What is a New Paradigm? – Part 2

Continued from Part 1

There are individuals and groups already working very actively on helping bring our planet into the new paradigm, a paradigm we could’ve welcomed by the 1940s, and if they were given the abundance a few single millionaires have they’d spread it and see as many people as possible able to benefit. (1)

The idea of sharing abundance with every person on this planet is one that, in my opinion, will have to be brought about by the people as a whole.

It’s been said that there are people and groups “behind the scenes” working to introduce prosperity and abundance programs that go very far back in time, and that things such as currency revaluations will largely introduce a paradigm of abundance for all. (2)

Further, it’s believed that the groups at the forefront of the awakened consciousness working on bringing in the new paradigm in ways beyond bringing abundance to all, will be able to fund any humanitarian project they need and work as actively for the Earth’s restoration as they wish when widespread abundance and prosperity is introduced.

Imagine what a humanitarian would be able to do with the abundance of a billionaire. Now, imagine millions of humanitarians and spiritually-awakened individuals with the funds to enact their greatest dreams of helping humanity.

Many people believe this is the financial future of humanity, and will be brought about as a result of the actions of “Earth Allies” and other groups behind the scenes working to dismantle the forces of tyranny and bring about a positive future for humanity. (3)

This is a widely held belief in many spiritual circles, and as I’ll mention in Empower Yourself, I feel it’s also important for us to work ourselves to bring about and share abundance and all of the changes we wish to see.

We each have incredible power to be a part of the enacting of a prosperous and peaceful future for humanity, and we’re being called upon from the spiritual realms to utilize it. Personally, I do believe that the work being done beyond the awakening humanity to bring our future about (by the “Earth Ally” types) is real, but I choose as well to focus on my own work and contribution to our future.

When every inspired person can experience the abundance the few have been able to enjoy, the projects and wealth-sharing will be extraordinary. Pundits on television could shout “socialism” all they want, but even they will enjoy the equal amount of wealth and prosperity that will become commonplace in a future shaped around uplifting everyone and helping the planet.

Addressing & Healing Divisive Consciousness

Even widespread abundance will mean little if the humanity experiencing it is unable to come together because of our perceived differences. Breaking what I refer to as “divisive consciousness” and instated separation is an integral asset of working toward a new paradigm, because we can’t work toward that paradigm if we’re kept separated.

If I can be blunt about this issue – from my perspective, it seems that coming together could be one of the more difficult things for humanity to do.

It may seem that humanity would be able to come together if everyone enjoyed a comfortable and easy life, but even beyond the initial celebration and unity that could result from abundance being delivered to all, humanity could experience some difficulties in breaking stereotype and prejudice and coming to find real and true acceptance of each other.

In the beginning, I can perhaps foresee some people outright refusing to work with others because of their perceived differences.

It’ll be up to us as a collective body to surface our perceived, respective problems with each other, and to work through them as we recognize the importance of not letting them divide us. Divisive consciousness will be important to properly address and work through before we can start the bulk of work to repair the Earth.

In the midst of addressing our perceived differences and coming together despite them, it’ll be important to recognize our uniqueness as individuals.

It’ll be important to see that different people and groups possess their own ideas about the reality around us, and while I’m not encouraging cozying up to hateful mindsets or expressions, it’ll be important for us not to reject any facet of our populace because we disagree with them or feel ourselves separate from them for any reason.

It’ll be understood that we’re meant to work together and run our world with the active involvement of everyone, because every person deserves equal opportunity to have a say in the decisions that are made. This is far different from how things are run in this moment, as currently, the few make the decisions largely without the input of the people.

This alone should be recognized and addressed, as should each bit of perceived division from one another that would hold us back from uniting and running the world in the manner we’re intended to. As we recognize and heal our division, so will our power reach unprecedented proportions. Our resulting ability to establish peace and prosperity will be incredible to say the least!

Continued in part 3 soon. Head to A New Paradigm to read the full writing.


(1)- See the “Fix the World” Organization: “A New Paradigm Business Model” at:


(2)- Steve Beckow lays this out very well in his article, “The Work Involved in Changing a Global Economy”:


(3)- To quote Steve Beckow again, he mentions the Earth Allies in repost of one of William Thomas’ articles from 2010.

“The Earth allies are a collection of people who oppose the cabal from within Earthly incarnation. Some of them are off-planet souls who were born on Earth to play a role in the cabal’s downfall. Others are off-planet souls who have walked in later in an earthly soul’s life.  I assume that there are terrestrial souls as well who play a part.”


Some Earth Allies are believed to be of not only extraterrestrial descent, but royal and wealthy descent as well. Imagine that – royal and wealthy bloodlines actually working in humanity’s best interest!

Image: http://www.empowernetwork.com/terriclay/files/2013/03/breaking-300×284.jpg

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