14 thoughts on “WordPress.com has Suspended my Primary “Wes Annac” Account

  1. Hi Wes, I use Pair Networks (www.pair.com) for hosting and they are awesome. The price is great and they can help you transfer all the files over. They also have American support which makes it possible to have an actual conversation in English as opposed to most of the other outsourced companies. Highly recommended! ~ Love, Goldenlight


  2. Why not just do a utube channel and monetize it? Everyone who reads you could “subscribe” to you there and you can make some pocket change (or more) for your efforts? Also you’ll reach a much, much, wider audience. Use the comments section on your channel to do the blog. Comments on videos posted can also be controlled, marked as spam, or suspended at your discretion. Basically, you have more control.


    • Thank you for this suggestion, Kevi. As of right now my YouTube page is primarily for videos but I’ll have to consider that.

      Much Love!

      Wes 🙂


  3. Dear Wes:

    I am so sorry to read this. You have been doing wonderful, heartfull work.
    The late, great Stuart Wilde wrote about how this would happen to the web, as they “Warped Lords” attempt to cling to shreds of control.

    All will be well……we are so blessed………livinglitely


  4. I’m so sorry to hear this Wes. My faith in WordPress is waning as well. Though I’ll try to keep an open mind. After doing it to Laura and now you, I have to wonder. To my recollection, she never was able to straighten hers out. Hopefully, Brandy’s acct. will keep you covered til you work out something new.

    My thoughts and Light-filled intentions are coming your way. For your sake as well as my own, as selfishly, I am eager to read your new messages! No worries! Light will prevail.
    Enjoy some peaceful moments in the meantime!

    Love and Peace,


  5. I’m going to trust it’s just an error by Word Press. I’ll hold this energy as you look into the matter.

    My gratitude for all you do, Wes. You and your work are lifting the energies on this planet!

    Your sister,



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