What is a New Paradigm? – Part 1



The following was written for The Aquarius Paradigm blog site.

What is a New Paradigm?

A new paradigm is essentially what the name suggests: breaking away from our old and instated ways of living and being, in favor of a societal standard that works for every person on this planet. The new paradigm is being brought about in various different ways, even as we speak.

Individuals are working to merge science and spirituality, laying rest to dogmatic religion and un-allowing evolution-based science.

Millions of people are awakening in every moment to the reality of deeper realms of consciousness beyond our physical understanding, and there are devoted people at the forefront of our collective helping show us the way and lead us into a successful future as a species.

A new paradigm is brought about with the active focus and intent of every person who grows to resonate with the ideals of exiting the societal norm.

Along with taking action in the realms of consciousness beyond our understanding to help bring a new paradigm about, which we’ll get into in Spiritual Evolution, it’ll be important for us to take action in our physical reality to help establish it.

In general, a new paradigm is termed as something that’s so outside of the established norm that it’s put into its own category. In this case, the new paradigm being referred to is one of changing the manners we’ve functioned as a society, and changing the divisive and hatred-driven ways of treating each other that haven’t been working for us.

Exiting the Societal Norm

The importance of changing the way we’ve run our world and the way we’ve treated each other couldn’t be expressed enough, in my opinion.

We’ve warred against each other for centuries, causing massive loss of life and division to be fed in our collective.

In this day and age, we play into a paradigm of keeping oneself and one’s family ahead and letting everyone else fend for themselves. We see starving children in poverty-stricken areas every day with no food or water, and yet, many of us waste the excess food or water we have.

We see people in every country genuinely struggle to get by, and we see people in certain countries who have to deal with tyrannical and despotic leaders, the majority of which we’re coming to learn have been employed by the same entities who have most of our governments in their pockets.

The old “survival of the fittest” paradigm has seen the masses starve and the few remain in positions of financial, political and spiritual influence, but now, people are stepping up all over the world and proclaiming their interest in a new way of living and being.

People are seeing the necessity to cease the old paradigm as we’ve known it and the old ways we’ve functioned as a society, and are embracing a new paradigm based in unity consciousness, helping one another and working together to build a future in alignment with the expressed ideals of each and every citizen.

Exiting our established societal norms will be a big part of establishing a new paradigm, as we’ve been conditioned by our culture to focus on materiality and things that satisfy the ego. Feeding into materiality for the sake of feeding the ego employs an old paradigm-mindset by distracting us from real problems other people on this world experience.

Of course, there are some who could care little for the fate of others, and who’d certainly never use any of their effort or abundance to help others out of difficult situations. This is why it’ll be important for us to spread abundance – financial and spiritual – all throughout our planet.

Equally-Shared Prosperity

The idea of “sharing the wealth” is usually given fearful nicknames or connotations such as “socialism”, and this has been done in part because there are interests that don’t want us to recognize the importance of sharing. In many cases, those very individuals have gotten to where they are by lying, cheating and stealing, and want to remain as far ahead of the middle and lower classes as possible.

If humanity comes together and recognizes the importance of sharing the world’s wealth and abundance, which can easily leave no person excluded, than those powerful individuals won’t be able to keep their amassed wealth or power.

The collective ruling body we can establish will be nothing if not fair, especially in regards to this issue, and people who’ve gained their wealth in honest ways wouldn’t be asked to hand it over; lest they wish to contribute to the new paradigm of sharing abundance.

I’d imagine there are some rich people who’d like to help the world and see everyone enjoy abundance and be able to get by, and it wouldn’t make sense for an honest person to be robbed of their abundance in the name of sharing prosperity.

It’s been said that the world’s wealth is more than enough to feed, shelter and clothe everyone on Earth, but the few have amassed the world’s wealth and instated themselves at the top of the financial pyramid by keeping others down.

This is why redistribution of the world’s wealth is necessary in my opinion, as individuals who’ve stolen and cheated to “get ahead” haven’t justly earned their abundance in any respect. Plenty of people who find themselves in difficult financial situations could have a lot to offer our planet and, if given the opportunity, would spread as much wealth and prosperity as possible.

Continued soon – head to “A New Paradigm” to read the full writing.

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