship from falling and taking our entire manipulated financial system with it, aren’t thought about if you’re busy watching the spring break programming or materiality-focused music videos on MTV.

That football game and the worship and energy-fixation that can come with sports aptly distracts the average working class sports fanatic from the fact that every bit of their digital data is being collected and monitored by an agency of their government.

Widespread NSA surveillance of citizens of the United States and the world over isn’t given a second or even a first thought if you’re too busy with the latest awards show or the opening of the latest shopping mall to be bothered with the outpouring revelations. Continue to work and consume, busy bees of the middle and lower classes, because the elite thrive from our blissful ignorance.

When we’re blissfully ignorant of the reality of our existence and feed into a culture of constant consumerism and fixation on outward aspects of our reality, we can be programmed with propaganda that’s easily funneled through our mainstream news outlets with little question on the part of the unaware masses.

The majority of “food” we’re given here in the United States (and I can imagine in plenty of other countries) is processed, made with genetically modified ingredients or stuffed with hormones and preservatives. The unhealthy food and drinks we’re given, some of which we don’t even realize are as unhealthy as they are, help to lower our vibration and see us susceptible to cabal programming and the likes of disease.

If our mind isn’t clear because of the food we’re eating, lack of exercise or anything else, we’re less likely to speak up or practice discernment, especially if we’re told something from a source we’ve been taught to trust, such as the anchorman on our television. If we don’t experience clarity of mind and body we tend to question less, fall into complacency, etc.

The cabal knows this, and have taken myriad actions to keep humanity unhealthy, unaware and distracted about the real decisions being made that are far away from our best interests. The crown jewel of the cabal’s control is the coined term “conspiracy theory”.

Much of what I and plenty of others write about concerning exposure of the cabal could easily be swept under the rug as simple conspiracy theory, as that term is used to keep people away from darker-inclined aspects of our existence, such as the unjust rule of the few and their plans for humanity, that are too far outside of that carefully crafted, limited paradigm of existence.

To an average Joe who’s kept too occupied with their job, with their television and sports, etc. ideas that the few in power have had very malevolent plans for humanity and have already attempted measures to enact those plans (escalation of war with Syria and previously Iran being one) are easily able to be dismissed.

“Well, I don’t see any evidence of these so-called conspiracies in my Life. All I see is my job, my family, my car…”

Too many people still don’t realize that this is the way “they” want it to be!

We’re supposed to be kept too distracted to question the men and women in power. We’re supposed to allow our planet to be run for us by the suits, and we’re supposed to be complacent and without question of our government. As long as we can allow our planet to be run for us unchallenged, we’re feeding right into the hands of our former controllers.

I say “former” controllers because their rein, while kept tightly in place with the unwilling willingness of an unaware populace, has diminished to nearly nothing.

Of course, I’d be complacent not to point out that their activities still continue in smaller doses. The cabal doesn’t seem to have been completely uprooted yet, and this is why our active awareness and protest of their every move is important, in my opinion.

The NSA has and continues to monitor our every digital move. If the people were united enough with a clear enough goal in mind, we could set up constant surveillance of the cabal and monitor their every move, calling them on their actions every step of the way.

Of course, a fully galvanized humanity could take it a step further and peacefully uproot the cabal, but at the very least I think we should remain as diligent as we always have been in exposing corruption and tyranny so we can ultimately build a new world based in the fair and just rule of the people.

We can expose the cabal’s actions from a loving and detached standpoint, and talking about them and what they’ve done doesn’t have to lower our vibration. Rather, exposing them can catapult humanity to understanding the need to build a planetary society run not by some elite interests in the one percent, but by us.

Equality and the rule of the people are essential to be established in a society that’s been wrought with control and orchestrated distraction, in my opinion. Let not the cabal’s actions disturb you or the inner-peace and wholeness you can feel within at all times, but don’t let them get away with what they’ve done and continue to do by any means.

Wes Annac – Re-presenting the idea of peaceful and effective revolution.

Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

14 thoughts on “This is Our Planet – It’s Time to Take it Back

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  2. Wow – right on, Wes! This is something I plan to share – wake up, people! May I add to the “distraction” list magazines, catalogs and political organizations with their hands out? For me, family and lightworkers come first!


  3. Hi Wes and THANX for the timely insight. I first became aware of this approach to the interesting controllers thru reading the HANDBOOK FOR THE NEW PARADIGM by George Green. He took it a step further in explaining how the use of the Universal Laws CAN and IS the Appropriate way to deal with this situation. In otherwords, a “SPIRITUAL” solution. Thanx Bro and keep on keepin on. Love & Blessings Steve


  4. Dear Wes,
    I appreciate your attempts to awaken the masses, and I read and contemplate everything I find posted by you. But here is the problem….Not enough of us are aware of your writings and those of other Lightworkers. Most people don’t come to alternative sites to get their information but instead are still using mainstream media as their only means of getting “news”.
    And as we Truth Seekers well know, the mainstream media is all owned and run by the cabal. It is my opinion that until someone in this group of moguls takes a turn toward the Light and allows the truth to be told on TV….this will be a VERY looooong awakening process! Too many of us still hold the belief that they are being told the truth by their nightly news anchors.
    I propose that we all meditate and pray for the Light to come on for these media moguls and journalists, so that people will actually be told the TRUTH while watching and reading the news. I can’t think of any other way for everyone to finally WAKE UP.
    Maybe you, Wes, can set a day and time of the week for Mass-Meditation by us Lightworkers….lead us in what we should pray for and meditate on….and we CAN make this happen!



      • O.K., Wes. I’ll do some research on the names of people who own the major TV stations (it shouldn’t be very long!) so we know who to focus our energy on. Then I will pick a time, I guess, for us to all meditate every week at the same time. I’m thinking Sundays….but let me ask for guidance on this first!



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