Were Conscious Musicians of the Sixties and Seventies Silenced? – Part 1

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Written by Wes Annac

We each have the ability to use our voices and stand up to the powers that were, proclaiming our collective independence from their oppression and tyranny. We all have something unique to contribute to the awakening of our populace, and it’s evident that a lot of influential people in our past have discovered that they could use their voice and have worked aptly to awaken the public.

Amidst researching the subject I’m going to present, I found that the influence of the individuals I’ll discuss saw them pose a great threat to the cabal because they helped to awaken and motivate millions of others to stand up for their rights and reject the fabricated culture that’s been pushed onto us.

The subject I’m going to discuss today is the potentially purposeful deaths of powerful voices of influence who’ve spoken up against the cabal and helped lead a culture of rebellion against them.

Most of you reading this know about the many influential voices from the 60s and 70s, JFK and MLK being two, but for this series I’d like to focus on three noted musicians who worked to incite and lead revolution during that time.

The three musicians and revolution-inspirers I’d like to focus on today are Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and Bob Marley.

Jimi Hendrix has always been a huge figure in the counterculture and rock music circles, and some people don’t know that beyond his incredible ability to play guitar, he also revolutionized the electric guitar and pioneered many of the effects used by nearly any rock band today. (1)

John Lennon will always be an important figure in our history because of his work with the Beatles, his conscious and inspired solo music and the massive and influential role he played as an activist in motivating others to go against the established norm and speak up against war.

We’ll discuss John Lennon’s massive ability to incite the public into creating change, and the cabal’s active awareness of such ability, later on. For now I’ll simply say that he, like Hendrix and Marley, was a pioneer in what he did and how he inspired millions of others to become aware.

I could hardly begin to list Bob Marley’s numerous inspiring accomplishments in his short life.

Perhaps the most notable of his accomplishments was using music to lift himself out of a third-world situation and to formally present his country to the world with such music and make us aware that Jamaica exists and should be taken seriously.

Amidst doing this, his deeply rooted and conscious Rastafarian way of living inspired him to present his spirituality to the world in form of music that praises Jah (Rasta word for God) and Haile Selassie (former emperor of Ethiopia), believed by some Rastas to have been Christ reincarnated and to have been an incarnation of Jah by others. (2)

Jah and Selassie are two main deities of worship for many Rastas (Selassie died in the mid-70s).

Marley, coming from a place of understanding how the upper class benefits from ghettos and keeping ghetto youths feeding into mob/gang/political violence-based lifestyles, also urged the people to “get up, stand up” and uproot the powers that were from their self-made thrones.

Marley was a revolutionary by all means, and his performances inspired riots and true displays by the people that we’re in charge and can rise up if properly motivated.

Again, I’ve continually come across the theme that the cabal actively focuses on conscious people – be them musicians, religious or celebrity personalities or anyone else – who motivate and inspire the public to stand up.

Those conscious and influential people who make us aware that our governments haven’t been working for the public despite the propaganda and political kabuki theater they broadcast in the mainstream media, seem to be especially targeted by the cabal.

I don’t mean to say that in the sense of the cabal being responsible for their deaths – I mean that the cabal seems to have been actively interested in the lives and exploits of Hendrix, Lennon, Marley and so many countless others.

Some of the more dedicated spiritual seekers out there may see this series as less inclined toward spirituality and more toward bringing a different viewpoint of what I feel to be an important subject to the table, but the message I aim to reinforce in this series is that we each possess immense power to help breed consciousness in others and create change.

The conscious public of this evolving planet is meant to arise and create revolution, both planetary and personal, and many influential figures from our past who left us too soon were bent on helping us see this so that we could get to work on making real changes as a united collective body.

It’s become clear that the roles the three individuals I’m going to discuss played in exposing the cabal and breeding dissent against them, as well as spreading and reinforcing the ideas of peace and unity, bred the cabal’s interest in them.

My aim in this series isn’t to try to “pin” the deaths of these individuals on any group or person, but to simply present the ever-pervasive alternative viewpoint that we’ve been lied to about certain elements of their deaths that are incriminating to the cabal.

Until a release of the truth about the clandestine operations our governments and alphabet agencies have been involved in regarding stifling popular dissent, we won’t know for sure whether they actually did play a hand in Hendrix, Lennon and Marley’s deaths.

I do think it’s safe to say, however, that we have a good idea.

Continued in Part 2 on Thursday.


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(2)- “Is Haile Selassie the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ?” at:


Image: http://www.3knd.org.au/_uploads/_ckpg/images/neon_rock_n_roll_.jpg

3 thoughts on “Were Conscious Musicians of the Sixties and Seventies Silenced? – Part 1

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  2. Thankyou for raising the flag on this!
    I can remember feeling at the time that John Lennon’s death was very odd – it just didn’t add up in the same way that JFK’s assassination never made sense. I am old enough to remember both these events vividly, and now, with the conscious knowing of what the cabal have been up to all along, I think that they probably did have their hands in it.
    From the cabal’s point of view it would make sense to attack those amazingly brave Souls who were putting themselves on the cutting edge of challenging the status quo. There were so many – and others such as Marilyn Munroe and Princess Diana. Sadly, it’s a very long list!
    On a positive note, the spiritually inspired legacy of musical truth and authenticity continues to support us in saying NO to all that the cabal stands for as well as helping us to consciously bring more peace, love and beauty into our own lives.


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