Expansion: The Changing Tide is Unavoidable


My friends, the tide is changing in every manner and it just can’t be denied.

We’re reaching a new age of awareness wherein we realize the necessity to step up in the realest and boldest ways we can to proclaim our independence from the tyranny that’s sought to rule our lives, and my desire to expand my role in building our future in every way I can continues to grow.

I’ve recently made the decision to replace the etheric and Lightwork-based exercises we’ve been performing each week for the weekly newsletter on my blog, with researched discussions about various different subjects related to pollution of this Earth or corruption/tyranny ruling over our collective (with the blessing exercises still in tact).

Beyond that, I now desire to step up further by increasing the extent to which I use my voice.

Along with channeling, I’m ready to work to become a stronger force for Light and truth and I can feel the inspiration pouring out of me. There’s just so much in need of exposure, and we’re being called upon to contribute to our new age of consciousness in the ways we best find ourselves able to.

Some of us will find our roles changing and/or expanding as we continue to progress along this wonderful ascension ride, and while I can’t say where my desire to expand my service further will take me or those of you who’ve continued to follow my updates, I’m ready to embrace what I feel to be the next step in this service.

My aim isn’t to sound vain or egotistical by talking about myself so much, and I write everything I do in hopes that one of you out there is perhaps experiencing the same thing. My experiences are meant to help, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the inner-transformation I’m feeling. I can imagine plenty more of you out there are feeling or experiencing something similar, and we’ve heard for so long that it’s important to embrace change or expansion rather than fight against them or attempt to keep the old going.

I can envision the channeling I’ll continue to do potentially expanding, and beyond that, with respect to the sources who have and will continue to speak through me I’m ready to offer more of what I have for humanity than I have thus far. I’m of the stern belief that the energies and impressions of our guides are valuable, but one of the most important things we’ve been taught by them is that we should embrace and Love ourselves and look toward ourselves over anyone else to create change.

While they’ll continue to speak through me and others, the Company of Heaven aren’t creating the change we wish to see and have never solely desired to. I understand that this responsibility then falls on me (and all of you), and in doing so I understand the importance of using my voice much more than I feel I already have.

I strongly encourage you to do the same, and if you feel so inclined, begin getting your voice and the inspiration or message you have to offer out there for others to benefit from. Our voices are so valuable, and this is why our society has been kept distracted with cultural influences that play-upon hatred and separation and keep us fixated on various destructive aspects of our existence.

We’ve been kept distracted and pacified because our voices are strong, and our power to expose tyranny and create change on this world will do just that if we can each step up to the plate. I can say with Love and happiness to continue to expect inspired writings as I act upon the unending and forever-growing wave of inspiration I’m feeling to help create change right now, in the physical.

I can’t properly communicate the sense of liberation I feel in this moment as I come to recognize that I don’t have to devote myself fully to allowing another to speak through me. I’ll happily still continue to channel, but I’m finding an unprecedented sense of liberation in recognizing that even my guides encourage this expansion.

I feel as if I’m heading down a new route; a new path; a new way of expressing myself and serving humanity. This path still includes so many familiar elements of the one I’m already on, such as communication with and work from the spiritual realms, but I can also feel a heightened sense of physical work and a utilization of my and our abilities not just to channel, but to do so much more.

The heavens rejoice at the active engagement of each of us in our worldly affairs (to a certain detached and loving extent) and I can feel that this new phase in all of our growth will herald an entire populace just as inspired as you and I. I’m wondering as I write this if we’re not in or close to some important alignment or celestial happening, because I can speak from experience in saying that I tend to feel the heightened effects of such events, both bad and good, before the alignments are reached and the effects are written about by others.

Something is certainly happening, and I can say with Love and joy that humanity is turning over a new leaf, one inspired person at a time.

Wes Annac – has just begun.



Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

Image: http://api.ning.com/files/3zmSvhA*3jIvpJmT3UsXR9J8iRCy*SFX1bCufs2i1B4D7KfKdfsNaMaCIJsuu7vgwWNdSnf-lEotWvlXKgvVpg__/ChangingTides.png

8 thoughts on “Expansion: The Changing Tide is Unavoidable

  1. Hello Wes, my brother. I’ve been meaning to comment or write you these last few months since I came across your work. I felt now is the time after reading this and your most recent articles because I can very much relate with this inner urge and inspiration to step out there and hold back no more. We are creating this new consciousness, this new Earth. It isn’t just happening. We are making it happen with every breathe we take. Nothing and nobody else but us. So let us simply be bold, trust ourselves, and express our divine hearts and truth. Let us create the lives and environments that resonate with our divine beings. I, too, have been abundantly inspired and guided by Babaji and Yeshua and other Masters. I’ve been taking it all in, learning and remembering, contemplating, integrating, healing, renewing. Lately I’ve been feeling something stirring and brewing within me so strongly! It is simply time to get out there and apply it all, to trust myself basically. To serve, work, speak, create it all around me in my own unique, inspiring, natural, effortless way. Indeed, our Guides have made clear to us that we are capable, that we are full of Light and power and strength. We have nothing to fear. Let us lovingly express ourselves fully and share the abundance and wisdom in our hearts in a multitude of ways. Let us use our joyfully display our gifts to all with love and compassion. Thank you, Wes, for your work and dedication to bring forth these messages to us. Peace be with you all. Taufik, San Diego


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  3. That sounds great…always enjoy your blog. It brings comfort that all will be good and that we are not alone. Addressing the fear issue would be good. This will be scary for a lot of people. Your insights into what will occur would be great too. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!


  4. Hi Wes!
    My name is Leticia, I live in the heart of the country I decided to incarnate at this glorious times, Mexico, in the beautiful city of Queretaro. First let me tell you I feel so “at home” when I read the confirmation of information that I as an awakened light worker and channeler has received when I read your writings. It’s like I finally “belong”. I totally “get it” I too have remembered exactly who I really am, my starseed lineage and I’m assisting as much as I can in helping the Gaia tribe to awaken. I have a meditation workshop, I’m a Pranic Healer and just started giving talks to small groups of people that have spontaneously asked me to. Needless to say that my life has changed completely although there have been challenges, as we are humans too and have to go through transmutation of toxic emotions , taming of our Egos, understanding the true meaning of Unconditional Love and integrating it into our energy, crisis and many things we as light workers go trough, but all in all it’s been blissful .
    I just finished reading elseruno.com a series of books channeled by a Peruvian woman called Franca Canonico , they are mind blowing to say the least. Books 1 and 2 have already been translated into English, if you have some spare time read them, they’re free to download, I’d love to hear your opinion about them.
    All my love and gratitude for you and all the brave light workers out there, my true soul family.


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