Expansion: Addressing and Mending the Current State of Affairs – Part 3/3

Concluded from Part 2

I don’t experience the outward wealth of a millionaire in this moment, and honestly feel that I don’t need to.

Recognizing that money can very easily be a positive factor in my desire to help humanity if I allow it to be by viewing it through the proper lens, I know that I can start constructing blueprints for a humanitarian effort right now if I want to.

There’s nothing stopping me from grabbing a pen and paper and sketching out ideas that I can then build upon. Doing just that is what sparked the complete re-write of one of my blogs, The Aquarius Paradigm, which I haven’t mentioned or announced until just now.

That will be coming soon, and it’ll be just one result of the immense drive I’m feeling to throw myself fully into uplifting this planet much more than I already have.

A multitude of songs I have and continue to publish, as well as a book I’ve outlined (which is still a far-off project should I choose to go ahead with it) are results of this continual spark of inspiration as well.

We can willingly and joyfully make plans and blueprints for direct and widespread projects or efforts bent on uplifting humanity in the ways mentioned above and plenty of others, and I can only be honest in stating that I’m ready to branch out in ways I never have before.

So far, I’ve done the things I’ve felt myself best able to do to assist humanity.  Those things have included channeling; blogging to spread the messages that resonate with me and the latest alternative or geopolitical news; writing a newsletter that includes an etheric Lightwork exercise and a discussion of weekly news stories; and writing music.

This article is a big part of exploring the unfolding of this latest incredible inspirational spark, and I have the good ol’ musician mentioned in part 1 to thank for it.  As I conclude this writing and ready myself to think on this “personal revolution” some more, I feel I should ask if you’re ready to actively involve yourself in uplifting the Earth.

As I see that our roles can expand and/or make room to include very direct efforts to uplift humanity, I encourage evaluating where you’re at in this moment and the level of service you choose to give to the Earth.

Wes Annac – Forever committed and ready to do so much more.



Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

9 thoughts on “Expansion: Addressing and Mending the Current State of Affairs – Part 3/3

  1. There are ways to be proactive. We can start our own petition for things we feel strongly about. I participate with avaaz and care dot com. Requires nothing more than computer access and a passion for things that matter.


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